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Tutorial: Making a Fan Troll
H O M E S T U C K f a n T U T O R I A L
Hello, and welcome. I'll be listing helpful hints for creating a fan troll for the series Homestuck. This is in no way the laws of making a fan troll, it is merely a guide. You may follow whatever bits and pieces of the tutorial as you want, but be warned; the internet feeds off Mary-Sues and Gary-Stus.
Melodramatic warning aside, now let's continue.
Rule one to making a fan troll: You NEED to have read the actual webcomic before creating an oc. Going off of what you hear and not what's stated in the actual webcomic is the perfect way to mess everything up.
Now, some vocabulary, for those not familiar with the "proper" terms.
Trolls - If you do not know, get out.
Hemospectrum - The blood caste system which classifies the upper, middle, and low classes in troll society.
Blood Caste - A troll's position in the hemospectrum.
Culled - Being killed for being "useless" or "wrong" in troll society.
Lusus Naturae - usually shortened to lu
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Solkat Shimeji by pikagirl65neo Solkat Shimeji :iconpikagirl65neo:pikagirl65neo 714 251 Pixel Sprite Montage (Last Updated: Mar. 3, 2018) by GodofDarness18 Pixel Sprite Montage (Last Updated: Mar. 3, 2018) :icongodofdarness18:GodofDarness18 9,020 17,896
Grub Handler: Sollux Captor
"Thqueak!" You puffed your cheeks out, eyes wide. (A/N: Seriously, I do that when I get shocked. XD It looks funny.) You, slowly, released the air from your mouth, making the Grub laugh. "S-Sollux?" You pressed your lips into a line. 'Okay... Sollux has been turned into a baby... WTF. I CAN'T TAKE CARE OF A CHILD!' You mentally cried to yourself, doing a facepalm. Sollux squeaked in questioning, climbing to your shoulder. He must've sensed your frustration and unease, because he started nuzzling into your neck. You giggled, plucking him off of your shouler and holding him at eye level. "You're just adorable, aren't you? ...More adorable than your grownself, that's for sure..." You mumbled the last part. Sollux squealed, so you put him on the floor. You watched the mustard-colored Grub crawl around his hive, examining everything. You smiled, never having seen something so adorable come from Sollux.
You computer beeped loudly, making both you and Sollux jump. You groaned. "Oh yeah. That
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