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Madeline Usher by AbigailLarson Madeline Usher :iconabigaillarson:AbigailLarson 1,817 39 Monsters by Nadiezda Monsters :iconnadiezda:Nadiezda 4,138 349 Belt buckle commission done! by MorgansMutations Belt buckle commission done! :iconmorgansmutations:MorgansMutations 349 51 Etsy for sale, The Thing  switch plate by MorgansMutations Etsy for sale, The Thing switch plate :iconmorgansmutations:MorgansMutations 226 47 gross little bunny skull pendant by MorgansMutations gross little bunny skull pendant :iconmorgansmutations:MorgansMutations 517 71 Quasi by Kaduflyer Quasi :iconkaduflyer:Kaduflyer 2,726 892 Coco by Nadiezda Coco :iconnadiezda:Nadiezda 2,485 60 Jack Torrance from The Shining by imge Jack Torrance from The Shining :iconimge:imge 639 137 Werewolf... by imge Werewolf... :iconimge:imge 175 38 Them by PsychoSlaughterman Them :iconpsychoslaughterman:PsychoSlaughterman 187 13 THE WALKING DEAD, 1936 - Digitally Painted by nathanscomicart THE WALKING DEAD, 1936 - Digitally Painted :iconnathanscomicart:nathanscomicart 691 65 One eyed key hook from hell by MorgansMutations One eyed key hook from hell :iconmorgansmutations:MorgansMutations 123 28 The Thing switch plate by MorgansMutations The Thing switch plate :iconmorgansmutations:MorgansMutations 215 30 Fright battle by Coffee-For-The-Dead Fright battle :iconcoffee-for-the-dead:Coffee-For-The-Dead 524 165 Horror Movies by garotoslipknot Horror Movies :icongarotoslipknot:garotoslipknot 242 25 Twisty The Clown ( American Horror Story ) pendant by imge Twisty The Clown ( American Horror Story ) pendant :iconimge:imge 99 9 Samara by Eterea86 Samara :iconeterea86:Eterea86 242 107
Hold Kjeft - Norway x Reader
You couldn't hide the huge smile on your face as you sat beside Lukas in the movie theater. Just earlier, the Norwegian male texted you saying that you were going to watch a movie with him. It was the first time that he had ever invited you or anyone out! As the more outgoing friend, you usually planned the hangouts so his actions took you by surprise.
"You know...this is pretty unusual of you to invite me out like this Lukas!"
"Yeah so?" he said as nonchalantly as ever.
"Sooo..." You blushed poked your fingers together nervously. "Is this like a...a...a...a-"
You turned away momentarily to squeal excitedly. "A-A-A DATE?!?!"
"Hold kjeft."
"Hold your what now?"
Lukas hushed you as the lights dimmed and the advertisements began to play. "It means shut up. Quiet, it's starting."
"Avoiding my question eh?" You laughed smugly and leaned back into your seat. "Well I'll let that one go since you're probably too embarrassed to admit it! By the way, what are we watching?"
"A comedy."
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How To Survive a Horror Movie
1. If you're a blonde then you're dead-meat. In the movies blondes die first so maybe dye your hair
2. Never sleep with another person when a killer's on the loose, doing this will somehow get you killed (maybe they're pro-abstinence)
3. Killers usually show up at parties so don't throw one or go to one (they are apparently against having a good time)
4. Don't be high, because you'll have no clue what's going on and think you're on a bad trip
5. Don't be drunk, you'll be falling all over yourself and end up dead real quick
6. Never go anywhere alone. Separating from the group will get you killed easily
7. Don't wear high heels, they're just not slasher film friendly and you'll trip - instead, opt for the cute running shoes
8. Do not go investigate any strange noises, because don't you know it's the killer and you're falling into his trap?
9. If you're home alone and you know something's in the house then seriously get the hell out
10. If the killer is near you do n
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The Master-Salem's Lot by kalivana The Master-Salem's Lot :iconkalivana:kalivana 219 34 Predator x Jason - MK.X by DemonLeon3D Predator x Jason - MK.X :icondemonleon3d:DemonLeon3D 290 38 Cinema of Horror by LP2525Holmes Cinema of Horror :iconlp2525holmes:LP2525Holmes 668 248 Necronomicon Ex Mortis picture frame by MorgansMutations Necronomicon Ex Mortis picture frame :iconmorgansmutations:MorgansMutations 144 23 New Necronomicon storage book/box - October 2014 by MorgansMutations New Necronomicon storage book/box - October 2014 :iconmorgansmutations:MorgansMutations 116 11 Chucky vs Jason by Boredman Chucky vs Jason :iconboredman:Boredman 270 113 Creature Carries Julie by BryanBaugh Creature Carries Julie :iconbryanbaugh:BryanBaugh 180 28 Paper EVIL DEAD by EadgeArt Paper EVIL DEAD :iconeadgeart:EadgeArt 284 47
Audition TG
Audition TG
"Ever seen 'Stab Lake'?" Julian asked.
"No, what is that, some pun on 'Swan Lake'?" I asked.
"No, it's not.  I'm glad you haven't, Alex.  We're taking auditions for the remake, and the rule is that no one in a lead roll has seen the original movie."
"On what budget?" I asked.  "Last time I checked you were stealing toilet paper rolls from public restrooms so you wouldn't die from lack of toilet paper."
"Didn't you hear man?  We won the contest from International Studios!  They're giving us five grand, equipment, and the rights to shoot at the ORIGINAL Camp Stab!"
"So what, this is gonna be a slasher?"
"Kinda," Julian said.  "So you really know nothing about the movie?"
"Nah.  Listen, I guess I'll think about it.  You just gotta promise me something."
"Yeah, what's that?" Julian asked.
I said, "I am gonna make you guys sign it in print: I want to be the one that says 'Get outta there!'"
"What mak
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Horror Movie Night by DolphyDolphiana Horror Movie Night :icondolphydolphiana:DolphyDolphiana 678 119 Boogieman by Nadiezda Boogieman :iconnadiezda:Nadiezda 592 57 It Follows by BryanBaugh It Follows :iconbryanbaugh:BryanBaugh 192 43 Machete Girl by scottblairart Machete Girl :iconscottblairart:scottblairart 400 18 Mr. Wrinkles - Belt Buckle by MorgansMutations Mr. Wrinkles - Belt Buckle :iconmorgansmutations:MorgansMutations 148 35 Iphone6 case commission done! by MorgansMutations Iphone6 case commission done! :iconmorgansmutations:MorgansMutations 126 18
Italian Masters of Horror

Italian Masters of Horror
By techgnotic
Zombie by liliesformary
Giallo is Italian for yellow… and Horror
In the wake of the real life horrors meted out on Italians during World War II, brutalized by Mussolini and then by Nazi occupation and then having their country used as one great battleground chessboard between Nazis and the invading U.S. and Allied forces, there was for a long time little appetite for horror in movies. It wasn’t until 1956 that the first genuine horror film (a vampire story) was produced and released. It bombed, soundly rejected by the public. The film would be of little note
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Little weird fleshball pendant from outerspace by MorgansMutations Little weird fleshball pendant from outerspace :iconmorgansmutations:MorgansMutations 191 18 I want your fingerz...and your cards by MorgansMutations I want your fingerz...and your cards :iconmorgansmutations:MorgansMutations 95 12 Book Of Dead / storage box by MorgansMutations Book Of Dead / storage box :iconmorgansmutations:MorgansMutations 117 19 Predator Vs Jason - EPIC by DemonLeon3D Predator Vs Jason - EPIC :icondemonleon3d:DemonLeon3D 185 26
horror movie situations
Horror movie situations-DO and DON'T do some of the following.
*the psycho killer guy can walk faster than you can run. And will catch up too you when your trying to escape .so commit suicide or let him kill you its highly unlikely you would have gotten out of there a live anyways.
*Never say that you'll be right back because you won't be
*never play with a Ouija board because it results in death bye some evil spirit
*don't go camping = death
*don't go into the woods = death
*don't trust creepy children that live amongst corn fields. = mega death
*don't fall asleep-otherwise Freddy will get you buwahaha!
*if you think the killer is dead he's properly not so go back and cut of a few of his limb or something
*if there's ever a zombie outbreak find a mall, because at least you can have some fun while trying to avoid get eaten bye a pack of dead people!
*if your ever going to stay in a haunted house where a previous murder has happen for Christ sake don't stay there!
*if a lot of creepy st
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New nasty Switch Plate by MorgansMutations New nasty Switch Plate :iconmorgansmutations:MorgansMutations 145 17 Critters Poster by fubango Critters Poster :iconfubango:fubango 129 14 Realistic human heart pendants.. by MorgansMutations Realistic human heart pendants.. :iconmorgansmutations:MorgansMutations 135 22 Horror Doodles 1 by vampiriism Horror Doodles 1 :iconvampiriism:vampiriism 193 7 sweet dreams by Monkey-Cosio sweet dreams :iconmonkey-cosio:Monkey-Cosio 261 67 Psycho Twitch [Animated] by HarveyDentMustDie Psycho Twitch [Animated] :iconharveydentmustdie:HarveyDentMustDie 396 154 Paper FRIDAY THE 13TH by EadgeArt Paper FRIDAY THE 13TH :iconeadgeart:EadgeArt 165 12