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Death Note VS X-files by Veinctor Death Note VS X-files :iconveinctor:Veinctor 391 192 Military Unifroms SS HQ by FVSJ Military Unifroms SS HQ :iconfvsj:FVSJ 125 4 Mecha Frieza (Fourth Form) by SOULFORESAKER Mecha Frieza (Fourth Form) :iconsoulforesaker:SOULFORESAKER 245 21 The Strange Encounter by Sanskarans The Strange Encounter :iconsanskarans:Sanskarans 395 37 Jagdpanther Wehrmacht by FVSJ Jagdpanther Wehrmacht :iconfvsj:FVSJ 145 11 Avengers - Wasp by FioreSofen Avengers - Wasp :iconfioresofen:FioreSofen 308 63 Wasp - Marvel Cinematic Universe by FioreSofen Wasp - Marvel Cinematic Universe :iconfioresofen:FioreSofen 142 5 Terraria : Cutlass by BlacksmithOWY Terraria : Cutlass :iconblacksmithowy:BlacksmithOWY 51 6 Golden Frieza by SOULFORESAKER Golden Frieza :iconsoulforesaker:SOULFORESAKER 191 26 Hetalia Mexico snaps mexican revolution 5 by chaos-dark-lord Hetalia Mexico snaps mexican revolution 5 :iconchaos-dark-lord:chaos-dark-lord 112 54 Heavy tank pzkpfw VI-ausf tiger II by FVSJ Heavy tank pzkpfw VI-ausf tiger II :iconfvsj:FVSJ 114 9 THE SCRIN by Rauz THE SCRIN :iconrauz:Rauz 63 27 SS-Waffen Officer Vector by FVSJ SS-Waffen Officer Vector :iconfvsj:FVSJ 93 21 00IIx by MelanieMaterne 00IIx :iconmelaniematerne:MelanieMaterne 95 44 Invasion 4 by woefoep Invasion 4 :iconwoefoep:woefoep 49 18 Hetalia mexican revolution 3 by chaos-dark-lord Hetalia mexican revolution 3 :iconchaos-dark-lord:chaos-dark-lord 98 120
TG Caption This: Mecha Are Piloted By Girls Only!
Earth had been under attack for Two years now. The attackers are a race called the Exorcists (rough translation); they came to Earth because their world had been rendered inhospitable from a solar flare. They practically begged us to let them live on this planet too, in return they would share their technologies and knowledge with us. The negotiations began and were going well until someone against the co-existence shot an Exorcist official; the earth governments tried to calm the exorcists down but they were too infuriated and declared war on the human race. They were an advanced race with the ability to control machines as well as skyscraper sized robots and giant battleships. It was looking bleak until humans managed to capture one of their robots and reverse engineer the technology. It was found that the way the robots were made allowed them to resist the techno kinesis of the Exorcists, presumably in case a civil war broke out. Using the stolen technology, humanity was able to cre
:iconc10artfan:C10artfan 97 84
German Rail Guns 7 by FVSJ German Rail Guns 7 :iconfvsj:FVSJ 63 3 Destruction by Wictorian-Art Destruction :iconwictorian-art:Wictorian-Art 97 10 Front in Berlin by FVSJ Front in Berlin :iconfvsj:FVSJ 53 33 beware.. they're coming by JMou beware.. they're coming :iconjmou:JMou 33 6 German Rail Guns 8 by FVSJ German Rail Guns 8 :iconfvsj:FVSJ 51 1 Praga Siege by suncon Praga Siege :iconsuncon:suncon 16 3