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Hierarchy of Angels and Demons by justdejan Hierarchy of Angels and Demons :iconjustdejan:justdejan 3,353 453
The Truth About Selling Fanart
Update notice as of January 17, 2013: I have given this guide a MAJOR overhaul. It was originally written over a year and a half ago, and since then my own views and understanding of copyrights has changed. I felt that this guide should reflect those changes, so if you read this guide in the past, please take a moment to look through it again as I have added MANY new topics, information, and sources. Unlike my first draft, I have also changed my viewpoint to neutral throughout this writing.
Update notice as of July 17th, 2015: Check out DeviantArt's new article on art theft, fanart, copyrights, and other relevant topics!
Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer, nor any kind of professional that works in dealing with laws or copyrights. This guide was written based on my own research and understanding of copyright laws, and from discussions with others knowledgeable of the subject. These facts are all
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Flufferbuns Species Guide - An Introduction! by plushpon Flufferbuns Species Guide - An Introduction! :iconplushpon:plushpon 620 113 #646 - Kyurem by catandcrown #646 - Kyurem :iconcatandcrown:catandcrown 5,380 379 Werewolf Anatomy by sugarpoultry Werewolf Anatomy :iconsugarpoultry:sugarpoultry 6,559 1,002 Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Final Boss by DasGnomo Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Final Boss :icondasgnomo:DasGnomo 775 371 Gadgets Additions 3.0.0 by Dudebaker Gadgets Additions 3.0.0 :icondudebaker:Dudebaker 50 38 Minimalistic System Info v2 by Dashie36 Minimalistic System Info v2 :icondashie36:Dashie36 105 20 Web0.2ama by chrfb Web0.2ama :iconchrfb:chrfb 553 16 Torch Hound Reference Sheet 2013 by Pon-ee Torch Hound Reference Sheet 2013 :iconpon-ee:Pon-ee 1,569 622 2017/18 commission info [CLOSED] by clockbirds 2017/18 commission info [CLOSED] :iconclockbirds:clockbirds 495 105 Commission information by areot Commission information :iconareot:areot 326 140
Creepypasta/Slenderverse Blank Information Sheet
Real Name:
Age of Death: (Optional- if they had died before becoming a pasta/SV OC)
Ethical Origin: (Optional)
Place of Origin: (Optional)
Species:  (What are they? (Ex: Ghost, human, daemon etc...))
Sexual Preference: (Optional)
Affiliation: (If they have one)
Occupation: (If they have one)
Date Of Birth:
Eye Color:
Skin Color:
Hair Color:
Fears: (What are they afraid of?)
Powers/Abilities: (What powers or abilities do they have?)
Weapons: (What do they use for combat? (If any) )
How S/he kills/wounds in Combat:
Weaknesses: (what weakens them or what are they weakest to?)
Strengths: (What are they immune to or really good at?)
Cause of Death: (Optional- if they had died before becoming a pasta/SV OC)
History: (His
:iconinvaderika:InvaderIka 586 184
Abridged Character Sheet
     - Book, Chapter
     General Characteristics
Appearance: (What does your character look like? Written descriptions are fine.)
Other Names: (Nicknames, pen names, pet names, etc.)
Titles: (Prefixes, suffixes, etc. Wikipedia has a great list of these here.)
Alternate Forms: (What can your character turn into, voluntarily or involuntarily, while retaining control over that form or not? Descriptions are fine. An entirely new character sheet would be best.)
Theme Song: (What song best describes you character?)
     Personal Characteristics
Birth Date:
Birth Place:
Death Date: (Leave this blank if you don't know when they will die. You can alwa
:icondehydromon:dehydromon 1,789 49
Reference - Western Dragon Anatomy by TwilightSaint Reference - Western Dragon Anatomy :icontwilightsaint:TwilightSaint 504 33 Tutorial - Scales Made Simple by TwilightSaint Tutorial - Scales Made Simple :icontwilightsaint:TwilightSaint 1,760 115 Castle on Water by SweetSoulSister Castle on Water :iconsweetsoulsister:SweetSoulSister 404 75
Blank Character Sheet (Moved to TheBoson!)
Whoops! It looks like the character resource you're looking has moved. Check out the massively updated version [here] for a much better experience!
:icondehydromon:dehydromon 4,007 275
CreepyPasta Character Profile {BLANK + F2U}
 Real Name:

 Alias: (their CreepyPasta name, or their title in general)
 Meaning to Name: (any special reason they're called such? it can be a self given name, a name given by the locals, etc.)
 Nickname(s): (locally and friendly)
(remove if alive!)
(optional - what do they speak/can speak)
 Voice: (optional - describe their voice! any accent, speech quirks, etc)
 Current Residence: (optional - where they're currently at, can be as specific as you'd like!)
(human, ghost, demon, etc etc.)
 Status: (alive or dead; active or inactive, whatever you will, just their current activity state!)
 Cause of Death: (remove if alive!)
 Alliance: (are they associated with anyone? like an operator, this can also be used if they have someone like a
:iconvintricktive:vintricktive 398 417
My inbox is flooded with messages and I'm unable to keep up with it. So I made this simple F.A.Q. with questions that have been asked to me over and over again.
Please refrain from asking questions that are already in here. I will most likely not answer them. If you have any other questions, please send me a message or a note. It might take me a while to reply, though.
Please note that this F.A.Q. will be changed from time to time. New questions and answers will be added every now and then.
:star: [last update:  February 3, 2016]

About art requests, general requests & commissions

Could you draw my character?
No. Just no.
I don't do art requests, and I don't do art for free. If you want somebody to draw your characters, please go to the projects forum and place your request the
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-Commission Info and Terms of Service- by TwilightSaint -Commission Info and Terms of Service- :icontwilightsaint:TwilightSaint 540 0 Respect the Hunt Fin. by ChunLo Respect the Hunt Fin. :iconchunlo:ChunLo 2,938 363