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Sonic character creator by Mangamaster247 Sonic character creator :iconmangamaster247:Mangamaster247 431 215 Wave After Wave... by Mizu-no-Akira Wave After Wave... :iconmizu-no-akira:Mizu-no-Akira 2,495 158 Killing Someone In His Sleep by Jinbeizamezama Killing Someone In His Sleep :iconjinbeizamezama:Jinbeizamezama 1,952 408 Slendy And His Proxies 2 by DerseDragon Slendy And His Proxies 2 :icondersedragon:DerseDragon 1,013 614 The Liar and His Lies by ChrisCold The Liar and His Lies :iconchriscold:ChrisCold 1,473 55 Ranger by JakeWBullock Ranger :iconjakewbullock:JakeWBullock 391 7
His Seme (Uke!Levi Ackerman x Seme!Male!Reader)
WARNING: Mild sexual content and language. Strong language (I mean come on. It's Levi)
The wind was whipping your (Short/long/choppy etc.) hair around as you sped through the trees. You had a gleeful smile on your face and you were laughing. You loved the feeling of zooming in the air, the feeling of adrenaline rushing through your blood. Some of the other cadets gave you weird looks for laughing but you shrugged them off.
“Oi! Shitty brat! What are you laughing at?!” Levi yelled at you.
“Nothing, Levi~! Just enjoying the feel of being in the air!” you responded.
“Fucking idiot,” Levi growled under his breath. You had always refused to call him Corporal or give any recognition to his superiority over you. Although the Lance Corporal would never admit it, he thought your personality was adorable.
You heard Levi and replied with, “Right back at’cha Levi-chan!” and flew off.
Your 3DMG skills were perfect and you made the
:iconangelofindividuality:AngelofIndividuality 834 249
His Majesty's Dragons 2 by AbelPhee His Majesty's Dragons 2 :iconabelphee:AbelPhee 818 37
His Curl (Germany x Male!Reader)
It had been a long day of dealing with loud countries that all believed that they were right. You sighed wearily. I’m not even a country, why do I always end up going to all of the meetings? Although you weren’t a country, you were a capital. You were the capital of Italy, or Rome, to be more specific. The Italy brothers were fiercely protective of you and Lovino was not afraid to cuss off anyone who came too close to you. Ah, well, they could use all the help they can get. The meetings were chaotic and normally consisted of much fighting.  You were so zoned out that you didn’t notice your name being called.
“(M/N)! (M/N)! Mein gott, is he deaf? (M/N)!”
You finally turned around and saw Ludwig approaching you. You blushed and looked at your feet embarrassedly. “Sorry, Luddy. I was thinking…”
Your boyfriend sighed exasperatedly but shook his head with a smile. You and Ludwig had been going out for two months now and nobo
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Loved too much... by Mizu-no-Akira Loved too much... :iconmizu-no-akira:Mizu-no-Akira 1,927 381 Your Suicide by linnyxito Your Suicide :iconlinnyxito:linnyxito 5,594 2,236 100 Deeds 32 by colonel-strawberry 100 Deeds 32 :iconcolonel-strawberry:colonel-strawberry 1,237 206 Temeraire by AbelPhee Temeraire :iconabelphee:AbelPhee 657 38 Michael Jordan Legend Wall by IshaanMishra Michael Jordan Legend Wall :iconishaanmishra:IshaanMishra 210 44 Muscleman and His Shotgun by lifeinacemetery Muscleman and His Shotgun :iconlifeinacemetery:lifeinacemetery 191 55 Dark Materials by Culpeo-Fox Dark Materials :iconculpeo-fox:Culpeo-Fox 580 30 .: Wind Protects His Rose :. by PhoenixSAlover .: Wind Protects His Rose :. :iconphoenixsalover:PhoenixSAlover 546 175 Pokemon - Pikachu's Pokeball by iSpaz247 Pokemon - Pikachu's Pokeball :iconispaz247:iSpaz247 2,360 386 Stannis Baratheon by henning Stannis Baratheon :iconhenning:henning 366 32 The First Lion King by Capricornfox The First Lion King :iconcapricornfox:Capricornfox 1,133 112 Pronouns Stamp by milkyribbon Pronouns Stamp :iconmilkyribbon:milkyribbon 931 111 It's a Dog's World by theartyst It's a Dog's World :icontheartyst:theartyst 3,332 1,455 Everything The Light Touches by Wild-Hearts Everything The Light Touches :iconwild-hearts:Wild-Hearts 1,662 94
The Legendary Thunder Wolf
The Legendary Thunder Wolf:
In the darkest of times his tale is told.
The Thunder Wolf of legends old...
He came from the mountains on a stormy night
To save the Lycans from a dire plight...
Our race was young and growing still
Born into the world by Luna's will.
She gave us hearts of the purest light
And told us that the world was bright.
But Luna was a child, small and naive;
She saw the good in which she believed.
Sadly for us, we lived the truth;
As we were hunted for fang and tooth.
Knowing nothing of weapons or war
We were slaved and broken to our very core.
It was then that he came, hammer in hand
And he swore to us to sweep the land!
And sweep he did, in a rain of blood
As Lycans reaped in a deadly flood.
Human kingdoms rose and fell
But their world became a living hell.
Where once they hunted, now they bled
With pleading cries for clothes and bread
Women and children, it mattered not
All were slaughtered and left to rot.
But Luna wept for her children's fate
She wished
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