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[MMD] I n f e r i o r by Xhiao-Yuu [MMD] I n f e r i o r :iconxhiao-yuu:Xhiao-Yuu 63 27 ACNL: Liam, Our Mayor by Meishali ACNL: Liam, Our Mayor :iconmeishali:Meishali 297 36 The Living Shadow by Dynneekx The Living Shadow :icondynneekx:Dynneekx 209 45 inferiority complex by grace-note inferiority complex :icongrace-note:grace-note 82 20 Tucker Fangirl by Nari-Maruko Tucker Fangirl :iconnari-maruko:Nari-Maruko 119 13 ACNL: Liam by Meishali ACNL: Liam :iconmeishali:Meishali 115 27 [MMD] Perfectly Imperfect by Xhiao-Yuu [MMD] Perfectly Imperfect :iconxhiao-yuu:Xhiao-Yuu 19 2 goose-stepping by Attila-G goose-stepping :iconattila-g:Attila-G 26 14 Elephant's Daughter by Ambilia-Scriba Elephant's Daughter :iconambilia-scriba:Ambilia-Scriba 69 71 Do It... by Reynbeau12 Do It... :iconreynbeau12:Reynbeau12 48 32 MGS - Forget by karaii MGS - Forget :iconkaraii:karaii 37 37 of Xei and Xie.sibling rivalry by Achiru-et-al of Xei and Xie.sibling rivalry :iconachiru-et-al:Achiru-et-al 52 44
Levi x Reader - The Act Within Part 2/3
(AU Note: For maximum effect, listen to this)
Did he just… accidentally confess??
Frozen to the spot, he tried desperately to come up with a way to cover his blunder but his mind drew a blank. He watched (F/N)’s lips open and close, the frown on her face deepening as she tried to process what he had just said. Praying to whatever mighty powers on earth that she would not take his words seriously, a seeping chill creeped through his body with every second that passed.  
He held his breath.
“Are you… feeling sick?”
Thank god. He exhaled slowly. “No… it’s nothing. I’m fine. I’m just… tired, that’s all.”
She took a step closer, scrutinizing his expression as if she knew he was telling a lie. Uncomfortable under her gaze, he turned away and retreated to the b
:iconwindmeister8:WindMeister8 54 17
Inferiority Complex by annie252 Inferiority Complex :iconannie252:annie252 8 14 Inferiority Complex by MusicalKitsune Inferiority Complex :iconmusicalkitsune:MusicalKitsune 29 9
The gate opened and all four heads snapped up, eager to hear the story of wat had happened in the Soul Society, though they new the best they'd get is "It's taken care of" if he was in a good mood and "Shut up" if he was in a bad mood, but wat they saw pass through the gates was quite stunning, Ichigo Kurosaki with a distressed looking Rukia Kuchiki in tow, the former had a rather peeved "I-Hate-The-World" expression on his face and the latter had a very sulking "Why-Me?" expression on her face, of the four of them, Uryuu built up the nerves to ask first, Orihime was too poliete and Yoruichi and Urahara were still too stunned, "Wat the heck happened?!" the quincy nearly shouted, Ichigo gave his companion a slight push so that she was standing next to him rather than behind him and no longer could sulk in the privacy of his shadow, "Madame here thought she could take on the problum all by her little self, well, that certainly wasn't true was it?" the response wasn't either of hi
:iconasagi-k-kurosaki:Asagi-K-Kurosaki 10 23
Voice Cracks (Yoosung x Reader) (Drabble)
"D-Don't worry about it, Yoosung! I think it's adorable!" It took everything you had not to laugh as you tried to comfort the poor, upset boy.
Yoosung sniffled from where he was curled against your side. "Still..." he trailed off, burying his face into your chest. "Mmm!!!"
"What?" Tilting your head to the side, you looked down at him questioningly, running a hand through his blonde locks.
Sitting up abruptly, Yoosung pouted, his face inches from yours. "It isn't manly!"
As you watched the poor boy's blush worsen you couldn't hold back any longer, full-on laughter escaping your compressed lips. He was just so freaking cute!
"(Y/n)!!!" he whined, small tears appearing in the corners of his eyes. "It's not funny! I'm an adult and I'm still getting voice cracks!!!"
"I-I know, I know. I'm sorry for laughing." Cupping his face in your hands, you placed an adoring kiss on his pouting lips. "You're just too cute, you know that?"
Before Yoosung turned his purple eyes away, you caught
:iconlordsister:LordSister 15 11
In My Reflection
Mesmerized by the silvery shine,
I stare into the mirror of mine.
A twisted reflection back at me,
Are all the people I'll never be.
Teasing me with their perfect faces,
Gnarled into each others embraces.
To them it must be so routine,
I reach out to touch the puzzling scene.
Mirror, Mirror,
On the wall,
Will I ever be as good as them all?
Inhuman, Inadequate, Defective, Imperfect.
Never as good, I had to disconnect.
So isolated in this dark room,
Content, yet trapped, in my self-built tomb.
As I twist into a distressing shape,
I cry and I try to find an escape.
Haunted by people who click so naturally,
I realize this world will never acknowledge me.
:iconreynbeau12:Reynbeau12 28 19
An inferiority complex? - Coco n' Nina Sketch by Sigerreip An inferiority complex? - Coco n' Nina Sketch :iconsigerreip:Sigerreip 43 16 For when your inferiority complex kicks in by Chocoreaper For when your inferiority complex kicks in :iconchocoreaper:Chocoreaper 16 5
Levi x Reader - The Act Within Part 1/3
With the obnoxious banging finally coming to a halt, the white machine shuddered in its final moments before it stilled. Hitting the light switch in the small bathroom, the young raven-haired man made for the washing machine, an empty basket supported on his hips. One hand placing the basket on the tiled floor, the other opened the washing machine’s door.
Bending down, he reached in, scooping a handful of clothes and transferring them into the basket until none were left.  As he took out the last bunch, a faded white shirt caught his attention. Disentangling it from the other clothes, he flicked it twice to smooth out any wrinkles.
The material was thin and worn out, the collar slightly frayed. He examined it closely, his lips curling down upon seeing another button missing down the front of the shirt. It was his one and only formal shirt and he had to wear this for a job interview later in the afternoon. With a click of his tongue, he draped the shirt over his arm and carri
:iconwindmeister8:WindMeister8 59 28
inferiority complex by Brute-ua inferiority complex :iconbrute-ua:Brute-ua 13 7 Inferiority complex by Maydian Inferiority complex :iconmaydian:Maydian 9 5