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Cheek by Jowl (Master Q Parody) by meiyeezhu Cheek by Jowl (Master Q Parody) :iconmeiyeezhu:meiyeezhu 79 61 Ravenpool by Neilsama Ravenpool :iconneilsama:Neilsama 48 8 Spice Girls (Master Q Parody) by meiyeezhu Spice Girls (Master Q Parody) :iconmeiyeezhu:meiyeezhu 51 52 Thrown by the Curves (Master Q Parody) by meiyeezhu Thrown by the Curves (Master Q Parody) :iconmeiyeezhu:meiyeezhu 35 27
Just another ordinary day, yeah right. Part1
  It's not the street I usually go down, but for some reason, that day; I turned down a different road. I felt a slight tug to turn away from my normal route; it was almost as if I were a magnet pole being pulled to its opposite.
  I was new to this part of the city, didn't know my way around yet; Chicago's a very large city; one could live here all their lives and only see a fraction of it. I'm in the far Westside, not sure yet what gangs controlled this part of town, and I wasn't in any hurry to find out. Why  this way? I thought to myself as I continued on farther into the unknown.
  This part of town had some old abandoned buildings, and it seemed this street had most of them; with bricks so old that they looked as if just one touch and poof the building would crumble.
    I was heading home from a friend's place. "Why am I going this way? Oh right that weird feeling." Just as I said that someone yelled out.
"Hey man, you can't be he
:iconjedijoshus007:JediJoshus007 4 6
Bullet billette by Orangesyum88 Bullet billette :iconorangesyum88:Orangesyum88 5 0 NSFM 18+ YURI/ ANIME HOTTEST MOMENT/HOT/HOTZ LEGS by CharoPL NSFM 18+ YURI/ ANIME HOTTEST MOMENT/HOT/HOTZ LEGS :iconcharopl:CharoPL 7 10 Princess of the sea by ArianeTatsu Princess of the sea :iconarianetatsu:ArianeTatsu 4 0 Gamer Girls by Hichigo1fangirl15 Gamer Girls :iconhichigo1fangirl15:Hichigo1fangirl15 3 2 HOT AF OOOOOF by HediehTheArtist HOT AF OOOOOF :iconhediehtheartist:HediehTheArtist 4 1 The Ice Climbers -Popo and Nana by MrFlameboy15 The Ice Climbers -Popo and Nana :iconmrflameboy15:MrFlameboy15 1 0
Just another ordinary day, yeah right part2
  I bend down, take aim, and fire just missing one of the goons that fallowed Crones in this fight.. "Shit! This thing you girls are after must be worth all this, right!" I yell out not sure if any of the girls are even listening or if my voice is being muffled by all the gunfire. The “S.W.A.T.” girls continue to do what I guess they do best, work as a team, moving from tree to tree shooting, blasting their way closer to Cronose and his men. "What are you doing? Shouldn't we be going the other way?!" I reluctantly follow almost getting blasted, I doge, it nicks my left shoulder. "Shit, that was close…" Rubbing my shoulder I notice the blast tore my jacket,  “to close.”this is my favorite jacket damit.
 Icicles hits a soldier square on his forehead, but is hit herself by another soldier up a tree. "Sarah! Are you ok?!" I yell out feeling both concerned and worried that we would be one man down, but what I saw made me say never mind. S
:iconjedijoshus007:JediJoshus007 3 3
Link And Zelda by MrFlameboy15 Link And Zelda :iconmrflameboy15:MrFlameboy15 3 0 Beauty pain by pepelepew251 Beauty pain :iconpepelepew251:pepelepew251 33 29 Booty Booty Booty  by LizzyTheLizard108 Booty Booty Booty :iconlizzythelizard108:LizzyTheLizard108 2 0 Samus (sketch) by MrFlameboy15 Samus (sketch) :iconmrflameboy15:MrFlameboy15 1 0 [COM] BrigittexDva by Sk-8080 [COM] BrigittexDva :iconsk-8080:Sk-8080 128 27 [COM] Fancy and Skimpy by Sk-8080 [COM] Fancy and Skimpy :iconsk-8080:Sk-8080 94 33