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*Com* | Candy Chiu have a secret vore habit~ | by PastelxFeetii *Com* | Candy Chiu have a secret vore habit~ | :iconpastelxfeetii:PastelxFeetii 174 73 Seviper: pertaining Zangoose by livinlovindude Seviper: pertaining Zangoose :iconlivinlovindude:livinlovindude 132 1,777
Eva's Story- The Beginning
Eva’s Story: The Beginning
     It was a bitter, cold morning. The woods were covered with snow. Not a single plant could be seen. A blizzard had just set in & every creature had retreated into their home, except for one.
     A figure could be seen walking in the distance. It was covered from head to toe in thick cloth for warmth. The human was having a difficult time getting through the thick snow; falling every now & then because of hidden tree roots.
     Tyson thought to himself, “I could’ve retired from war several months ago… But no! I had to keep fighting!” he tripped. “Ugh! Stupid snow! I’d rather be rotting in a dragon’s belly than this crap!” he got back up & looked around him to see that the snowfall had begun to increase. “I need to find cover. This blizzard’s getting worse.” After scanning the area around him, he discovered a sma
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Elvira Eats by vore-fan-comics Elvira Eats :iconvore-fan-comics:vore-fan-comics 915 14 Elvira Eats 2 by vore-fan-comics Elvira Eats 2 :iconvore-fan-comics:vore-fan-comics 642 8 Blue Kryptonite Giantess by giantess-fan-comics Blue Kryptonite Giantess :icongiantess-fan-comics:giantess-fan-comics 758 15
The Girl Who Ate Halloween
Mac sat miserably on the couch, mumbling about the grave injustices he had to face as a twelve year old boy. Halloween was his favourite holiday, and he had been so very confident that his mother would let him trick or treat without her tagging along this time. While this was true, it meant that they would instead be joined by a babysitter.
He explained that he’d seen plenty of kids much younger than himself roam the streets without anyone. He saw a whole preschool worth of Avengers last year.
His mother simply said that when they all ended up on Missing Persons reports and Ultron destroys humanity as a result, their parents would feel very silly.
“I feel so stupid!” he grumbled, pulling down his Darth Vader mask. His mother walked by, placing a large candy dish on the table. “Mom, you can’t send me out trick or treating with grandma again! I will be teased about this until the day I die! And that’s from the people I like!”
“You just assu
:icongo-tee:Go-Tee 290 33
The Girl Who Ate The Carnival
Through the packed carnival grounds walked a young boy named Mac. At twelve years old, he was at that age where kids started pushing away silly things like days at the carnival or action figures, asserting that they were too old for them. Whether they felt that way or not. Regardless this young lad had what he felt was a very good reason to be there, and her name was Christine.
For some years, she had worked as his babysitter, and over that time he had grown to adore her. Adore everything about her, from her shoulder length red hair, to her fun loving attitude, and even her portly waist line. In fact, especially her waistline.
Christine, or Christy to her friends, was not a skinny girl, and the way she ate it was hardly any mystery why. Mac just loved her all the more for it, though he was far too shy to actually tell her so. Thankfully, the two had always gotten on well, unrequited love aside, and the end of him needing a babysitter wasn’t the end of them hanging out together.
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Cat and Spider-Mouse by vore-fan-comics Cat and Spider-Mouse :iconvore-fan-comics:vore-fan-comics 592 22 Avenger Vore by vore-fan-comics Avenger Vore :iconvore-fan-comics:vore-fan-comics 476 16 Down Under Paid by Vertical-Misfit Down Under Paid :iconvertical-misfit:Vertical-Misfit 437 393 Go home you're drunk by BIGBIG-on-DA Go home you're drunk :iconbigbig-on-da:BIGBIG-on-DA 454 9 Syreta under new management by Vertical-Misfit Syreta under new management :iconvertical-misfit:Vertical-Misfit 333 252 Daenerys Targaryen Belly 5 by WHATEVEN12 Daenerys Targaryen Belly 5 :iconwhateven12:WHATEVEN12 141 1 Please Don't Wake Up by TinyGuy10 Please Don't Wake Up :icontinyguy10:TinyGuy10 105 2 Not quite midnight romance by Vertical-Misfit Not quite midnight romance :iconvertical-misfit:Vertical-Misfit 298 191 Becca's Babysitter by TinyGuy10 Becca's Babysitter :icontinyguy10:TinyGuy10 110 14 Giganta Comes to Gotham by giantess-fan-comics Giganta Comes to Gotham :icongiantess-fan-comics:giantess-fan-comics 408 14 High Class Water Sports by Vertical-Misfit High Class Water Sports :iconvertical-misfit:Vertical-Misfit 258 213 Varsity Chews - Work in Progress by vore-fan-comics Varsity Chews - Work in Progress :iconvore-fan-comics:vore-fan-comics 373 10 A Shrinking Feeling by Smexy-Nation A Shrinking Feeling :iconsmexy-nation:Smexy-Nation 271 82 Giveaway 1/4: A Truly Angelic Sensation by DrakaNoms Giveaway 1/4: A Truly Angelic Sensation :icondrakanoms:DrakaNoms 424 22 Hermione Granger Belly 1 by WHATEVEN12 Hermione Granger Belly 1 :iconwhateven12:WHATEVEN12 115 1 Oversnacking by OrganicGranite Oversnacking :iconorganicgranite:OrganicGranite 285 198 Whoops by Woxpants Whoops :iconwoxpants:Woxpants 197 14 Fat Belly Zelda by Smexy-Nation Fat Belly Zelda :iconsmexy-nation:Smexy-Nation 243 53 Big Blue Raccoon Dude [Comm] by Woxpants Big Blue Raccoon Dude [Comm] :iconwoxpants:Woxpants 181 17 Urbosa POV by Smexy-Nation Urbosa POV :iconsmexy-nation:Smexy-Nation 257 63 Bellatrix Lestrange Belly 2 by WHATEVEN12 Bellatrix Lestrange Belly 2 :iconwhateven12:WHATEVEN12 94 6 Hermione Granger Belly 3 by WHATEVEN12 Hermione Granger Belly 3 :iconwhateven12:WHATEVEN12 79 0 Olivia's Secret Recipe by Smexy-Nation Olivia's Secret Recipe :iconsmexy-nation:Smexy-Nation 175 50 Red Hunger [R] by dark55321 Red Hunger [R] :icondark55321:dark55321 82 0 Urbosa's Discovery by Smexy-Nation Urbosa's Discovery :iconsmexy-nation:Smexy-Nation 179 54 Serena ate and digest Misty by Anndygirl Serena ate and digest Misty :iconanndygirl:Anndygirl 258 15 MuffetMouth by CuteLittleNightmare MuffetMouth :iconcutelittlenightmare:CuteLittleNightmare 125 34 Yrel's breakfast by giantwaifus Yrel's breakfast :icongiantwaifus:giantwaifus 91 13 Sarena's Snack Bowl by giantess-fan-comics Sarena's Snack Bowl :icongiantess-fan-comics:giantess-fan-comics 264 5 Black Widow Belly by WHATEVEN12 Black Widow Belly :iconwhateven12:WHATEVEN12 87 0 Giantess Nikki Bodom 2 by giantess-fan-comics Giantess Nikki Bodom 2 :icongiantess-fan-comics:giantess-fan-comics 175 3 Syndicate's Recreational Day. by dark55321 Syndicate's Recreational Day. :icondark55321:dark55321 273 14 An offering to Tanya by Smexy-Nation An offering to Tanya :iconsmexy-nation:Smexy-Nation 142 44 Ort ort ort ort ort by FlotianChroma Ort ort ort ort ort :iconflotianchroma:FlotianChroma 116 4 Snackrifices for Rory Mercury by Jessica-Rae-3 Snackrifices for Rory Mercury :iconjessica-rae-3:Jessica-Rae-3 297 0 Daenerys Targaryen Belly 6 by WHATEVEN12 Daenerys Targaryen Belly 6 :iconwhateven12:WHATEVEN12 56 3 Giantess Judith by vore-fan-comics Giantess Judith :iconvore-fan-comics:vore-fan-comics 145 12 Sarena's Snack Bowl (P.O.V.) by giantess-fan-comics Sarena's Snack Bowl (P.O.V.) :icongiantess-fan-comics:giantess-fan-comics 221 2 Through the Eyes of the Huntress by StampyDragon Through the Eyes of the Huntress :iconstampydragon:StampyDragon 124 49 Not cut out for the job by EdibleArtist Not cut out for the job :iconedibleartist:EdibleArtist 222 3 Wide Load Verace by GrineX Wide Load Verace :icongrinex:GrineX 84 0