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Iyra Aldonia (Mass Effect OC) commission by phil-cho Iyra Aldonia (Mass Effect OC) commission :iconphil-cho:phil-cho 180 6 Iyra (Mass Effect) by MatoelGrande Iyra (Mass Effect) :iconmatoelgrande:MatoelGrande 107 6 Pogosh Doodle by LordMaxdom Pogosh Doodle :iconlordmaxdom:LordMaxdom 0 0 Iyra Tunaka by Tobifreak459 Iyra Tunaka :icontobifreak459:Tobifreak459 0 2 A couple Iyra's by KenXart A couple Iyra's :iconkenxart:KenXart 1 1 Me D: by Dizzy-Daydreams Me D: :icondizzy-daydreams:Dizzy-Daydreams 1 3 Insanity Is Relative? by Alumyn Insanity Is Relative? :iconalumyn:Alumyn 2 0 Iyra I by ridzwan Iyra I :iconridzwan:ridzwan 0 0 Iyra Agian by Destroyer219 Iyra Agian :icondestroyer219:Destroyer219 0 0 Happy Birthday Kiba by Tobifreak459 Happy Birthday Kiba :icontobifreak459:Tobifreak459 2 55 Art Trade - GaaraxMatsuri by myfriends-nobody Art Trade - GaaraxMatsuri :iconmyfriends-nobody:myfriends-nobody 12 2 Suri by DearYouIyra Suri :icondearyouiyra:DearYouIyra 2 0 Iyra-Grown Up by Destroyer219 Iyra-Grown Up :icondestroyer219:Destroyer219 0 1 So I Heard You Liek Floors by Alumyn So I Heard You Liek Floors :iconalumyn:Alumyn 2 6 Safe in Your Arms by Tobifreak459 Safe in Your Arms :icontobifreak459:Tobifreak459 0 0 Iyra II by ridzwan Iyra II :iconridzwan:ridzwan 2 5 Unfinished Business by DearYouIyra Unfinished Business :icondearyouiyra:DearYouIyra 1 0 RP Anniversary: Erlan Cayenne Amantha Iyrandrar by ReverseTheEclipse RP Anniversary: Erlan Cayenne Amantha Iyrandrar :iconreversetheeclipse:ReverseTheEclipse 7 2 Art Trade - Line Art by myfriends-nobody Art Trade - Line Art :iconmyfriends-nobody:myfriends-nobody 4 1 Setting up the Camera by Tobifreak459 Setting up the Camera :icontobifreak459:Tobifreak459 0 0 Celabrating Sasuke's B-day by Tobifreak459 Celabrating Sasuke's B-day :icontobifreak459:Tobifreak459 2 3
The End's Dreamer Chapter One (Yaoi)
Iyra's POV
   My brothers would always tell me stories of the world of the two legged creatures. They have all been up there before, above the white crested, crashing waves. They told stories of blue skies and large wooden crafts with white wings that navigate the sea. There were feathered creatures that could fly high above our ocean home. White, fluffy formations called clouds moved across the wide expanse of sky.
   Most importantly, though, there was a rocky island and a tall, pointy building that shot light into the air. My brothers said that you could see a human boy up in that tower controlling the beams of light.
   “What if I can’t find the surface when I’m old enough to swim to the world above?” I had asked my eldest brother, when I was very young.
He laughed at that, and said, “It’s impossible to miss, you just swim straight up.” I listened with eyes opened wide and mouth gaping open, my spirit full of w
:iconkokepasu:KokePasu 7 11
Just Relax by meroe1313 Just Relax :iconmeroe1313:meroe1313 1 3