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Boldly Facing The Future

DeviantArt Timeline

Artist Credit DanielaUhlig
Many of you have been in this community for a long time, but whether you’ve just joined or you’ve been a member since day one, this is your first impression of the new DeviantArt.
Change is not something that we take lightly, because it affects our collective identity. It was important for us to define who we are and what we’re made of at our core before we changed anything. We all have our own understanding of what that means, but the process of getting that core story down on paper took almost a year.
The result is “Bleed and Breed Art.” This is our center of gravity and our reason for getting out of be
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Deviously Awesome by Artgerm Deviously Awesome :iconartgerm:Artgerm 5,445 343
Down the Rabbit Hole
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DEVIANTART by TaNa-Jo DEVIANTART :icontana-jo:TaNa-Jo 230 61
Site Update: Staff Retreat
This week's Site Update is a little different from usual in that we don't have any publicly visible changes. However, it's for a good reason. Our Devious Technology team is currently at a staff retreat! 
What's New
Devious Technology Staff Retreat
The members of our Devious Technology team are currently in Canada for a staff retreat! Because the team is remote-based, this is the first time some of our developers have met one another in person!
The team is currently hard at work on a variety of upcoming projects for the community, and being able to interact face to face makes for a new, creative environment for them to code in as a team. Stay tuned for updates about the projects they're working on! #ItsComing

Your Feedback
Thanks for the feedback on last week's Site Update! Here's some of
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DA's New Look, 40 Brand Logos With Hidden Messages
So... the community's response to DeviantArt's revamped website, 
especially the new logo was, as expected, fairly polarizing.
While some members, myself included, liked/loved the new look, others weren't
particularly impressed by it and found the redesign... "unnecessary".
But who am I to judge?
All I know is that I'm a proud member of the largest online art community in the world!!
In honor of DeviantArt's controversial rebranding,
I'd like to share with you a list of 40 logos of popular brands with hidden messages behind them.
Image by


If you could describe dA's new brand logo in two sentences, how would you go about it?
Did you discover any additional subliminal messages, or top secret government codes
hidden in the logo tha
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Muro test by orenjikao Muro test :iconorenjikao:orenjikao 128 23 DeviantArt New Branding Icons BAM!Graphics by BAMgraphics DeviantArt New Branding Icons BAM!Graphics :iconbamgraphics:BAMgraphics 29 3 Let's face the future together! by aizukirei Let's face the future together! :iconaizukirei:aizukirei 26 6 Run Its Coming by In-the-picture Run Its Coming :iconin-the-picture:In-the-picture 18 26 The Typhoon is coming by kclub The Typhoon is coming :iconkclub:kclub 61 4 2015 DeviantART Chevy SS by jacobc62 2015 DeviantART Chevy SS :iconjacobc62:jacobc62 11 3 It's coming... A7X by xjustAghostx It's coming... A7X :iconxjustaghostx:xjustAghostx 20 8 The Ghost by Spiritofdarkness The Ghost :iconspiritofdarkness:Spiritofdarkness 56 101 Its Here... by jzcj5 Its Here... :iconjzcj5:jzcj5 52 42 The magic of deviantART by JackXan The magic of deviantART :iconjackxan:JackXan 13 0 It's Coming...! by BlackWorufu It's Coming...! :iconblackworufu:BlackWorufu 57 6 Deviantart - A new age by truefaiterman Deviantart - A new age :icontruefaiterman:truefaiterman 10 19 Adventus by abcartattack Adventus :iconabcartattack:abcartattack 40 3 It's Coming.... by Lamae It's Coming.... :iconlamae:Lamae 10 31 It s coming.... by droguido It s coming.... :icondroguido:droguido 23 8 How it All Ends by justinbysma How it All Ends :iconjustinbysma:justinbysma 30 9
Rabbithole! (and a Forum Feature)
Hey everyone :D The weekend flies by, doesn't it? I been off work since Thursday but somehow still want more vacation time! It feels like it's too soon to go back to work. Thankfully it doesn't seem like it will be TOO cold a couple days this week. :D
So, has everyone seen spyed's journal regarding the Rabbithole?? The new emoticon is :rabbithole: and if you click this icon in the journal below... It leads to a quick game and finally to a new screen where you are given a number and a new badge for your profile. The tag #itscoming is included.. But what does this mean?
The most probably theory I've heard so far is that :rabbithole: will be the icon of the coming mobile app for deviantArt. Do you have other thoughts? I'd love to hear them!

I have a sneaky suspicion that your assigned number means something. Why tell us the number we are if it didn't? Perhaps when we get to a certain number, something will happen :noes: We'll have to wait and see
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Its Comming 2.0 by Blackmoonrose13 Its Comming 2.0 :iconblackmoonrose13:Blackmoonrose13 32 10