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Project Toaster Part 1 by Pacthesis Project Toaster Part 1 :iconpacthesis:Pacthesis 1,164 310 Goldilocks and the Three Bears by jp-online Goldilocks and the Three Bears :iconjp-online:jp-online 1,038 299 Emerald Moon Chapter 1 by Pacthesis Emerald Moon Chapter 1 :iconpacthesis:Pacthesis 609 358 Toaster in a nutshell by Pacthesis Toaster in a nutshell :iconpacthesis:Pacthesis 857 258 Emerald Moon Chapter 2 by Pacthesis Emerald Moon Chapter 2 :iconpacthesis:Pacthesis 532 366 Project Toaster Part 3 by Pacthesis Project Toaster Part 3 :iconpacthesis:Pacthesis 1,379 1,883 Project Toaster Part 2 by Pacthesis Project Toaster Part 2 :iconpacthesis:Pacthesis 944 251 HE BEAT HER. (Ludum Dare 39.) by zephy0 HE BEAT HER. (Ludum Dare 39.) :iconzephy0:zephy0 323 50 Talk To: Jack Frost [WIP] by StarkidMalfoy Talk To: Jack Frost [WIP] :iconstarkidmalfoy:StarkidMalfoy 144 90 Question 107 Origins by AskStelera Question 107 Origins :iconaskstelera:AskStelera 69 79
[interactive] The Labyrinth
[click to start]

This is an interactive story:
YOU decide which path you take, what adventure you'll live in!
Luck and decisiveness will lead you through different texts and dangers.
But don't get caught by the wizard.

Good luck!

:iconretsamys:RetSamys 26 44
Cirque De Femme - Multiple Choice Adventure
“Here we go,” you sigh to yourself as you stare down the rather large triple decker bus that lies before you. You reach into your pocket and pull out a cigarette, your hands trembling as you psyche yourself up, mentally, for what is to come. As you lift your ww2 lighter, a present received from you grandpa on your eighteenth birthday just before he died, to your lips you feel a rather hard slap on your back that causes you to drop it.
“Happy to see that you actually decided to come,” you hear a very familiar and agitating voice trumpet out from behind you.
"That wasn’t very nice, Jim," you say as you stoop down to pick up your lighter. “You could have broken it.”
“Well, I’m happy to see you regardless of your minging ,” says Jim.
“ I only came as a favor to Rebecca,” you say as you feel him slide his arm around your shoulder.
“Lighten up, bud; you’re always so tense. Look, the other guys are already ins
:icondystopicbirds:DystopicBirds 58 1
Angela's Magic Lesson - Interactive by Torlion Angela's Magic Lesson - Interactive :icontorlion:Torlion 128 26 Rosetto's Adventure! - Aurora Island - 01 by Pimander1446 Rosetto's Adventure! - Aurora Island - 01 :iconpimander1446:Pimander1446 84 41 The House in a Frame by LenkaSimeckova The House in a Frame :iconlenkasimeckova:LenkaSimeckova 103 41
List of My Writing.Com Chapters
(So far at 74 chapters of giantess content and counting! Please take a peek, you're bound to find a genre you like!)
It has come to my attention that has disabled the "More by this author" button for non-users. This is absolute garbage. My entire writing style in this community - and I'm sure some elements of my style outside of the community - was inspired not by following any Interactive Story in linear order! It was by selecting the juiciest-looking chapter names (from the similarly-disabled "Story Outline" option), finding a chapter I liked, and selecting "More by this author" to read through their greatest contributions to this tale and others. I wouldn't have found most of my favorite writers this way!
It's also come to my attention that I can be very stop-and-go when it comes to various forms of contribution, and I can sometimes keep updating things on for extended periods of time while remaining isolated from the rest of the world.
With this in mind, I p
:icontfwnogiantgf:TFWNoGiantGF 21 14
HardLife v0.1 (out of date) by ShadowRx HardLife v0.1 (out of date) :iconshadowrx:ShadowRx 24 10 Ribbon of Green 1.1 - Game Download by CorenB Ribbon of Green 1.1 - Game Download :iconcorenb:CorenB 38 23 I-StoryC by Aralicia-Moran I-StoryC :iconaralicia-moran:Aralicia-Moran 39 17 [Commission] Sunset Style Seven by CorenB [Commission] Sunset Style Seven :iconcorenb:CorenB 91 23
NBM Interactive May 2018 (day 1)
    The massive gates opened up, revealing behind them a set of turnstiles and a large sign proclaiming the announcement of the world’s newest theme-park: Eternipark. The park boasted a large assortment of rides and attractions that would provide an experience that would “stick with you for eternity”. Tickets to the opening weeks of the park were relatively cheap, however the members of the group had pulled their funds together in order to afford the exclusive early-access pass, which allowed them to tour the park a day earlier than everyone else.
    As the group approached the turnstiles, they were greeted by a woman that looked about their age. She had fluorescent blue hair and eyes, which contrasted greatly with the red, flight attendant-esque uniform she was wearing that matched the parks colors. As she caught their eyes, she smiled and looked away, offering a weak, “H-hello, w-welcome to Eternipark, m-memories to last an eternity. My na
:iconnintendiumman:NintendiumMan 18 5