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Marvel Characters by JF14-DV Marvel Characters :iconjf14-dv:JF14-DV 438 45 MARVEL by MarcFerreira MARVEL :iconmarcferreira:MarcFerreira 289 53
Alone Together (Steve x Reader) one-shot
Water was dripping on the ground next to you. The sound echoed through the room and it nearly drove you insane. You didn't know how long you had been here, but they had beaten you so many times that all the strength you had, had left your body. You were too tired to use any of your powers. You had tried. There was no way you would get out of here on your own.
Your sister, Susan, would surely be worried for you, but since you didn't even know where you were, how was she supposed to?
Memories had become a blur to you and you didn't remember how you had gotten here. Since a few months the Fantastic Four had secretly been working with the Avengers. Not that you had seen any of them yet, but it sounded cool, even though you couldn't tell anyone.
Hopefully they were looking for you as well.
The men that had captured you had kept asking you about some kind of project. Ultron. You had no idea what it was and even if you did, you wouldn't tell them. They seemed like bad peo
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Project Rooftop: Fantastic Four by shoomlah Project Rooftop: Fantastic Four :iconshoomlah:shoomlah 7,603 269 Fantastic Four costume redesign by Tloessy Fantastic Four costume redesign :icontloessy:Tloessy 480 52 CIVIL WAR by NeerajMenon CIVIL WAR :iconneerajmenon:NeerajMenon 3,044 236 Marvel by FeydRautha81 Marvel :iconfeydrautha81:FeydRautha81 154 27 Novakid - Starbound by PlastikLoeffel Novakid - Starbound :iconplastikloeffel:PlastikLoeffel 651 28 Spiderchibi 12 Torchy by OrangeBlueCream Spiderchibi 12 Torchy :iconorangebluecream:OrangeBlueCream 300 117 burning man by nefar007 burning man :iconnefar007:nefar007 2,741 85 The Heroes gone to the cinema by JoniGodoy The Heroes gone to the cinema :iconjonigodoy:JoniGodoy 1,647 449 spiderchibi 26thespiderwho.... by OrangeBlueCream spiderchibi 26thespiderwho.... :iconorangebluecream:OrangeBlueCream 506 248 SPIDER-VERSE by VTomi SPIDER-VERSE :iconvtomi:VTomi 143 8 Favourite Marvel Men by ZLynn Favourite Marvel Men :iconzlynn:ZLynn 721 45 Spiderchibi 31A thetakeover by OrangeBlueCream Spiderchibi 31A thetakeover :iconorangebluecream:OrangeBlueCream 618 419 Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes by khazen Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes :iconkhazen:khazen 324 12 Threadless Fan Four by spicysteweddemon Threadless Fan Four :iconspicysteweddemon:spicysteweddemon 911 44 Fab Four by oxboxer Fab Four :iconoxboxer:oxboxer 848 114 Human Torch by guisadong-gulay Human Torch :iconguisadong-gulay:guisadong-gulay 223 17 DOOM by RossHughes DOOM :iconrosshughes:RossHughes 342 38 Human Torch by jeffwamester Human Torch :iconjeffwamester:jeffwamester 961 45 heroes v villains compilation2 by JayMaverick heroes v villains compilation2 :iconjaymaverick:JayMaverick 320 387 Teenage Fantastic Four by RDauterman Teenage Fantastic Four :iconrdauterman:RDauterman 564 26