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Inferiority by jeffchendesigns Inferiority :iconjeffchendesigns:jeffchendesigns 409 25 [MMD] I n f e r i o r by Xhiao-Yuu [MMD] I n f e r i o r :iconxhiao-yuu:Xhiao-Yuu 63 27 ACNL: Liam, Our Mayor by Meishali ACNL: Liam, Our Mayor :iconmeishali:Meishali 297 36 The Living Shadow by Dynneekx The Living Shadow :icondynneekx:Dynneekx 209 45 inferiority complex by grace-note inferiority complex :icongrace-note:grace-note 82 20 Tucker Fangirl by Nari-Maruko Tucker Fangirl :iconnari-maruko:Nari-Maruko 119 13 ACNL: Liam by Meishali ACNL: Liam :iconmeishali:Meishali 115 27 The Becky Mehgan vs Stacy Middleton by Neetsfagging322297 The Becky Mehgan vs Stacy Middleton :iconneetsfagging322297:Neetsfagging322297 19 5 [MMD] Perfectly Imperfect by Xhiao-Yuu [MMD] Perfectly Imperfect :iconxhiao-yuu:Xhiao-Yuu 19 2 Inferiority by foolsjest Inferiority :iconfoolsjest:foolsjest 21 4
Your Shadow
Ever since the beginning,
People have always compared me to you...
They have said I am inferior to you so many times,
I start to believe it.
I know that I could never fill your shoes
That I was a horrible replacement.
Besides, how do you leave a person you've known so long
Behind in the dust?
If they are loved and prestigious,
How can you ever match up to them?
How will everyone react to you
If you suddenly take their place in the scheme of things?
They will say that he did this or that better,
Or that you can never take their place.
Even if I was on center stage,
If you were there, everyone would turn to you.
I used to idolize you,
But I can't ever be you.
People equate me with you so much now,
That I've lost my self-identity.
I'm always called your replacement
Or the guy that isn't as good and popular as he is.
All this time,
I know I never did anything for myself.
Someone always related to you was pulling me in the right direction,
Moving the strings of the pitiful puppet.
It feels
:iconlovestaken:LovesTaken 24 11
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In My Reflection
Mesmerized by the silvery shine,
I stare into the mirror of mine.
A twisted reflection back at me,
Are all the people I'll never be.
Teasing me with their perfect faces,
Gnarled into each others embraces.
To them it must be so routine,
I reach out to touch the puzzling scene.
Mirror, Mirror,
On the wall,
Will I ever be as good as them all?
Inhuman, Inadequate, Defective, Imperfect.
Never as good, I had to disconnect.
So isolated in this dark room,
Content, yet trapped, in my self-built tomb.
As I twist into a distressing shape,
I cry and I try to find an escape.
Haunted by people who click so naturally,
I realize this world will never acknowledge me.
:iconreynbeau12:Reynbeau12 28 19