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Flufferbuns Species Guide - An Introduction! by plushpon Flufferbuns Species Guide - An Introduction! :iconplushpon:plushpon 437 94
The Truth About Selling Fanart
Update notice as of January 17, 2013: I have given this guide a MAJOR overhaul. It was originally written over a year and a half ago, and since then my own views and understanding of copyrights has changed. I felt that this guide should reflect those changes, so if you read this guide in the past, please take a moment to look through it again as I have added MANY new topics, information, and sources. Unlike my first draft, I have also changed my viewpoint to neutral throughout this writing.
Update notice as of July 17th, 2015: Check out DeviantArt's new article on art theft, fanart, copyrights, and other relevant topics!
Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer, nor any kind of professional that works in dealing with laws or copyrights. This guide was written based on my own research and understanding of copyright laws, and from discussions with others knowledgeable of the subject. These facts are all
:iconkirawra:KiRAWRa 792 762
Complete Character Bio Template
Verse:  What fandom are they associated with (If they are part of a fandom)
Alias: Do they have any nicknames?
Real Name: 
Current Age:  
Age of Death:  If they had died- what was the age they died at?
Ethical Origin: What country or race did they come from in the terms of genetics?
Place of Origin: Where did they originally come from or heard from?
Species:  What are they?
Birthdate: What day and year they were born?
Date Of Death: If they had died- what was the date?
Astrological Sign: What is sign of the Western Zodiac they fall under?
Birthplace: Where were they born?
Blood Type: 
Sexual Preference:  (Straight, Bisexual, Lesbian, Gay, Pansexual, Asexual...etc)
Relationship:  Are they single or taken by a person?
Cause of Death: If they are de
:iconinvaderika:InvaderIka 608 100
#646 - Kyurem by catandcrown #646 - Kyurem :iconcatandcrown:catandcrown 5,380 376 Coloured Pencil Tutorial Prt 1 by rehabilitative Coloured Pencil Tutorial Prt 1 :iconrehabilitative:rehabilitative 319 22 ~Current Commission Information~ by TwilightSaint ~Current Commission Information~ :icontwilightsaint:TwilightSaint 538 0 Blank Commission Sheet (PSD) by ynne-black-stock Blank Commission Sheet (PSD) :iconynne-black-stock:ynne-black-stock 186 29 Chimereon Lore 1 by ground-lion Chimereon Lore 1 :iconground-lion:ground-lion 598 71 Hierarchy of Angels and Demons by justdejan Hierarchy of Angels and Demons :iconjustdejan:justdejan 3,336 444 Fur Tutorial+PaintToolSAI Download! by Napoisk Fur Tutorial+PaintToolSAI Download! :iconnapoisk:Napoisk 1,486 89 EmpirePX 1.0 Suite. [Rainmeter Skin] by jlynnxx EmpirePX 1.0 Suite. [Rainmeter Skin] :iconjlynnxx:jlynnxx 156 32 Tutorial - Scales Made Simple by TwilightSaint Tutorial - Scales Made Simple :icontwilightsaint:TwilightSaint 1,742 113 Web0.2ama by chrfb Web0.2ama :iconchrfb:chrfb 551 16 Centaurs of Loi by Uinn Centaurs of Loi :iconuinn:Uinn 475 128 Labels Photoshop and GIMP Brushes by redheadstock Labels Photoshop and GIMP Brushes :iconredheadstock:redheadstock 734 186 Danger Noodle Species Sheet by Neytirix Danger Noodle Species Sheet :iconneytirix:Neytirix 1,738 157 Werewolf Anatomy by sugarpoultry Werewolf Anatomy :iconsugarpoultry:sugarpoultry 6,546 1,002 Commission Information Template by Paprika-Studios Commission Information Template :iconpaprika-studios:Paprika-Studios 167 7 [Adopts//Species] Petipoire Ears and Horns by banANNUmon [Adopts//Species] Petipoire Ears and Horns :iconbanannumon:banANNUmon 193 15 AHiL's Anti-Theft Card PSD Pack by JesseLax AHiL's Anti-Theft Card PSD Pack :iconjesselax:JesseLax 1,457 669
Creepypasta/Slenderverse Blank Information Sheet
Real Name:
Age of Death: (Optional- if they had died before becoming a pasta/SV OC)
Ethical Origin: (Optional)
Place of Origin: (Optional)
Species:  (What are they? (Ex: Ghost, human, daemon etc...))
Sexual Preference: (Optional)
Affiliation: (If they have one)
Occupation: (If they have one)
Date Of Birth:
Eye Color:
Skin Color:
Hair Color:
Fears: (What are they afraid of?)
Powers/Abilities: (What powers or abilities do they have?)
Weapons: (What do they use for combat? (If any) )
How S/he kills/wounds in Combat:
Weaknesses: (what weakens them or what are they weakest to?)
Strengths: (What are they immune to or really good at?)
Cause of Death: (Optional- if they had died before becoming a pasta/SV OC)
History: (His
:iconinvaderika:InvaderIka 573 184
Sewing 101 by ShadowedPorcelain Sewing 101 :iconshadowedporcelain:ShadowedPorcelain 696 24