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love in your eyes by artisticalshell love in your eyes :iconartisticalshell:artisticalshell 1,121 56 [MMD] Neptunia V Models Part 2 by xxSnowCherryxx [MMD] Neptunia V Models Part 2 :iconxxsnowcherryxx:xxSnowCherryxx 116 29
Plutia/IrisHeart X male reader 1
you were walking back to a bar in Planeptune. You had several problems with people because you beat someone, who was hurting your friend, into a bloody pulp. You were a Mercenary. Most of the time, You did the deed, this time, it was threatning. You walked in the bar...
[F/N]: Give me the latest, man, what do ya got for me?
Bar tender: Here's the next Job, The oracle from the Basilicom needs some rat threatened for The constant Stalking of a Kid named Compa. Can ya handle that?
[F/N]: A Rat? Why The F*** do they need a F***ing rat taken care of?
Bar tender: Don't ask me. Here's the address to the basili-
[F/N]: Yeah Yeah, I know where the F***ing Basilicom is. By the way, need a refill on ammo.
Bar tender: Got ya, here's the lay down while I get this reloaded. They have info on the rat, they'll give ya the location. But be careful of the CPU, Lady Iris Heart, she may be more than you can handle, don't piss her off.
[F/N]: Oh, Great advice, when's the last time I listened to YOUR advice
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Hyperdimension Neptunia Steam Theme Pack by KRCH2R Hyperdimension Neptunia Steam Theme Pack :iconkrch2r:KRCH2R 62 44 Plutia by BelugaDolphin Plutia :iconbelugadolphin:BelugaDolphin 219 20 Iris Heart V2 by sendrawz Iris Heart V2 :iconsendrawz:sendrawz 444 1 CMSN - Axew Ketchum by Glockens CMSN - Axew Ketchum :iconglockens:Glockens 167 21 Eye see your true colors by artisticalshell Eye see your true colors :iconartisticalshell:artisticalshell 173 9 Day Off by sendrawz Day Off :iconsendrawz:sendrawz 615 12 Kitty Sadie! by Airisubaka Kitty Sadie! :iconairisubaka:Airisubaka 343 34 Bunny Suit Iris Heart by Airisubaka Bunny Suit Iris Heart :iconairisubaka:Airisubaka 444 45
Plutia/Iris Heart X Male Reader *Request*
It was a beautiful day in Gamindustri, not much danger in between of Hyperdimension and Ultradimension but there is one CPU who seemed to be attached by a new fellow.
"Come on [F/N] lets play tag!"
"No Rom and Ram, he's supposed to be with me."
"Why don't I get a chance with [F/N]!"
The Candidates were bickering along with other young makers... Broccoli, Red, Gust and Peashy. Pulling him by the arms, legs and shoulder. Right from the distance... a young girl who was watching him being pulled by the young girls goes by the name of Plutia, she came from the Ultradimension along with Peashy, she was excellent of making dolls that came out of CPUs.
Few minutes later
Time passes... saying goodbye to the Candidates and young makers, I'd made my way home in Lowee, walking to the forest for a long path-*crying sound* "Huh wonder whose crying?" I said, carefully walking to follow the noise, I've stumbled a young girl which it turns out to be Plutia "Whats wrong there, did you lose
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Merry Christmas! by Airisubaka Merry Christmas! :iconairisubaka:Airisubaka 268 22 Iris Heart [COMMISSION] by Airisubaka Iris Heart [COMMISSION] :iconairisubaka:Airisubaka 343 46 Iris Heart + Selvaria Bles outfit by Airisubaka Iris Heart + Selvaria Bles outfit :iconairisubaka:Airisubaka 278 26 Iris Heart by sendrawz Iris Heart :iconsendrawz:sendrawz 585 12 Bunny Suit Sadie Doodle by Airisubaka Bunny Suit Sadie Doodle :iconairisubaka:Airisubaka 305 31 Iris Heart by Muwa12 Iris Heart :iconmuwa12:Muwa12 276 29 Hyperdimension Neptunia, Iris Heart, Plutia by jyu-ichi Hyperdimension Neptunia, Iris Heart, Plutia :iconjyu-ichi:jyu-ichi 486 24 Summer is here! by Expired-Nep-Bull Summer is here! :iconexpired-nep-bull:Expired-Nep-Bull 224 6 punishment by BelugaDolphin punishment :iconbelugadolphin:BelugaDolphin 232 9