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Longing (Bucky x Reader) One shot
Wakanda, 2016 – Several months after putting Bucky back on ice
“Is this going to hurt?” the man before you asked, observing you as you heated up the electrode plates with your breath before sticking them to the sides of his head.
    You smiled, looking into his clear blue eyes that stared at you in anticipation. “Not at all,” you reassured him. “I’m only going to check your brainwaves. See how you respond to some of these words,” you said, showing him a long list of Russian code words you had found and which had been frequently used during the Cold War by Russian spies and soldiers.
    “What if they’re the right words?” he swallowed hard, letting his eyes shift over your face. “I don’t want to hurt you.”
    “Don’t worry, Bucky. That’s what we wa
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Alone Together (Steve x Reader) one-shot
Water was dripping on the ground next to you. The sound echoed through the room and it nearly drove you insane. You didn't know how long you had been here, but they had beaten you so many times that all the strength you had, had left your body. You were too tired to use any of your powers. You had tried. There was no way you would get out of here on your own.
Your sister, Susan, would surely be worried for you, but since you didn't even know where you were, how was she supposed to?
Memories had become a blur to you and you didn't remember how you had gotten here. Since a few months the Fantastic Four had secretly been working with the Avengers. Not that you had seen any of them yet, but it sounded cool, even though you couldn't tell anyone.
Hopefully they were looking for you as well.
The men that had captured you had kept asking you about some kind of project. Ultron. You had no idea what it was and even if you did, you wouldn't tell them. They seemed like bad peo
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Safe and Sound (Steve x Reader) One-shot
You were laying on the couch in your living room watching a movie. Your head lay in Steve’s lap and while he was intensively watching the movie, you were throwing popcorn in the air and catching it with your mouth.
You had met each other during the attack on New York. You owned a little pastry shop in the middle of New York and it was the busiest time a day when a grenade went off just outside your shop. You were slammed into the counter hard and had broken several ribs. But even that couldn’t stop you from bringing everyone in your shop to safety before collapsing on the floor.
When aliens stepped into the remains of your shop you didn’t have the strength to stand on your feet. You had accepted you would die right there and then, but with a smile on your face thinking you had saved all those people from the same fate. You had closed your eyes and waited for them to take the shot. After several seconds and hearing some stumbling you dared open your eyes again. All the
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Hooded Hydra by chasestone Hooded Hydra :iconchasestone:chasestone 5,578 159 Argos by jbrown67 Argos :iconjbrown67:jbrown67 544 14 Hydra by ForrestImel Hydra :iconforrestimel:ForrestImel 726 26 Hydra by arvalis Hydra :iconarvalis:arvalis 4,208 204 Hydra by Evolvana Hydra :iconevolvana:Evolvana 1,868 794 Hydra Vs. Shield, Equestria Style by harwicks-art Hydra Vs. Shield, Equestria Style :iconharwicks-art:harwicks-art 4,141 532 Dagon by Vindrea Dagon :iconvindrea:Vindrea 1,196 85
Heroes of New York (Steve x Reader)
You were running down the hall, pieces of paper in your hands. You had promised your boss you would have your presentation ready by twelve, but because the only copy machine on your floor had broken, you had had to fix it before you could print all your flyers.
When you heard screams, you stopped running and looked around you. It wasn't until then you noticed that most of the offices were empty and people were gathered around the stairs. Instinctively you dropped all the papers and reached for the gun on your belt. There wasn’t one. You sighed, remembering you were no longer part of the Special Forces. You had left that part of your life behind. Or at least you tried to.
'What's going on?' you asked one of your colleagues. She seemed ready to cry any minute.
'New York is under attack,' your boss, David, said as he helped his employees get down the stairs.
'What do you mean?' you frowned. 'Under attack by what?'
'I... I don't know,' he mumbled. 'I don't want to know.'
The ground s
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