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resemblance : husband!akashi seijuro
1. Resemblance
"He looks like you, doesn't he?"
Akashi's eyes rested on the small child sleeping in his wife's arms. The woman pouted playfully as she leaned back slowly on the rocking chair.
"I wanted him to look like me." She whined softly.
"He'll probably act like you." Akashi leaned gently onto the chair, red eyes glued on his son.
[Name] brightened up instantly, "Really?! Do you think so?"
The child began to move around in her arms in irritation, letting out a high-pitched groan. [Name] sent an apologetic smile towards the baby before rocking on her chair to send the child back to sleep.
Akashi chuckled softly, "I told you. He acts exactly like you when you wake up."
The woman frowned lightly and crossed a leg over another. Akashi watched in amusement before pecking her on the cheek lovingly.
"Oh, I forgot. Kise-kun wanted to come over to visit him." She said.
Akashi sighed tiredly.
[Name] chuckled quietly, "Sei-kun, there's no problem with it. I hear everyone wants to meet Seto."
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a beauty : husband!oikawa tooru
His chuckled as his hands weaved through her [h/c] hair, kissing her lips passionately. She let a noise of approval, kissing him back and wrapping her arms around his neck.
The two broke away for air.
"[Name]-chan, you're so cute."
Just before the two was about to reconnect lips once again, a loud cry was heard through the house.
[Name] looked at the doorway and let go of her husband. She gave him an apologetic smile, "Sorry, maybe next time."
He frowned. Oikawa was fully aware of the fact the two now had a beautiful baby and it was hard work looking after one, but nowadays he never had time to spend with [Name].
"But [Name]-chaaaaaaaan~" The grown man pouted.
The two heard the crying grow louder.
"She's crying, Tooru. I have to go." [Name] said before quickly leaving to attend to the child.
Oikawa fell back onto the bed before grabbing a nearby pillow and stuffing it into his chest. He knew that he should probably also run to his daughter as normal father should but he
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Shattered: Siraj and Samaisa Azeikan by WhiteMantisArt Shattered: Siraj and Samaisa Azeikan :iconwhitemantisart:WhiteMantisArt 1,003 82
Bonjour, Wanker! Finale - England x Reader
Today was the big day.
Arthur stood at the altar, gloved hands fiddling together nervously as he awaited your arrival. His lovely emerald green eyes were hidden behind his eyelids which were shut tight with nervousness. He didn't know what he was being so nervous about. Today was the day that the two of you were finally going to promise the rest of your lives together. Arthur let his fingers gently hover over the white rose and iris flowers pinned to his chest as its sweet scent surrounded him. Today, you and Arthur were going to be bounded together just like these flowers placed carefully on top of his rapidly beating heart. His hands soon wandered over to the emerald fleur de lis brooch you gifted him for his birthday. Somehow, it's smooth cleanly cut and polished surface always managed to make him feel better.
"Detendez-vous." Arthur nodded his head as his Best Man, Francis Bonnefoy, placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder.
Arthur didn't need a translator to know that he was tellin
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