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Howl x Reader: Vixen
:bulletpurple: Howl x Reader: Vixen :bulletpurple: 

(F/n)’s heart hammered painfully in her chest. Her small feet pattered on the cobbled streets as she fought to outrun those who were pursuing her. There had been very few times in her short life, where the young woman had been truly frightened, but now anxiety coursed through her veins and forced her forward. She had been running for so long, that it almost felt like it was all she could do. Run. Hard and fast and out of harm’s way.
It was midday, and the sun glowed gaily in the sky, though sadly such beauty was lost on (F/n). When she had entered the town (Market Chipping if the signs were anything to go by) a week ago, it had been a peaceful enough place. But now it was ablaze with reveling masses and crowded streets.
It was May Day in Market Chipping, and (F/n) was in a perpetual hell.
Normally festivities and merry making were something to be enjoyed, but for the young woman, there was nothin
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Howl's moving castle by DeerAzeen Howl's moving castle :icondeerazeen:DeerAzeen 321 9
Howl x Reader: Vixen (Part 2)
:bulletpurple: Howl x Reader: Vixen (Part Two) :bulletpurple: 

(F/n) had originally thought that going with Howl would be a good course of action. . . Now, she wasn’t so sure. They had been walking for several minutes now through the crowds, and the young woman was a nervous wreck. After hiding from humans for so long, she felt out of place in the midst of them. Even with the sorcerer carrying her. . . Her uncertainty grew even worse, with all the stares that were coming her way. Though she suspected that a lot of the attention was going to her good looking companion as well.
Howl, who sensed her unease, squeezed her reassuringly. “Not used to being scrutinized, are you, dear?”
(F/n) snuffled in agreement as they passed into the main square. She looked around warily, before focusing on several women who were eyeing them as they walked by. Howl followed her line of sight before chuckling.
“I’m not sure who they’re admiring betwe
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Howl's moving castle - El castillo ambulante by DeerAzeen Howl's moving castle - El castillo ambulante :icondeerazeen:DeerAzeen 581 8
Flying Castle (Howl x Reader)
"Howl, you cannot be serious." You snapped at the bouncing-off-the-walls wizard. "Cal, though a mighty demon, will not be able to support a flying castle even if you did give it a boost with magic."
"Yeah, you just listen to her or I'll make your bath water so hot it'll burn you." Calcifer sneered, puffing himself up to look more menacing.
"Please, don't do that. You know I'm taking baths with him."
"Michael learnt the wrong way. Don't you two have the decency to, at least, lock the doors while doing that stuff? The poor boy is still in shock and blushes like a tomato when one of you is near."
A soft blush covered your cheeks too and you pursed your lips in irritation at the sight of Howl's wide grin. He looked far too proud but it suited him. Like vanity. The damned man was so beautiful that vanity felt envious of him.
"I told you we should lock the door."
And that's how Howl forgot, for the time being, about the flying castle and Calcifer could breathe a sigh of relief. Until Howl ye
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Howl by Channel-Square Howl :iconchannel-square:Channel-Square 381 9 The boy that swallowed a Falling Star... by mikriDeb The boy that swallowed a Falling Star... :iconmikrideb:mikriDeb 404 92 Sophie+Howl*ehem*Twinkle doodles by vanipy05 Sophie+Howl*ehem*Twinkle doodles :iconvanipy05:vanipy05 319 50
Howl x Reader: Vixen (Part 3)
:bulletpurple: Howl x Reader: Vixen (Part Three) :bulletpurple: 

It had been three days since (F/n) had come to stay in the Moving Castle. But as the fox gently padded across the floor and jumped onto the stone hearth, it felt like she’d been there for an eternity. In the short span of 3 mere days, the young woman had grown accustomed to life in the Castle, as well as the Wizard and Fire Demon that lived there. Though she had been unable to speak her thoughts aloud, Howl and Calcifer seemed to understand basics and had made her feel completely welcome.
Calcifer would jabber incessantly to her about all sorts of things, while she sat beside him. He’d even complimented the fiery color of her fur on one occasion, which had made (F/n) bashfully hide her nose beneath her paws. And Howl had done his best to make her feel at ease, having gone to the trouble of creating her a bed of pure silk and a pillow ten-times bigger than her body. He had a
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Howl x Reader: Vixen (Part 4)

Bullet; Purple 
Howl x Reader: Vixen (Part Four) Bullet; Purple 

(F/n) had never been a particularly cuddly sort of person. Even before she had become a slave in the Spirit World, she had been a secluded child. But the woman would have been lying if she said she didn’t enjoy Howl’s attentions.
It had been several days since the handsome wizard had begun the 1,000 kisses. The first day had admittedly been somewhat torturous, seeing as (F/n) had never been kissed before. He had kissed her three times that first day, and each time she’d nearly jumped out of her fur. And every time she’d jerked away, he’d chuckled softly before offering words of comfort, and somehow she’d made it through. Day two had gone a lot smoother, with ten overall kisses and less jumping on her part. To say that she was relieved would have been an understatement.
After the
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It's not funny, Howl.. by Fururin It's not funny, Howl.. :iconfururin:Fururin 187 44 Howl (Redo-ish) by TheJasminator Howl (Redo-ish) :iconthejasminator:TheJasminator 146 15 It feels warm.. -Howl's Moving Castle- ::fanart:: by ItaSlipy It feels warm.. -Howl's Moving Castle- ::fanart:: :iconitaslipy:ItaSlipy 143 7 Wizard Howl by Perikoala Wizard Howl :iconperikoala:Perikoala 108 18 Howl by Fawkes29 Howl :iconfawkes29:Fawkes29 109 13 Howl's Heart by Calmality Howl's Heart :iconcalmality:Calmality 354 21
Howl x Reader: Vixen (Part 5)
:bulletpurple: Howl x Reader- Vixen (Part Five) :bulletpurple:

As the days progressed into weeks, Vixen found she had become a proper member of the Castle household. She’d been welcomed into the fold from the moment Howl had found her in the alleyway, but she had only been scraping the surface then. Every day brought new surprises and deeper insights, and (F/n) found that she was never bored. Far from it.
If Calcifer wasn’t making her laugh or bumming extra food from her, Howl was sharing his magic and warm smiles with her. And then there were times when they did nothing. . . Admittedly, these were the fox’s favorite moments. It was usually during the evening after Howl was done traveling and making his charms. They would bask in silence, sitting together in the creaky castle’s safety. Sometimes Howl would read aloud, or other times they’d just bask in each other’s company. But whatever the case, Vixen could not think of anything more
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Howl x Reader: Vixen (Part 6)
:bulletpurple: Howl x Reader: Vixen (Part Six) :bulletpurple: 

“What do you mean Vixen has two heartbeats??” Calcifer’s normally wide eyes were as round as saucers, his mouth hanging open in disbelief.
“Exactly what I said, Calcifer,” Howl said patiently. “Vixen is still pregnant.”
In the wizard’s arms, (F/n) rested, cradled close to his chest, and for that the woman turned fox was quite relieved. If he had let her go in that particular moment, she most certainly would have collapsed in a fit of nerves. As it was, her tears would not stop flowing, even though she’d received the life-altering news almost thirty minutes prior. It was too much. . . Too much to comprehend or fathom.
“But how can the V be pregnant?” The fire demon asked with confusion. “She’s been a fox for over a year. Surely she would have had the kid by now, if she was still carrying it?”
Howl’s express
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