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Memories at night by zippi44 Memories at night :iconzippi44:zippi44 2,801 167
Female Encounters: Hiro Hamada x Reader
Female encounters
Takes place a few months after the movie.
Contains spoilers from Big Hero 6.

“(Name)?  Can you please take out the trash?  It’s making the kitchen smell,” your mother pokes her head into your open bedroom doorway.
You set down your book and look out your window.  The image of the house across the street is distorted by all the water pelting the glass from the outside.  “But it’s raining,” you protest.
She rolls her eyes.  “You’ll only be out there for a few seconds, it’s not like you’re going to melt from a little water.”  That said, she walks off to the bedroom she shares with your father to finish getting ready for the dinner party the two of them are leaving to.
You huff in annoyance but make your way off the bed, like the obedient daughter you are.  You slip on a jacket and put on your shoes before heading downstairs to the kitchen.  Your nose scrunches
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Zero Two -- Darling in the FranXX by Dinocojv Zero Two -- Darling in the FranXX :icondinocojv:Dinocojv 701 24 To the Kingdom of Hearts by HiroSenpaiArt To the Kingdom of Hearts :iconhirosenpaiart:HiroSenpaiArt 817 59
Animation: Tadashi x Reader
You watch the recorded video on your cell phone for the hundredth time, for some reason hoping for a better outcome.  However, just like before, the jerk that had been standing in front of you at the time that you filmed this, steps in front of your camera, and completely blocks off what you had been filming.  With an irritated huff, you press the button to turn off the screen of your phone and toss it onto the table.  You pull out your ear buds as well; the soft buzzing that fills the café now entering your ears.  You sigh tiredly and rub your forehead.
You pick up your drawing notebook and flip through the first several pages.  Going through it fast enough, you can see the animation piece come to life.  However, it doesn’t last very long, before the pages become blank.  You only have about a quarter of the notebook filled and you only have two more weeks to fill the rest of it.  Unfortunately for you, the only reference you have for
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Male Encounters: Hiro Hamada x Reader
Male Encounters
Sequel to Female Encounters:
Warning: Contains content that is mildly inappropriate.  It's meant to be more funny than anything else, but I felt the need for a warning anyways.  There's nothing explicit or overtly mature, but it might make you blush if you're particularly sensitive.  I'd probably still rate this like PG-13 or something.
“Hey, Cass!” you greet as you enter the café.
She looks up from the customer that she was ringing up and smiles.  “Hey, (Name)!  Hiro’s still up in his room getting ready.  Feel free to head up there yourself.”
You nod and begin to navigate your way through the chairs and tables to get to the back, “Thanks!”
You make your way upstairs, glancing at all the family photos hanging on the wall as you do.  When you get up to Hiro’s bedroom, you notice his bathroom d
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Gruvia - Happy Holidays by Arya-Aiedail Gruvia - Happy Holidays :iconarya-aiedail:Arya-Aiedail 1,470 104
Gummy Bears: Hiro Hamada x reader
Gummy Bears
Warning: Fluff alert, Hiro's pervy side comes out a little, once again.  Thought I might give you some warning this time, haha.
I imagine this taking place when Hiro is around 17 to 18 years old.

You were currently laying out on Hiro’s bed, your head propped up by his pillows as you read from the book you had resting against your stomach.  Hiro was sitting in his desk chair, typing away at his computer.  You were both caught up in your own worlds, content being next to each other and not needing to fill the air with useless chatter.
A few minutes later, you hear Hiro’s chair squeak as he leans back and stretches his arms up into the air.  The wheels of his chair roll across the hardwood floor as he pushes away from the desk and stands.  “I’m gonna grab a snack from downstairs.  Do you want anything?” he asks.
You glance at him from your book and shake your head.  “No thanks,” you tell him w
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MMD Update ~ Lucy Heartfilia New Style ~ Download by Tuany-Neko-Daisuki MMD Update ~ Lucy Heartfilia New Style ~ Download :icontuany-neko-daisuki:Tuany-Neko-Daisuki 139 62 Fairy tail Dress up by turquoiseted Fairy tail Dress up :iconturquoiseted:turquoiseted 114 83 MMD: Lucy Heartfilia New Style (DL) by Tuany-Neko-Daisuki MMD: Lucy Heartfilia New Style (DL) :icontuany-neko-daisuki:Tuany-Neko-Daisuki 224 69
Tadashi is Here [2 of 2]: Tadashi Hamada x Reader
Tadashi is here [Part 2]: Coming Home
Part 1:
Contains spoilers from the film

“Alright, we’re almost there,” you tell Tadashi as Baymax begins his decent.
Baymax lands at the back of the house in front of the garage.  Tadashi helps you lift the door, and once all of you are inside, he closes it back up.
“Okay, Big Guy, let’s get you out of your armor,” you say to Baymax before helping him out.
Once Baymax is done, you begin to work on taking off your own gear.  You start with the helmet, and then pull off your top, revealing your sports bra.  You hear Tadashi clear his throat and it makes you pause.  Looking over your shoulder at him, you find that his cheeks are tinted and he’s looking everywhere but at you.  You can’t help but laugh at him, “Oh come on, Tadashi.  It’s not like you’ve never seen thi
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Darlings by Zarory Darlings :iconzarory:Zarory 455 24
Unsafe: Hiro Hamada x Reader
Contains light spoilers from Big Hero 6.
Takes place four years after the movie, and you don't know about Hiro's extra curricular activities.

“We’ll bring you more coverage on the fight between Big Hero 6 and Kaiju in just a moment, but for now, we’ve got a video conference call with James Cowell a journalist who has been pretty out spoken in his distaste for our resident superheroes,” Dan Ashton, the head channel 7 news anchor introduces the man as a panel with this person’s image shows up on the television screen.
“Hello, Dan.  Thank you for accepting my call.”
“Of course, Mr. Cowell.  Now you have expressed a large dislike for the Big Hero 6 team, nearly from the beginning of their existence in San Fransokyo.  Would you please clarify your opinions?”
“Yes, well a common defense for them, as everyone knows, is that organized crime has decreased nearly 30% since their arrival.  However, more
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Animation 2: Tadashi x Reader
Part one:
Tadashi slams the book that he had been reading closed and tosses it onto the bed beside him. With a sigh, he sits up straighter and turns to place his feet on the floor.  He lets out a sigh and runs a hand through his hair.  Sitting on the edge of his bed, he stares blankly at the wall, lost in thought.  Unknowingly, his leg begins to bounce up and down.
"You're doing it again," Hiro states in an annoyed tone from across the room.
Tadashi turns his head to focus on his little brother, "Doing what?"
Tadashi frowns. "I'm not sulking."
Hiro doesn't even bother to look up from his computer.  "You totally are."
Tadashi scoffs, "I am not.  I don't even have a reason to be sulking."
"Yeah, you do. You're depressed that (Name) hasn't been in the café since last week."
This time Tadashi rolls his eyes, "I'm not depressed," he replies.
Hiro finally looks over his shoulder
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Christmas Eve: Tadashi Hamada x Reader
Christmas Eve
Warning: There's a bit more fluff in this than usual, but nothing too graphic.
Contains light spoilers from Big Hero 6

You step up to the front door of the Hamada residence and knock.  Not much later, the door opens to reveal the youngest boy in the house.
“Morning, Hiro!” you greet with a smile.
“(Name)!  Aunt Cass didn’t tell me you were coming, today!”  He smiles back in shock and opens the door a little wider.
You step through with a laugh.  “Well, it was supposed to be a surprise for your brother, and we didn’t want you blabbing off to him.”
“Hey, I don’t blab!” he protests.
“Yes you do!  You suck at keeping secrets,” you say, taking off your coat and your shoes.
“I’m great at keeping secrets!  I didn’t tell you about how Tadashi’s planning on asking you to go on a trip with him for New Year’s Eve!”
You raise an eye br
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Bath Time: Hiro Hamada x Reader
This one has slightly mature-ish content.  You and Hiro are in your late 20's though.
“(Name)?” you hear your husband call out to you as he gets home from work.
“In the kitchen,” you call back, continuing to wash the dishes.
He lets out a tired sigh as he loosens the tie around his neck and makes his was over to you.  “Sorry, I’m so late.  There was a small disaster in manufacturing.  Luckily no one got hurt, and the damage wasn’t too severe, but there was a boat load of paperwork to do on it.”  He wraps his arms around you from behind and kisses your cheek.
“It’s okay.  You’re just in time for bath time.”
“Mm…” he mumbles before he starts a trail of kisses down your neck.  “Mommy and Daddy bath time?” he inquires.
You laugh tilting your head to give him better access, “No.  Daddy and baby bath time.”
“You know, he hates
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Fairy Tail Lucy Heartphilia Base 1 by SAKU02 Fairy Tail Lucy Heartphilia Base 1 :iconsaku02:SAKU02 288 38
More than Friendly Encounters Hiro Hamada x Reader
Previous Part: Male Encounters -->
Contains mildly mature content, but honestly this is the more pg version. I made a slightly more adult version and put it on my tumblr.
“It’s gotten kind of quiet over there.  How’s it going?” Hiro asks you from his computer chair.
You’re sitting on his bed, your advanced biology text book in front of you as you work on your homework.  “Still working on homework, Hiro.  Not everyone can finish a week’s worth of homework in an hour,” you respond, flipping through the pages of your book.
“What’s wrong?  Distracted by thoughts of my-”
“Hiro!” you cut him off in a warning tone.  It’s been two weeks, and he still won’t let it go.
He laughs and continues working on his computer.  You bit
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First time? Older!Hiro x Reader
 So this was just a little story I wrote to get my inspiration going again. It's been awhile since I've been on deviantart so I don't want to disappoint. 
YES TADASHI IS ALIVE IN THIS. I realise he is deceased in the movie (don't remind me or I'll cry) but not in this :-))) it's my fic so I'll make it whatever I want too. 

Hiro & reader are both 17 in this fic. 

   "Hiro, can we pleaaaaaaaase go in here?" You pouted your lips, knowing how weak it made Hiro. You glanced back into the pet store to your left, whimpering at the sight of all the adorable puppies yapping to get your attention.
   "(Y/n) - I know you already. If we go in you're gonna fall in love and -" Hiro pulled at your wrists, begging you to step away from the pet store but you interrupted him. 
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Fairy Wendy~ - Fairy tail by KurumiErika Fairy Wendy~ - Fairy tail :iconkurumierika:KurumiErika 757 74
Gummy Bear Thief: Hiro Hamada x reader
“What the heck?!  Where are they?” you can hear Hiro’s grumblings from the staircase as you walk up to his room.  You smile to yourself, already knowing what he’s looking for.
Schooling your features, you take the last step to enter his room.  “What’s wrong?” you ask, playing innocent.
He looks up from his position on the floor and halfway under his desk.  When he does, he knocks his head on the edge of his desk.  “Ouch!”  He rubs the sore spot on his head as he crawls out and sits cross legged on the floor.
You wince at the solid thunk of his head hitting the hard desk and walk over.  “Are you okay?” you ask, but are cut off when Baymax begins to activate.
Once fully inflated, he moves around the bed to get to you and Hiro.  “Hello.  I am Baymax, your personal health-”
“Baymax!  What did you do with my gummy bear stash?” Hiro asks aggressively.
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