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First Day Flutters. Sollux!
...The scent of honey.
    "Hey (Y/n)~" She laughed lifting her hands up to pry the hands away from her face.  The hands fell to their places at the side of her best friend, Sollux Captor.
    "Captor, you nearly scared the shit out of me!"
    "But, I thought you alwayth uthe the bathroom before you come to school? Tho, you wouldn't have any thit anywayth." Her face connected with her hand as Karkat walked by, whispering "Nice facepalm fuckass." Upon hearing this, she burst out in a fit of giggles. Unbeknownst to her, Sollux sent a glare Karkat's way. He WAS secretly jealous. Though (Y/n) didn't know that.
    After finishing and gasping for air, (Y/n) looked back up at Sollux, poking his side.
    "So, what did you want honey bee?" Sollux smiled slightly, laying his arm on her head.
    "Oh, nothing. Jutht wanted to thee you thith morning. I mean, what'th a honey bee without hith flower?" (Y/n) grinned. Ever since they
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Flight Of Bees
It was a hot blistering day outside as I labored at my new beekeeper job. I wanted to try something new, and I heard that these kinds of jobs have certain benefits. I normally have to deal with my allergies in situations like this, but it was a small price to pay for a bigger paycheck! I knew that I was going to score big on this job, and I wasn't going to let anything get in my way! However, last night I ran into Sirge in some creature's body while setting up for today and I got the feeling that it was a sign of bad luck. Still, I wasn't really thinking about the possibilities of what could happen; I was too busy tending to the bees. This particular job was one of the best paying ones I could find on the job site, so I wasn't about to squander my time by worrying about that little misfit Sirge.
I started my day by tending to the beehives. There were plenty of them, and luckily I had full beekeeper gear on to make sure none of those nasty creatures upset my allergies. I wasn't
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