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Project Rooftop: Fantastic Four by shoomlah Project Rooftop: Fantastic Four :iconshoomlah:shoomlah 7,561 268 Some U know8 F4 by CoranKizerStone Some U know8 F4 :iconcorankizerstone:CoranKizerStone 625 55
Alone Together (Steve x Reader) one-shot
Water was dripping on the ground next to you. The sound echoed through the room and it nearly drove you insane. You didn't know how long you had been here, but they had beaten you so many times that all the strength you had, had left your body. You were too tired to use any of your powers. You had tried. There was no way you would get out of here on your own.
Your sister, Susan, would surely be worried for you, but since you didn't even know where you were, how was she supposed to?
Memories had become a blur to you and you didn't remember how you had gotten here. Since a few months the Fantastic Four had secretly been working with the Avengers. Not that you had seen any of them yet, but it sounded cool, even though you couldn't tell anyone.
Hopefully they were looking for you as well.
The men that had captured you had kept asking you about some kind of project. Ultron. You had no idea what it was and even if you did, you wouldn't tell them. They seemed like bad peo
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burning man by nefar007 burning man :iconnefar007:nefar007 2,739 85 CIVIL WAR by panelgutter CIVIL WAR :iconpanelgutter:panelgutter 3,055 236 The Heroes gone to the cinema by JoniGodoy The Heroes gone to the cinema :iconjonigodoy:JoniGodoy 1,630 446 Fantastic 4 fanart by Gingashi Fantastic 4 fanart :icongingashi:Gingashi 832 58 Threadless Fan Four by spicysteweddemon Threadless Fan Four :iconspicysteweddemon:spicysteweddemon 908 44 Fab Four by oxboxer Fab Four :iconoxboxer:oxboxer 849 114 Civil War by CABARETdelDIAVOLO Civil War :iconcabaretdeldiavolo:CABARETdelDIAVOLO 287 42 BROmance cover day by ZurdoM BROmance cover day :iconzurdom:ZurdoM 1,477 94 Your Eyes by CABARETdelDIAVOLO Your Eyes :iconcabaretdeldiavolo:CABARETdelDIAVOLO 277 16 Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes by khazen Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes :iconkhazen:khazen 290 11 Novakid - Starbound by PlastikLoeffel Novakid - Starbound :iconplastikloeffel:PlastikLoeffel 608 28 Human Torch by jeffwamester Human Torch :iconjeffwamester:jeffwamester 964 45 Got Away by CABARETdelDIAVOLO Got Away :iconcabaretdeldiavolo:CABARETdelDIAVOLO 177 15 Fourget about it by VonToten Fourget about it :iconvontoten:VonToten 768 41 BROmance cover night by ZurdoM BROmance cover night :iconzurdom:ZurdoM 858 86 Similarities by CABARETdelDIAVOLO Similarities :iconcabaretdeldiavolo:CABARETdelDIAVOLO 343 44 Crystal - Inhumans - Marvel Comics by FioreSofen Crystal - Inhumans - Marvel Comics :iconfioresofen:FioreSofen 155 7 Fantastic Four Line-Up by Shadowgrail Fantastic Four Line-Up :iconshadowgrail:Shadowgrail 1,021 105 Fourget about it 2 by VonToten Fourget about it 2 :iconvontoten:VonToten 675 44
Hothead : Thing x Torch
The door shook open as Ben Grimm stormed into the room. He sat on the couch, then stood up again in his anger, as if unable to decide between comfort and rage.
That kid, that little flamer!! It was ALWAYS Johnny Storm! That self-righteous little matchstick found endless enjoyment out of teasing, poking, prodding... It was enough to drive the Thing insane! But this time... it was too much, this stunt had left Ben feeling uneasy.
Reed looked up from his book as his collegue paced back and forth through the sitting room, sitting, then standing.
"Something... bothering you?" he asked.
".... Johnny," Ben grumbled.
"Ah," Reed said, closing his book. "What's he done this time?"
"Nothin'!" Ben said angrily. "He's usually dousin' me in water, or pullin' some prank! All he's said is 'hi' all day! He won' even stay in the same room as me! He's pullin' something huge, but I can't prove it!"
Reed cocked his head.
"That... IS odd, especially for someone of his rambuncious nature... Let me have a loo
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Fantastic Four costume redesign by Tloessy Fantastic Four costume redesign :icontloessy:Tloessy 447 50 Human Torch Redesign by yifanjiang Human Torch Redesign :iconyifanjiang:yifanjiang 214 12 The Fantastic Bunch by spicysteweddemon The Fantastic Bunch :iconspicysteweddemon:spicysteweddemon 373 21 invaders poster by strongstuff invaders poster :iconstrongstuff:strongstuff 553 35 Daily SuperHeroes by frandemartino Daily SuperHeroes :iconfrandemartino:frandemartino 285 40 fantastic 4: issue 579 t.h.a. by johntylerchristopher fantastic 4: issue 579 t.h.a. :iconjohntylerchristopher:johntylerchristopher 264 9 Favourite Marvel Men by ZLynn Favourite Marvel Men :iconzlynn:ZLynn 713 45 Spidey FF ComicBox Painting by mikemayhew Spidey FF ComicBox Painting :iconmikemayhew:mikemayhew 512 45 Avengers Assemble by CABARETdelDIAVOLO Avengers Assemble :iconcabaretdeldiavolo:CABARETdelDIAVOLO 179 19 Daily Sketches Fantastic Four by fedde Daily Sketches Fantastic Four :iconfedde:fedde 193 13 Marvel Gang by D3RX Marvel Gang :icond3rx:D3RX 632 47 Teenage Fantastic Four by RDauterman Teenage Fantastic Four :iconrdauterman:RDauterman 555 26 Chris Evans as Lifeguard by CABARETdelDIAVOLO Chris Evans as Lifeguard :iconcabaretdeldiavolo:CABARETdelDIAVOLO 213 38 :: FREEDOM FLAME :: by Fiveonthe :: FREEDOM FLAME :: :iconfiveonthe:Fiveonthe 871 135 The Fantastic Four by BobbyRubio The Fantastic Four :iconbobbyrubio:BobbyRubio 978 73 The Fantastic Spider by JoniGodoy The Fantastic Spider :iconjonigodoy:JoniGodoy 354 143 The Thing by Michael Lopez by LOPEZMICHAEL The Thing by Michael Lopez :iconlopezmichael:LOPEZMICHAEL 323 60 The Human Torch by ErikVonLehmann The Human Torch :iconerikvonlehmann:ErikVonLehmann 628 115 Galactus and The Silver Surfer by ProfessorAdagio Galactus and The Silver Surfer :iconprofessoradagio:ProfessorAdagio 163 6
BE WARNED. This story contains large pregnancy and fat expansion. Also implied gender bending. If any of this offends or disgusts you then don't read it or deal with it anyway.
(The genderbended characters are nightcrawler,Mr.Fantastic and the Human Torch. in case you couldn't figure that out for yourself.)
Fred Dukes AKA The Blob, entered the national bank. This wasn't an average citizen visit, and Blob wasn't an average Citizen. He was probably around 6 1/2 feet tall and was hugely fat. Enormously fat, he was called the Blob for a reason. "Alright! Give me all the money! And i mean ALL of it!" He yelled to a clerk. He thrust a bag into the woman's hands and turned around. "Everybody Down!" He yelled to the rest of the bank. 'Everybody' consisted of two more clerks and one other person visiting the bank. They all quickly ducked down to the ground. Blob laughed maniacally. The teller was filling the bag with all the money she could find. "Stop right there, Blob!" yelled a female voice
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Fantastic Four - Flame On! by Kumagorochan Fantastic Four - Flame On! :iconkumagorochan:Kumagorochan 382 27 FF prime by TomKellyART FF prime :icontomkellyart:TomKellyART 309 43 Human Torch 2 by ErikVonLehmann Human Torch 2 :iconerikvonlehmann:ErikVonLehmann 641 51