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Well City - Entrance by MARV6617 Well City - Entrance :iconmarv6617:MARV6617 773 28 Immigrant XCVII by Danilo-Costa Immigrant XCVII :icondanilo-costa:Danilo-Costa 274 79 Ellis Island by TamasGaspar Ellis Island :icontamasgaspar:TamasGaspar 2,900 523
Immigrant's Guide to Colorado
I was promised horses.  I remember this distinctly.
My dad knew as well as I that moving isn’t easy, especially to a place so very far away, so he would cushion it with promises such as these.  Thoughts of horses and mountain ranches made the process of tearing away from my homeland all that more bearable, so I complied.  My visions were of a log cabin situated on the hips of the foothills, with gentle mares that would lean their heads in my window in the heat of summer mornings.  Of dirt roads and tractors, of cattle and barbed wire.  But mostly horses, of course.
Colorado is not all horses and ranches.  Our house turned out to squat in a quiet patch of suburb that seems a subtle copy of the very neighborhood from which I had come.  It is a pale ivory and not made of logs, and the grass lives in trim, green patches like quilt squares, not in long stalks that whisper to my elbows.  And the mountains?
:iconmscellanea:MsCellanea 89 82
The Immigrant by aamran The Immigrant :iconaamran:aamran 136 134
last night,
tesla dreamed of pearls,
and i drank a bloody mary
with all the fixings, choked
on spiced tomato scented
in sweat; one man's struggling
to pay his rent—and i never
liked feeding the energy bill
or hearing about bloodied
pigeons. last night, i thought
i heard the crackling of one
man's revolution, but it was
just the fridge left open and
money on the floor. last night,
tesla dreamed of pearls, and i
read about one man breaking
his calloused feet, sun-dried
skin turning purple—and his
wife hates when i get like this,
when i peel an orange to lick
its sticky-citrus and forget
the white shirt browning and his
eyes were black and gleaming;
she hates when i call late—but i
tell her tesla would have conceived
of a light that looks nothing like a
lemon, that looks nothing like death
in one man's weathered hand—
"you always liked bloody maries,"
she hissed, "and tesla dreamed of
:iconglossolalias:glossolalias 21 21
The Right Kind of Turtles by jflaxman The Right Kind of Turtles :iconjflaxman:jflaxman 100 25
Arguments Against Illegal Immigration
LISTED BELOW are several of the arguments that have been used by misguided people to try and justify illegal immigration. Next to each is the reason why that argument has no merit.
1) They are an economic necessity. - Not true. The idea that a bunch of desperately poor, uneducated, unskilled, non-English speaking foreigners are an economic necessity is ludicrous. In fact, when you compare cost vs. benefit, it is obvious that they are not only NOT a necessity, they are not even an asset. Rather, they are a liability and a huge one at that.
2) They do work Americans won't do. - Not true. They do work Americans won't do for $2 an hour (especially if Americans can collect welfare and unemployment instead). Of course, if you got rid of the illegals, the jobs wouldn't pay $2 an hour. The people who wanted the work done would have to pay a wage that was attractive enough to get Americans to do the work. And it might even be enough to get Americans off the unemployment and welfar
:iconxekowarrior123:Xekowarrior123 33 45
Life on the street by jadedPhotographer Life on the street :iconjadedphotographer:jadedPhotographer 188 54 Saavi Manjarekar Render (cyberpunk snake girl) by MetaDragonArt Saavi Manjarekar Render (cyberpunk snake girl) :iconmetadragonart:MetaDragonArt 119 9 Share my food by StamatisGR Share my food :iconstamatisgr:StamatisGR 132 93 Ellis Island - pencils by TamasGaspar Ellis Island - pencils :icontamasgaspar:TamasGaspar 136 50 Blue Eye by pixellorac Blue Eye :iconpixellorac:pixellorac 148 80 Jacinto by XtasiK Jacinto :iconxtasik:XtasiK 48 68 Displacement I by akrasiel Displacement I :iconakrasiel:akrasiel 55 20
28 days
they came over on a boat, i imagine,
(for i was not the there and they do not speak of it)
they came over on a boat i imagine,
just like the rest of them,
from lucerne or bavaria or kaposvar or drywseved
escaping medieval forests, rain playing peat bogs
like organ keyboards,
they were farmers, sown to wheat like arranged marriage,
mike had one ox, two bulls and a chest like stone & mortar,
he was a good man, looked god in the eyes at dawn,
whispered secrets to his bedsheets at night,
ed, ed was a freight train, handlebar moustache & coal-fired cheeks,
when he was eleven, ed built the honesdale canal with nothing except
his hands and the lord as a witness,
don't take my word for it but rumor has it there was a little napoleon
in him after all,
it was after the war,
the one of blue and grey and red
they must've looked up like children do
must've seen her, slow dancing in the harbor,
marveled at the way her arm never grew weary, brow never sweaty,
the way the green brown water smiled up a
:iconsuccesswithhonor:successwithhonor 18 10
Immigrant by SKoparov Immigrant :iconskoparov:SKoparov 77 8 Barn Signs by TwaRavenMotifs Barn Signs :icontwaravenmotifs:TwaRavenMotifs 68 15 Displacement II by akrasiel Displacement II :iconakrasiel:akrasiel 55 19 Migration by Sebmaestro Migration :iconsebmaestro:Sebmaestro 75 16 'Across the Mountains' by epson361 'Across the Mountains' :iconepson361:epson361 65 16 The Italian Immigrant by DolphinsKiss The Italian Immigrant :icondolphinskiss:DolphinsKiss 161 36 NIKO BELLIC GTA IV by Arsenalfan747 NIKO BELLIC GTA IV :iconarsenalfan747:Arsenalfan747 47 9 nought but a pocket full of dreams by Chenthooran nought but a pocket full of dreams :iconchenthooran:Chenthooran 37 10 Lau - a Demotivational poster. by hikarikagayaku Lau - a Demotivational poster. :iconhikarikagayaku:hikarikagayaku 183 31 +Feet / FFFF+ Monica Adenauer by ScreampunkArts +Feet / FFFF+ Monica Adenauer :iconscreampunkarts:ScreampunkArts 201 1 Into the Solitary by EllieZ Into the Solitary :iconelliez:EllieZ 82 45
Your Heart And Arms
Approach me with an open heart
Approach me with open arms.
Tell me what's in your heart.
Tell me that, while I'm in your arms.
Don't turn me away from your heart.
Don't turn me away with your arms.
Share your thoughts with me. I want to know your heart.
Share your fondest memories with me, as I rest in your arms.
Keep me in your heart.
Keep me in your arms.
Hold me close to your physical heart.
Hold me in your physical arms.
You inspired me with words from your heart.
You inspired me to want to fall in your arms.
:iconchadsyphrett:ChadSyphrett 13 20
Hate Solves Nothing by Party9999999 Hate Solves Nothing :iconparty9999999:Party9999999 53 78
Pyrrhic Victoria
logroll downriver into the cream-stone loggia
on water that runs thicker than blood because
swirled cream can no longer claim white purity
make port in the shelter of the ash-grey portico
on flagstones at the foot of our divinity where
white flags herald grave stones and stonings
indiginent, immigrant
--we are both indignant
:iconakrasiel:akrasiel 18 17
Der Fremde by scheinbar Der Fremde :iconscheinbar:scheinbar 74 18 Bird's immigrant by Vianto Bird's immigrant :iconvianto:Vianto 80 8 Waiting for his customers by StamatisGR Waiting for his customers :iconstamatisgr:StamatisGR 62 67
Liberty Island Greeting
Behold our modern Liberty Island greeting:
A Starbucks cup for her torch,
A medallion around her neck,
A GAP sign in her arm.
There’s a gap in our thinking:
“God bless Armani, brand that I love?”
It’s all good fun and games
But there has to be an end.
Take Justice’s blind blade to her flesh.
Drain the Black Blood corroding her arteries
And giving thirst to her heart.
Cut open her crown so the world can see her blurred dreams.
Lead her to Boston, Philadelphia, and Monticello,
Awaken our Fathers to their legacy—
The Innocent Virgin wronged.
Let the faces on Mount Rushmore cringe in pain
And the Bell of Liberty split asunder;
America awakes to her Nightmare.
United we stood,
Destiny we manifested,
Freedom we defended.
Are we getting along?
Are we at our Promised Land?
Are we free at all?
We once took it easy and journeyed forth
But our energy had limits
Our head grew heavy and our sights dimmed
We stopped our journey
We forgot we couldn’t buy a stairway
:iconswords-and-bandages:Swords-and-Bandages 9 8
1620 VS. 2007 by amism 1620 VS. 2007 :iconamism:amism 177 72 Dreamoney by leothefox Dreamoney :iconleothefox:leothefox 71 50 L.O.V.E. - 69 by ForgetfulRainn L.O.V.E. - 69 :iconforgetfulrainn:ForgetfulRainn 78 85
My Hate List
My Hate List
I hate Barack Obama.
I hate people who think I'm racist for hating Barack Obama.
I hate Nancy Pelosi.
I hate Ann Coulter.
I hate ignorance.
I hate extremes.
I hate stupid people.
I hate stupid people who waste their lives.
I hate addictions.
I hate pseudoscience.
I hate people who dismiss everything that doesn't conform to their worldview as pseudoscience.
I hate smug atheists.
I hate smug Christians.
I hate applying to financial aid.
I hate being in debt.
I hate price inflation.
I hate body inflation.
I hate mustard.
I hate relish.
I hate dogs that attack cats.
I hate dogs that attack innocent people.
I hate illegal immigrants.
I hate that Obama is ignoring the illegal immigrants issue.
I hate the ACLU.
I hate terrorists
I hate that pro-lifers don't respect women's rights.
I hate people who kill gays.
I hate people who kill innocent women.
I hate people who think having sex with animals is hot.
I hate people who think having imaginary sex with animals is
:iconxbloodysmilex:xBLOODYSMILEx 13 67
The American Immigrant by justsomedude86 The American Immigrant :iconjustsomedude86:justsomedude86 70 44 Sacred Seasons 2 Mountain God by frogbillgo Sacred Seasons 2 Mountain God :iconfrogbillgo:frogbillgo 113 17 Sans Papiers by djailledie Sans Papiers :icondjailledie:djailledie 68 87 Dio by DiegoTripodi Dio :icondiegotripodi:DiegoTripodi 102 92 Immigrant by daaram Immigrant :icondaaram:daaram 46 17 Lennox-House App: Jai Mamta by SilvesterVitale Lennox-House App: Jai Mamta :iconsilvestervitale:SilvesterVitale 45 22
the tortillas are burning
and the porcelain Virgin on the front porch doesn't have a face
and Joseph doesn't have a dick and the mail carrier's
bringing bad news from home that makes you cry
the same way you did when they called you Little Faggot
and poured hot oil on your arms and mámi just sat there
praying the rosary while you scarred over she was full of grace
and her hands were small on the beads "Dios te salve María" she said
over and over until pápi knocked Mary over with his fists
swinging at you (that was your fault too) while you ran
all the way across the border where you can flush the toilet paper
where Joseph doesn't have a dick yet but he will
once you can afford it where the chiles aren't as spicy
and the gringos are just as racist and Mary's face isn't full of roses
but her arms are full of scars like rose petals like the ones that fell
from the poncho and stained it with her image like the kids tumbling
down Tepeyac hill where she and Juan Diego made love
and she gave birth to Me
:iconnestalgica:Nestalgica 8 11
- Montreal - by vervex - Montreal - :iconvervex:vervex 48 85 Pink Flag by FermentingDreg Pink Flag :iconfermentingdreg:FermentingDreg 31 5 Dreaming of America by tsuki-no-neko Dreaming of America :icontsuki-no-neko:tsuki-no-neko 25 17