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HEAVY METAL - DeviantART issue
Okay... We played a little last year about doing a collaboration between Heavy Metal and DeviantART.  We got some guys on the back covers, we got a few articles in the mag, but we need to step up the game a little.

It is so hard to get your work published these days and thank god Kevin
Eastman understands that.  So having put together some special issues of
Heavy Metal recently I pitched Kevin on forgetting the idea of a few
DeviantART pin-ups or a gallery...

Instead we'll do an entire issue of Heavy Metal from the DeviantART community.  Yup, 100 pages of dA goodness wrapped in slick glossy paper.  We're going to aim for an issue as soon as possible next year.  The page rates are $75 per page (all in including lettering), yes it is really low and that
:icondeevelliott:DeevElliott 148 171
The Visitor by Khov97 The Visitor :iconkhov97:Khov97 77 11 Horror films of the 1950s by Harnois75 Horror films of the 1950s :iconharnois75:Harnois75 110 35 MAXIMUM FORCE pg 1 by Firmansyah and Mashuri by DeevElliott MAXIMUM FORCE pg 1 by Firmansyah and Mashuri :icondeevelliott:DeevElliott 48 14 1001 Animations: Invasion of the Bunny Snatchers by Regulas314 1001 Animations: Invasion of the Bunny Snatchers :iconregulas314:Regulas314 83 40 How to Tankie by Party9999999 How to Tankie :iconparty9999999:Party9999999 16 17 (31DH2) Day 4: Invader ZIM by InsanelyADD (31DH2) Day 4: Invader ZIM :iconinsanelyadd:InsanelyADD 37 11 Pod Cold Warrior by Party9999999 Pod Cold Warrior :iconparty9999999:Party9999999 42 33 Context by Andrewnuva199 Context :iconandrewnuva199:Andrewnuva199 31 11
MLP: Marionettes Chapter 4.2: Confrontation
Trixie heard the various spells, crashes, and cannon shots going on, giving a sigh. She didn't like hiding...but she couldn't say Lightning Dust being left alone or taking part was a good idea. They'd made their way to one of the bathrooms. It seemed like a bright idea, given the castle had like twenty. Trixie admitted she was envious of Twilight for having such a beautiful palace.
After spending the entire time in awkward silence, neither really knowing much about the other...she finally got a pair of cups out of the cupboard and ran some cold water into them.
“Water?” she asked, offering one cup to Lightning Dust.
“Why? We're robots...” Lightning Dust replied crossly. “We don't need to do anything...”
“Well, I wouldn't say that...after every performance, I've been very hot and thirsty...” Trixie replied, taking a drink of her's...and finding herself slowly cool down. “I'm not Twilight, but I believe its obvious we have some use fo
:iconkendell2:Kendell2 8 8
MLP: Marionettes Chapter 4.1: Confrontation
Commission: MLP: Marionettes
Chapter 4: Confrontation
By Kendell2
Commission by Alexwarlorn
Six ponies, one dragon, and two androids  rushed to a window and peaked out, seeing Cover Story and Gear Shift coming up to the castle, moving slowly and methodically with their steps in complete synchronization.
Both Trixie and Lightning Dust backtracked like they were scared to death. They then blinked and looked to one another.
“They...scare me...I don't know why...” Trixie admitted. “It' instinct.”
“Same here...and well, what they did to me,” Lightning Dust admitted, trembling a tiny bit despite trying to conceal it.
Twilight gave a worried look to the two. “Alright, Trixie; take Lightning Dust and hide in one of the rooms...there's several hundred.”
Trixie nodded. “Come on, Lightning Dust!”
The pegasus android gave a growl...but seemed to shudder when she tried to think of facing those two and reluctantly followed Trix
:iconkendell2:Kendell2 8 9
Pod by americanojisan Pod :iconamericanojisan:americanojisan 18 3 SaD #99: INVASION of the BODY DOUBLE!! by EricALischka SaD #99: INVASION of the BODY DOUBLE!! :iconericalischka:EricALischka 25 3 Pod Zionist by Party9999999 Pod Zionist :iconparty9999999:Party9999999 18 28 robots in disguise by monkeypiss2000 robots in disguise :iconmonkeypiss2000:monkeypiss2000 9 3 Jerks by OtisFrampton Jerks :iconotisframpton:OtisFrampton 70 13
MLP: Marionettes Ch. 3.1 Piecing Things Together
Commission: MLP: Marionettes
Chapter 3: Piecing Things Together
By Kendell2
Commission by Alexwarlorn
An orange unicorn with a dark orange mane and tail, a golden eight-spoked wheel as her Cutie Mark sat in a dark room, holding a small wheel that appeared nearly identical to her Cutie Mark in her orange telekinesis. All but one of the spokes seemed composed of a different colored crystal, one lavender, one orange, one deep purple, one pink, one blue, one red, and one green. The final, middle one was composed of a blue crystal of some sort.
She produced a deck of tarot cards and spread them out on the floor. The wheel cast a rainbow-colored beam from its center, picking out three cards which she moved up to be on their own and began to flip over. The first card flipped was of Discord hovering on a throne with two ponies chained to it marked 15, The Devil.
The next card to be flipped was of a dark tower, marked 16, The Tower.
The final card was of a black skeletal horse holding a scythe
:iconkendell2:Kendell2 7 0
Body Snatchers by Gulliver63 Body Snatchers :icongulliver63:Gulliver63 23 25
MLP: Marionettes Ch. 3.2 Piecing Things Together
The door to the throne room was kicked open, Lightning Dust slowly trotting in. No more emotion appeared on her face at all, she merely looked around the room and saw Trixie. Without a word, she took flight directly at her, causing Trixie to backpeddle in surprise...
And Lightning Dash ended up being sent flying backwards by Bucky McGillycuddy and Kicks McGee.
“Hooves off her!” Applejack spat back, coming down from her apple buck.
“Careful! She might be like Trixie!” Fluttershy warned, concern clear in her tone.
Lightning Dust simply sat up and flew upwards, dive bombing the group repeatedly and dodging Twilight's attempts to cast a spell on her.
“Is there anything we can do to help her?” Fluttershy asked, taking cover behind the table of Friendship.
Twilight looked back to her scan of Trixie. “...I might have an idea! Hold her off! Trixie with me!”
Trixie blinked and followed Twilight to nearby door.
Lightning Dust attempted to fly after
:iconkendell2:Kendell2 7 2
The Faculty by theEyZmaster The Faculty :icontheeyzmaster:theEyZmaster 13 8 Pod Racist by Party9999999 Pod Racist :iconparty9999999:Party9999999 13 30 Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (1978) Folder Icon by AckermanOP Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (1978) Folder Icon :iconackermanop:AckermanOP 4 0 Cinematic Alphabet - I by Ezmanify Cinematic Alphabet - I :iconezmanify:Ezmanify 9 6