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Tadashi Hamada the cuddle monster by kemiobsesses Tadashi Hamada the cuddle monster :iconkemiobsesses:kemiobsesses 635 87
First time? Older!Hiro x Reader
 So this was just a little story I wrote to get my inspiration going again. It's been awhile since I've been on deviantart so I don't want to disappoint. 
YES TADASHI IS ALIVE IN THIS. I realise he is deceased in the movie (don't remind me or I'll cry) but not in this :-))) it's my fic so I'll make it whatever I want too. 

Hiro & reader are both 17 in this fic. 

   "Hiro, can we pleaaaaaaaase go in here?" You pouted your lips, knowing how weak it made Hiro. You glanced back into the pet store to your left, whimpering at the sight of all the adorable puppies yapping to get your attention.
   "(Y/n) - I know you already. If we go in you're gonna fall in love and -" Hiro pulled at your wrists, begging you to step away from the pet store but you interrupted him. 
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