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The Songless Bird by jflaxman The Songless Bird :iconjflaxman:jflaxman 1,363 107 why do you always seek absolution? by devils-horizon why do you always seek absolution? :icondevils-horizon:devils-horizon 123 17 Pseudo Intellectuals by AmericanDreaming Pseudo Intellectuals :iconamericandreaming:AmericanDreaming 44 88 Inadequacy by KatjaFaith Inadequacy :iconkatjafaith:KatjaFaith 116 10 Self-Measurement Tools by stuck-in-suburbia Self-Measurement Tools :iconstuck-in-suburbia:stuck-in-suburbia 42 3 Demotivational Posters 1 by joshdamnit Demotivational Posters 1 :iconjoshdamnit:joshdamnit 52 9
apprehension and inadequacy
i almost cut my hair, saturday.
but for some reason,
i just didn't.
i almost told my dad
that artistic freedom
isn't the only thing
he left (with me).
but for some reason,
i decided against it.
i almost messaged you tonight,
but it's been a long time since i have.
so, i decided i shouldn't.
(may as well make it longer.)
i almost named you  
in this poem,
but i think maybe
that would be a bad idea.
:iconchromeantennae:chromeantennae 28 24
The American Agony by firoL The American Agony :iconfirol:firoL 43 22 Inadequacy by ArtKat Inadequacy :iconartkat:ArtKat 39 23 Human Inadequacy. by SiliconSouledRose Human Inadequacy. :iconsiliconsouledrose:SiliconSouledRose 17 5 Trade2 - Everything you Ever by collision-combustion Trade2 - Everything you Ever :iconcollision-combustion:collision-combustion 14 4 For when your inferiority complex kicks in by Chocoreaper For when your inferiority complex kicks in :iconchocoreaper:Chocoreaper 16 5 Just Give Up by crazyshiro Just Give Up :iconcrazyshiro:crazyshiro 5 5 Garden of inadequacy (trial picture 1) by aTimidFormOfAudacity Garden of inadequacy (trial picture 1) :iconatimidformofaudacity:aTimidFormOfAudacity 2 0 Bag'Ez and Zephodus by LewdLegerdemain Bag'Ez and Zephodus :iconlewdlegerdemain:LewdLegerdemain 2 5 Inadequate by ArtbyRachelGreig Inadequate :iconartbyrachelgreig:ArtbyRachelGreig 2 2
the flux of helplessness
filled me up
and there was nothing i could do.
my time had passed
and there i lay
having no strength to move
my power, my might, all had lent themselves
to this moment
and all i had left
was the sharpness of my tongue
what useless weapon that may seem
intellect was on my side
there is no triumph without pain
and therefore i can't triumph
i can't win
i do not fear my own
pain, my own
but i cannot allow
them to reach my pack
they are the beloved and they
will NOT be HARMED.
but as i lay and the truth spills out
i realize the inadequacy of my
statement, the hypocrisy
has reached me, i cannot run from
it. i must accept. i realize now.
i am the instigator. i am the weak i am
my own fight and my own tribulation
you can not win against yourself and
therefore i am back where i started.
laying under the heavy burden of my own inadequacy.
:iconthetruemorganlefay:thetruemorganlefay 1 0
Inadequacy by brooksl Inadequacy :iconbrooksl:brooksl 1 0 Inner Demons by AisFoxHusky Inner Demons :iconaisfoxhusky:AisFoxHusky 1 2
one-winged angel
my first name is stillness
then comes the silence
walk by, looking down
not recognized or noticed
nomadic crisis of the new generation
dragged behind a chariot
feel like a one-winged angel
:iconavantgarde73:avantgarde73 0 1
Reaching For More
Looking back, I can't recall when things were enough
And that in itself is a sobering realization
There's always been just one more step to take
Yet another thing to go out and accomplish
This isn't to say one shouldn't take steps forward
But I've been so wrapped up in what I haven't done
In who I'm not, in what I haven't acquired
Why did I learn to perceive this way
How can I love myself yet reinforce this inadequacy
When did this endless loop of reaching begin
Wading into it wasn't a conscious decision
That being said, I've been stuck in it all the same
Over the millennia humanity has evolved and adapted
With all that I still can't measure up to this pressure
To satisfy myself by constantly reaching for more
I've been trying to achieve the impossible
:iconazialsilvara:AzialSilvara 0 0
Imaginative Inadequacy by Guillotined Imaginative Inadequacy :iconguillotined:Guillotined 0 0
She looked into the bathroom mirror, her face cold and calm. She saw how resolute it was, her eyes free of sorrow, full of determination. The girl was young. Only 14. Her hair was messy, rumpled from sleep, and she stared unabashedly at her reflection, at how ugly it was. It was not truly ugly, but she did not see that. All she saw was what she had been told, over the long days of the long years of elementary and middle school. Someday, if she had lived, she would have realized her beauty. In fact, sometimes she had realized her beauty; she had studied herself, admiring her reflection, and wondering what her peers were talking about. She was pretty, certainly prettier than some of them who had the advantage of being on top of the social food chain- but. None of that was in this girl's thoughts now. She had not thought she was beautiful often enough, and now she stared at herself, not remembering she ever had. She remembered how ugly they thought she was, and it had become a part
:iconmuir:Muir 0 8