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KyoyaXReader Benefits
    “Kyoya, that girl you’ve been tutoring.. do you like her?” Tamaki asked. Today Tamaki had returned to the Ootori household with Kyoya in order to study. Kyoya didn’t mind this; Tamaki usually comes over at random times to study or just to visit and bother him. Even with such an annoying friend, Kyoya couldn’t imagine having not met the blonde, part French boy with such a flamboyant personality. Kyoya twitched, Tamaki knew that he liked silence when studying and this question made him lose his place in the textbook. Slowly Kyoya looked up at the blonde with a raised eyebrow. Tamaki fidgeted in his seat with a smile, his purple eyes glistening with curiosity. “You’ve been spending a lot of time with her and she has even come to club sometimes to sit at your table. Do you love her?” Tamaki continued and leaned forward, inquiring from Kyoya. The Ootori smirked and pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose as he leaned back a bit in his
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Kaoru X Reader- Mine
You groaned as you placed your head on your desk.
"Something wrong (First Name)?" you heard Haruhi ask you as she stood beside your desk. You were the only person other than the host club that knew Haruhi's 'secret'.
"Why do we have to do a foreign language class?" you asked as you slightly lifted your head so your (e/c) eyes were staring into Haruhi's chocolate brown ones.
"Because we have to" a familiar voice said behind you.
"Hey Kaoru" you murmured without looking back. You mentally cursed yourself when you realized you forgot to act like you couldn't tell the twins apart.  
"How'd you know I was Kaoru?" he asked as he sat down at the empty desk beside yours. You cursed at yourself mentally again. You had to think of a reason other than the fact that you have a massive crush on him.
"Lucky guess?" you questioned yourself as you looked at Kaoru out of the corner of your eye.
"You going to swing by the club?" Haruhi asked to change the subject. She knew all about your crush on Kaoru,
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Email Me ~ Kyoya X Mute!Reader
As the bell rang symbolising the end of class you smiled. You were happy that class had finally come to an end. You didn't like group work for one very simple and obvious. This reason was that you were mute. You had never spoken a word in you life. You didn't know why but you just didn't speak. You were perfectly okay with it most of the time, you had learn to live without talking. Though you had been bullied a little due to it, though you were happier after you had learn't to write, then at least you could communicate. You packed away your books and whiteboard into your bag and set off to the library. You had a mission today. You had been thinking about it all week. Well maybe a lot longer than that, but you would only admit to one week. It had all started when you transferred into Ouran a few months ago.
“And this is Miss ______ ______. She will be joining your class.” A member of staff introduced you to your class reps. You nodded sheepishly. The two students standing be
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Hikaru x reader x Kaoru
Hikaru x reader x Karou
you were sleeping peacefully in your bed, it was not to warm or to cold.
You slowly opened one eye as you heard to door open slowly to see the devil twins in the doorway smirking, what where they…oh no….you propped your self to your elbows as you looked at them wide eyed.
"no…no, no, no, no, NO, NOO…."
you could not get any longer since they both sprinted over to you jumping up and landing on you laughing evilly, while you where there under them screaming
again you could not get longer since they both kissed you on the cheek.
lets just say that your face went tomato on this.
"hehe looks like (your name) - chan likes us~"
they both got the grins of a cheesier cat and you huffed.
"no i don't you just got me by surprise, now go away so i can marry my bed in peace"
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Hikaru X Reader X Kaoru- My Heroes
You hurried down the corridor so you could avoid them. They were the two amazingly hot twins Hikaru and Kaoru but they bugged you so much. You were harassed by the other girls because the twins always gave you the most attention. The last time the girls confronted you they gave you a few bruises and the twins would have noticed if you didn't avoid them. You didn't want to burden the twins with your problems, they were always so nice to you and you didn't want to ruin what you had with the twins. You couldn't tell them that your father kept beating you or about the girls hurting you. "Hey (First Name)" you heard two voices you didn't want to hear. You began to walk faster, once you got out of the school you could go home and get away from them. "Don't ignore us (First Name)" Hikaru yelled as they began to follow you. You were the only person other than Haruhi, that could tell the mischievous twins apart. That was one of the reasons those girls had a go at you. While you were deep in you
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Accidental Kiss - HikaruXReader
You're laying in your bed, grasping the silk blankets over your head; You snuggle into your soft and silky pillow. The maids of your families' mansion knock at your door, telling you it's time to wake up. You were really tired from lack of sleep. You had been just so anxious and excited for the next day that sleep didn't seem possible. Well, you ended up falling asleep that night anyways and this morning you were ready for anything. You jumped out of bed, ignoring the fact that you were so exhausted and hollered to the maids: "I'm up~! I'm up~!"
The maids flick the lights on and leave you in your bedroom to attend to yourself. They knew how much you hated when they tried to 'pretty you up'. Your mother and father had always wanted you to wear fashionable and girlish clothing. You just didn't enjoy dressing as girly that fit their standards (ruffly, frilly, mostly pink attire). You walk into your large walk-in closet and search throughout your enormous amount of luxury outfits of clothi
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KyoyaXReader Flawed Disguise
     You grabbed the doorknob and carefully pulled the door open. A sweet scent fluttered through the air as rose petals danced their way out the door, lightly brushing against your yellow dress. "Welcome to the Host Club!" Tamaki announced with unshakeable confidence and elegant, practiced arm motions. You blinked your ___ colored eyes and took a step back, your eyes wide with surprise. He seemed like a genuine gentlemen but you still felt a bit uneasy. 'I could have sworn the sign outside of the room read Music room 3' you thought and took another step back. "Uh… I thought this was a music room?" you asked carefully and studied all seven boys dressed in the blue Ouran Academy school uniforms. The blonde teen's attitude didn't waver because people had stumbled into their club room countless times; not knowing the Host Club occupied the room. Even though most students found the room by accident, they would always return to be treated with care by the spectacular male students Tama
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Two (Hikaru x Reader x Kaoru)
You lay sandwiched between two red-headed devils on a lazy summer afternoon. Hikaru had his arms looped around your waist, your back to his chest. Kaoru's head rested by your collar bone as he lay on top of you. You didn't mind. This is what the three of you did almost every weekend when you had nothing to do. You loved staring up at your ceiling, trying to keep your breath in time with both brothers. You know that most girls at Ouran would kill to be where you are right now, after all, you were technically "in bed" with two of Ouran's most popular boys. But, you didn't see it that way. You had known the twins for almost a year now with your freshman year coming to a close. All you saw that day was three friends just laying there, enjoying the music the birds spoke to each other just outside the window.
"I love you guys" you sighed, almost as an afterthought. You knew you didn't have to explain what you meant because they simply nuzzled closer to you. You felt so connected to the two b
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RQ: Hitachiin TwinsXReader
'Man, so much homework . . . . .'
(y/n) was a current student at Ouran Academy, her (h/l) (h/c) hair swished around slightly as she walked through the halls of the school, her (e/c) eyes  were looking down at the book she read as she proceeded to the location of the Host Club to spend some time there before going home. She was so concentrated on the book that she didn’t notice a certain pair of twins bickering and throwing random objects at eachother on the floor above her.
“Hey Hikaru! Heads up!” Kaoru shouted as he hurled a water balloon at him, Hikaru simply side-stepped and avoided being hit. They were just about to fight again until they heard the sound of a water balloon bursting and a shriek.
“Uh-oh,” both brothers said at the same time. They looked over the railing and gasped at what they were seeing.
“Uhhhh Kaoru, what exactly was in that water balloon.”
“A potion I got from Nekozawa-sempai, but he never tol
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She Can Tell|KaoruxReader
She Can Tell
"Hi (y/n)!" the Hitachiin twins greeted you in unison. You turned your head to face the mischievous grins plastered on each twin's face and the troublesome gleam in their identical eyes.
"Hey Kaoru and Hikaru!" you say, smiling at the twins. Sure, they could be troublesome, naughty, annoying--you could go on forever. But somehow, you and the twins were great friends.
The three of you walked to class, chatting all the way. "Do you think she's ready, Hikaru?" Kaoru asked his brother as he slid into his seat in Class A-1. "I don't know..." Hikaru said, resting his chin on his fist once he sat in his chair.
You sat in front of Kaoru every year since the two of you started middle school. The years of middle school were tough. Kaoru would always tug on your hair in the middle of class, not to mention they were very closed and secretive.
The close of middle school came, and the twins both apologized for their nuisance to you for the past years. You forg
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