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Circle Celtic Tree of Life by foxvox Circle Celtic Tree of Life :iconfoxvox:foxvox 1,412 189
Expecto Patronum
The bright light of day may give you a fright
If you have been living in the black, empty night
Now out of the dark and into the light
And shoved headfirst into the fight
It's going to be hard, scary, and rough
You're going to think that you've had enough
Every day is a struggle, every day is a grind
But if you push through you just might find
That though this life is fraught with pain
You give and you give but don't see the gain
The gain had been staring you in the face
And the worth is weaved in the fabric of days
Every small smile and every kind word
Every friend, every laugh, that's your reward
Every memory you cherish can become a blade
A tool, a weapon to come to your aid
When the dark closes in and prepares to bite
Conjure those weapons, they are your might
Love is your armor, your bright, blinding light
You no longer belong to the black, empty night.
:iconprofessormoriarty86:ProfessorMoriarty86 89 33
Snow White Bookmark by Achen089 Snow White Bookmark :iconachen089:Achen089 1,146 50 Markiplier Inspirational by CorbuloFolkvar Markiplier Inspirational :iconcorbulofolkvar:CorbuloFolkvar 462 93 Stars 10 by roweig Stars 10 :iconroweig:roweig 1,820 59 Pattern by MissyGainer Pattern :iconmissygainer:MissyGainer 773 167
This is for the Average Artist
It is painful at times,
Seeing those born with skill and talent.
They paint such beautiful things, using the barest of material.
Entire worlds are spun at their fingertips, all from a dot of paint.
I think sometimes, of how nice it must be,
To be able to capture such beauty, within the borders of a page.
To spin a tale from but the smallest of phrases,
To create a fantastic adventure from a mundane experience.
It is painful indeed at times. When I am seated in this room,
Surrounded by the dull hum of failure and regret,
I ask myself, with eyes burning in the mirror,
Am I finally ready to give it all up?

'No!' I say
I will not let it end this way!
Not without a fight, not until I know that I am utterly broken.
The good lord may have blessed you with talent my friend,
He has given you everything that I could have ever desired...
But there is one thing that I have earned;
One little gift that remains my own.
You would not know of it,
Since you have never felt it,
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 1,642 458
The Dream Walker by theflickerees The Dream Walker :icontheflickerees:theflickerees 213 24 just by maskqueraide just :iconmaskqueraide:maskqueraide 4,364 555 Real snowflake macro photo - The shard by ChaoticMind75 Real snowflake macro photo - The shard :iconchaoticmind75:ChaoticMind75 639 31 Over the Hills and Far Away by ellfi Over the Hills and Far Away :iconellfi:ellfi 234 55 Dream of Flying by Nambroth Dream of Flying :iconnambroth:Nambroth 772 63 Create, don't doubt by tishaia Create, don't doubt :icontishaia:tishaia 1,080 97 Apocalypse by clair0bscur Apocalypse :iconclair0bscur:clair0bscur 311 24 Write Your Story by DreamerWhit Write Your Story :icondreamerwhit:DreamerWhit 578 93 Northern Lights over the Milky Way by acseven Northern Lights over the Milky Way :iconacseven:acseven 844 109 Out of Focus by notiondigital Out of Focus :iconnotiondigital:notiondigital 1,669 162 Ocean Atlas by parablev Ocean Atlas :iconparablev:parablev 249 15 Your soul is like soft music on a rainy day by Chibionpu Your soul is like soft music on a rainy day :iconchibionpu:Chibionpu 572 56 Trying to Bring You Down by IrvingGFM Trying to Bring You Down :iconirvinggfm:IrvingGFM 1,037 125 Stars 6 by roweig Stars 6 :iconroweig:roweig 450 16 Life is like a movie by Demachic Life is like a movie :icondemachic:Demachic 2,162 235 A u t u m n by StFamous A u t u m n :iconstfamous:StFamous 678 277 Hand Of God closeup by Emberblue Hand Of God closeup :iconemberblue:Emberblue 172 34
Dear Angry Person
It has come to my attention that you are about as pleasant as a rank plate of lemons jammed down an old lady’s throat have some behavioural problems with regards to your interactions with the community. This is not good for you and for that reason; I hope you will read this letter.
Considering that your actions reflect badly on you as a walking sack of organic waste that is sucking up our air artist, I thought that I would step in and offer my own take on things. I hope within this letter to assist you in removing the metallic rod you have jammed so far up your posterior! by explaining to you that your behaviour ,which reminded me of a repugnant cat-lady swearing at the kids on her lawn, was improper, considering the circumstances and the alternative.
You see, I too am an individual that has trouble controlling his emotions. I strive very hard not to say what I am truly thinking as more often than not, you
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 516 175
Zephyr by Nambroth Zephyr :iconnambroth:Nambroth 1,313 103 #94 Dive In by Picolo-kun #94 Dive In :iconpicolo-kun:Picolo-kun 1,563 138
Stronger (Frozen Parody: Let It Go)
The tears glow bright in my eyes tonight
So much sadness to be seen
A kingdom of alienation
And it looks like I'm the queen
Their laughter howling, causing pain to form inside
Couldn't hold it in, so many nights I cried
Don't let them know, don't let them see
Be the victim, you’ve always had to be
Your suffering, don't let it show
Well, now they’ll know
Let it go, let it go
Don’t hold it in anymore
Let it go, let it go
Tell them what you’re crying for
Those days are done
Gonna slam that door
I will carry on
Your words cannot bother me anymore
It's funny how the years pass
Making all the pain seem small
And the abusers that controlled me
Can't get to me at all
It's time to show what I can do
To push my limits and break through
No pain, regrets, or rules for me; I'm free
Let it go, let it go
You’ll never see me cry again
Let it go, let it go
I’m stronger than I was back then
I’ll take my stand
Against you today
I will carry on
My strength will fl
:iconwhitewolfdreamer27:whitewolfdreamer27 89 81
every morning i say ... by LouieHitman every morning i say ... :iconlouiehitman:LouieHitman 319 113 Inspiration by WhiteSylver Inspiration :iconwhitesylver:WhiteSylver 1,086 68 Archer by roweig Archer :iconroweig:roweig 225 14 Fantasy Panda Puppet! -handcrafted- RhiannonWoolf by RhiannonWoolf Fantasy Panda Puppet! -handcrafted- RhiannonWoolf :iconrhiannonwoolf:RhiannonWoolf 148 27 Worth by JeanFan Worth :iconjeanfan:JeanFan 2,871 323 Inxum by houk Inxum :iconhouk:houk 211 79 Bowie by Neon-Light-Cortege Bowie :iconneon-light-cortege:Neon-Light-Cortege 616 48 The First Step (back in stock!) by HCHughes The First Step (back in stock!) :iconhchughes:HCHughes 1,733 87 Stars by guilpejon Stars :iconguilpejon:guilpejon 229 24 My Wild Mind by Carliihde My Wild Mind :iconcarliihde:Carliihde 879 115
Are We Not Free?
Are We Not Free?:
Ye say that nothin' changes;
That all we're tryin' t' do is fer naught.
Ye say that nothing's wrong,
That we should be acceptin' of our fate.
But why should we simply accept things as they are?
Are we no' a free people?
Are we no' allowed t' speak our minds?
Every man, every woman in this land,
Has the freedom t' choose their own path.
If our ideals must beg us differ,
Then that too is a part of the change that grips us.
What exactly do ye have t' fear?
If yer stoic in ye ideal that nothin' will ever change.
Why not simply ignore us;
A passin' flight o' fancy that we are...
Yet still ye try, ye attempt t' change our minds.
Ye pacify us with the notion of acceptance,
Highlightin' the fact that the world is fine.
Ye say that this is the way that things should be!
That m'friend, is yer personal freedom;
I'll not impinge upon it, fer it be yours.
I only ask, if ye could kindly mind,
Not to treat us, like we're bleedin' blind...
-Chen Yuan Wen, 18th July 2013
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 175 17
Grow Up by Spelledeg Grow Up :iconspelledeg:Spelledeg 582 49
7 Ways to Form Healthy Writing Habits
1. Write Every Day
Christy Hall nailed it when she said, “A writer writes. There are no exceptions to this reality. No excuses.” There’s nothing sexy about this. It’s tough work and requires dedication and persistence, but it’s the only way to make consistent progress. Almost everyone who writes for a living or is a productive amateur will tell you this. It’s no secret, but it’s often ignored because it’s hard. Unfortunately, there’s no magical way to make it easier, but you can form a habit through discipline. Once habit sets in, you don’t have think about it—you just do it.
These are the five most effective methods I've used to build a daily writing habit:
- Have something to say. This should be obvious, but what’s the point of writing every day if you don’t have something to write about? Develop your idea first, and then start holding yourself accountable to the “write every d
:iconilluminara:illuminara 69 4
Knock Me Down
Knock me down
But I will still rise
Shun me
But my hope never dies
Tell me I 'can't do it'
But I will prove you wrong
Break me down into pieces
But inside I'll remain strong
A fiery passion burns within me
One that you will not take away
Forever I will stand freely
And my fears, I will slay
:iconseas-of-emerald:Seas-of-Emerald 93 49
Alice Spiegel Stock by LetzteSchatten-stock Alice Spiegel Stock :iconletzteschatten-stock:LetzteSchatten-stock 332 22 Shiva - the Destroyer by artsgr1e Shiva - the Destroyer :iconartsgr1e:artsgr1e 206 19 an eye for an eye. by this-is-the-life2905 an eye for an eye. :iconthis-is-the-life2905:this-is-the-life2905 1,784 135 Hand Of God by Emberblue Hand Of God :iconemberblue:Emberblue 155 47 Cerro Torre - Argentina, Patagonia by acseven Cerro Torre - Argentina, Patagonia :iconacseven:acseven 261 26
15 Writing Prompts
15 Writing Prompts
1. The sky was darkening when two young girls started to dance. Peoples jointed then and others started to sing. He then started to sing along.
2. I couldn’t believe I was finally there; that all this time spent traveling to that city had come to and end. Of course I was happy, but it was… Not what I excepted. Slowly, I realized that I was disappointed.
3. Death is a weird thing, life is even weirder. They both inspire a question who is simple and complex at the same time: Why?
4. I want to save you but I don’t think I can, so I’ll try until the last hope has faded away.
5. Kat started to unpack her things as I was studying her. She didn’t look like the girl that I remembered. In my memories, she had blond hair but hers was brown. Kat had changed, but I was happy to see her again anyway.
6. The fire alarm was screaming, men were running but the two teens couldn’t stop themselves from staring at each other. The girl took a deep bre
:iconazelanne:Azelanne 138 15
The Countryside by Noojie-Woojie The Countryside :iconnoojie-woojie:Noojie-Woojie 1,582 248