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PrussiaxReader - To See You Smile
"Gilbert, you are a douche." She said, but her smile told him that there was no real weight behind the insult. When she was really angry with him, which, in truth was most of the time, she would glare and scowl and pout and her cheeks would flush red with rage. But when she smiled? She was flirting, pure and simple. She would never admit it, perhaps she didn't even realise she did it, but she did. And what _______ _______ didn't realise, was that he flirted back too.
That was what Gilbert Beilschmidt was doing when he flashed her his trademark cocky smirk - flirting.  She thought he was just being his usual egotistical self - He knew that was what she thought. For such an intelligent girl, _______ had always been clueless when it came to romance. Not that you could call what they had a 'romance'. Technically, Gilbert and _______ weren't even friends.
"-und du bist eine Schlampe." He retorted with a laugh. Nearly all their interactions together where like this, the same old broken
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