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Inktober 2017 day 23 - Hitotsume-kozo and Eunbooh by Paulinaapc Inktober 2017 day 23 - Hitotsume-kozo and Eunbooh :iconpaulinaapc:Paulinaapc 151 3 The Monsters of Japan by Twime777 The Monsters of Japan :icontwime777:Twime777 79 26 Yokai family picture by DoctorChevlong Yokai family picture :icondoctorchevlong:DoctorChevlong 30 4 assdfghjkl by CastroRose assdfghjkl :iconcastrorose:CastroRose 12 4 Hitotsume Kozo by RedStar-Sama Hitotsume Kozo :iconredstar-sama:RedStar-Sama 11 3 Boyclops Stamp by SimlishBacon Boyclops Stamp :iconsimlishbacon:SimlishBacon 5 0 Inktober day 30 : Hitotsume Kozo by kineko Inktober day 30 : Hitotsume Kozo :iconkineko:kineko 8 8 IY - Taichi by GhostBulb IY - Taichi :iconghostbulb:GhostBulb 10 11
A Classic Meeting
Über Geeko: Okay peoples, so I have an idea to blow the whole yelling out of the water!
The classics were having a meeting and a lot were just bored.
Karakasa-obake: If w're g'nna get anythin' done, we probably shouldn't do anythin' crazy.
Predictabull: How are we younger classics incorperated in this? I'm just a child.
Hitotsume-Kozo: What about Tsuchi and Ogama? Don't they have screamy kids and are obviously dead?
Über Geeko: Are you insulting my first cousin once removed? Not cool dude. Not cool.
Arachnia: You dare insult my nephews. I shall kill you!
Hitosume-Kozo: F***! (runs)
Karakasa-obake: 'M wife!
Arachnia: Get back here!
Faysoff: Hey Kuro, why don't you try and calm Arachnia down? She seems as if she'll murder someone.
Rokurokubi: Well that's simple, really. I wanna see what Yao does.
Predictabull: Is this your card!?
Yaobikuni: That's still not my card.
Pittapatt: Animal yo kai are so immature. Maybe I can calm them through food. Would you guys like to sample some
:icondarkdespair13:DarkDespair13 4 4
yokai watch 2 by Kechuppika yokai watch 2 :iconkechuppika:Kechuppika 3 5 [OPEN] Retro Yokai Adopt by AdoptsByBec [OPEN] Retro Yokai Adopt :iconadoptsbybec:AdoptsByBec 4 0 Yokai world by Daub-Sadwatcher Yokai world :icondaub-sadwatcher:Daub-Sadwatcher 2 1 Hyakki Yako - Inks by klawzie Hyakki Yako - Inks :iconklawzie:klawzie 3 7 Ghosts by psycochick Ghosts :iconpsycochick:psycochick 2 12 Ayano'Hitotsume-Kozo'Hazuki by AshFantastic Ayano'Hitotsume-Kozo'Hazuki :iconashfantastic:AshFantastic 9 11 Hoshizora slayin- by zGhosti Hoshizora slayin- :iconzghosti:zGhosti 4 9
Story of Hiroshi- Chapter 4
Chapter 4-A Glimmer
The two had been walking for what felt like hours. The ceiling of leaves and branches had all but blotted out the reddening sky. In spite of the help Jun assured they would find here, Hiroshi wasn't feeling very hopeful. He was homeless, tired, and treading through a forest of demons and ghosts with one. He looked back up to the canopy, snaring wooden hands hung over them, trapping them in this labyrinth. The complacent jinmenju, glancing and sneering at them the whole time they wandered. Visions came to him of them dangling by their mocking vines, choking and gagging instead of their usual laughs. He smirked bitterly, but his expression turned gloomy once hanging really got stuck in his head again... seeing Takeshi's lifeless face in one of them.
Takeshi was a good friend. A bit of a crybaby at times, but a friend nonetheless. He would do whatever he could to help you, once he knew he could. He would give his last pair of shoes if it fit your feet. How he could hav
:iconmrmadmaniac:MrMadManiac 1 0
Inktober 2018 Hitotsume-Kozo by nathan23q Inktober 2018 Hitotsume-Kozo :iconnathan23q:nathan23q 2 0 Inktober 2018 ~ Hitotsume kozo by jamie-dupree Inktober 2018 ~ Hitotsume kozo :iconjamie-dupree:jamie-dupree 2 0 Toru the Hitotsume-kozo by Neko-Saphira Toru the Hitotsume-kozo :iconneko-saphira:Neko-Saphira 0 49 Hitotsume-kozo Bayb by zGhosti Hitotsume-kozo Bayb :iconzghosti:zGhosti 4 5