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Hyperdimension Weapons pack by Daiger1975 Hyperdimension Weapons pack :icondaiger1975:Daiger1975 249 19 Nanoko MMD model by Digitrevx Nanoko MMD model :icondigitrevx:Digitrevx 921 334 Nanoko Stage MMD by Digitrevx Nanoko Stage MMD :icondigitrevx:Digitrevx 588 112 Purple Heart by KarameruYukika Purple Heart :iconkarameruyukika:KarameruYukika 1,470 116 Adult Nepgear by redricksun Adult Nepgear :iconredricksun:redricksun 477 21 Wake Up ! by Kazenokaze Wake Up ! :iconkazenokaze:Kazenokaze 1,206 114 Nep Gear by MarinyanCosplay Nep Gear :iconmarinyancosplay:MarinyanCosplay 392 17 Purple Heart Commission 21 Coloring by Planeptune Purple Heart Commission 21 Coloring :iconplaneptune:Planeptune 432 6 RWBY EPIC | Newcomer by SpideyHog RWBY EPIC | Newcomer :iconspideyhog:SpideyHog 163 34 Iris Heart by Galakushi Iris Heart :icongalakushi:Galakushi 301 3 green heart by Ge-B green heart :iconge-b:Ge-B 1,002 42 HDNV_some Plutia's plushies by IgnisDraconi HDNV_some Plutia's plushies :iconignisdraconi:IgnisDraconi 358 38 Nowaaruuu Lingerie ver. by Kazenokaze Nowaaruuu Lingerie ver. :iconkazenokaze:Kazenokaze 1,724 56 Day Off by sendrawz Day Off :iconsendrawz:sendrawz 675 14
Noire x Male Reader - My Cute Tsundere Pt.1
Here's the first part to Noire's reader insert!! ^_^!!ENJOY GUYS!!^_^
????: How long has he been out?
????: Don't know. I just found him lying in the street on my way back home.
????: Well, it doesn't look like he's hurt or anything.
????: He's probably just passed out. I'm sure he'll wake up soon.
"You start to open your eyes"
You: "Your vision starts to come back" Whe-Where am I?
????: "She and her other friends notice this" He's waking up!! He's waking up!!
You: "You become conscious again and you sit up straight as you rub your head" My head. "You look around the room and see four girls as you both look at each other"
You: Uh....who are you?
Blanc: We should be asking you the same question.
You: "You clear your throat" I'm (First Name) (Last Name). Now that I told you my name, shall I know yours as well?
Blanc: "Walks up to you and you shake hands with her" I'm Blanc, pleasure to meet you (M/
:iconyellowninja123:YellowNinja123 171 21
Prepare yourself for a punishment~ by Kazenokaze Prepare yourself for a punishment~ :iconkazenokaze:Kazenokaze 1,148 77 Magical Girl Noire by Kazenokaze Magical Girl Noire :iconkazenokaze:Kazenokaze 1,303 79 Planeptune by Muwa12 Planeptune :iconmuwa12:Muwa12 309 31 Uni Commission 1 Coloring by Planeptune Uni Commission 1 Coloring :iconplaneptune:Planeptune 372 7 NepNep~ by Kazenokaze NepNep~ :iconkazenokaze:Kazenokaze 1,395 54 When RPGs collide! ( MnL X HDN ) by JEchibi-kun When RPGs collide! ( MnL X HDN ) :iconjechibi-kun:JEchibi-kun 299 200 Summer Neptune by Muwa12 Summer Neptune :iconmuwa12:Muwa12 338 15 MMD Hyperdimension Neptunia Eye Texture by Xoriu MMD Hyperdimension Neptunia Eye Texture :iconxoriu:Xoriu 1,147 119 Hyperdimension Neptunia - Iris Heart by KeenH Hyperdimension Neptunia - Iris Heart :iconkeenh:KeenH 538 25