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Camilla and Hinoka by Koyorin Camilla and Hinoka :iconkoyorin:Koyorin 2,402 95 Hinoka and Avatar. Commission. (+NSFW) by Taiss14 Hinoka and Avatar. Commission. (+NSFW) :icontaiss14:Taiss14 518 21 Hinoka Kimono Commission by CSLucaris Hinoka Kimono Commission :iconcslucaris:CSLucaris 308 14
Fire Emblem Fates: Damsel Quickies Birthright
WARNING: This story contains bondage. If this offends you in any way, turn back now. You have been warned.
Hana and Sakura
"Dmmn ymm mll! Krmssd Nmmhryns! (Damn you all! Cursed Nohrians!)" A samurai dressed in pink growled as she was pushed forwards by a mighty berserker. It wasn't so much the fact that she was tied up (Well, maybe a little bit why) that made her angry, it was the sight in front of her that infuriated the cherry blossom samurai.
A shameful look greeted fierce eyes, but the look wasn't necessarily directed at the Samurai. "Hm-Hmmnuh... (Ha-Hana...)" 
"Smmkrah-hmeh! (Sakura-hime!)"
While fighting in a skirmish against the Nohrian Army, the chaos had separated Princess Sakura of Hoshido from the rest of the army, and was soon completely cut off from them due to a mistimed Dragon Vein. Hana, her loyal guardian, had been near her the entire time, but the two were soon swarmed by members of the Nohrian Ground Legion. Their axes were no match for Hana's katana
:iconghostauthorzero:GhostAuthorZero 52 12
[P] Fire Emblem Fates: Hinoka by Shunkaku [P] Fire Emblem Fates: Hinoka :iconshunkaku:Shunkaku 199 1 Camilla and Hinoka nii-san by Kukico Camilla and Hinoka nii-san :iconkukico:Kukico 137 57 Fire Emblem Fates - Hinoka by Arcelle Fire Emblem Fates - Hinoka :iconarcelle:Arcelle 240 5 Hinoka by BlazingChaos Hinoka :iconblazingchaos:BlazingChaos 125 3 Redraw Request: Hinoka and Camilla (Fire Emblem) by galia-and-kitty Redraw Request: Hinoka and Camilla (Fire Emblem) :icongalia-and-kitty:galia-and-kitty 289 8
HinokaXMaleReader - Me? Really?

You were a samurai born and raised in the country of hosido one of the many soldiers under the service of the late lady mikoto while is true that everyone loved here you were there when the weird expplotion took place you saw how the young prince from norh kamui tansformed himself into a dragon you were shocked but most of all you were really amazed by laying eyes on the red haired beauty that was with them Lady hinoka one of the best pegasus raiders of all hoshido you still remeber when you tried to be the best samurai possible just be able to be one of her retainers sadly that was not the case for you some other more capable were selected in her case were an blue haired girl named setsuna and a eye star shaped monk named azama, you were crushed by this reality only crushed you making you understand both of you were on totally different world she was royalty and you a mere samurai mid class at best.
You The Mid class samurai (F/N) were
:iconyoos2210:Yoos2210 37 14
Hinoka Summer by Daikirikun Hinoka Summer :icondaikirikun:Daikirikun 136 4 EVIL HINOKA AND SAKURA by zipskyblue EVIL HINOKA AND SAKURA :iconzipskyblue:zipskyblue 182 18 HINOKA by zipskyblue HINOKA :iconzipskyblue:zipskyblue 151 30 THE DAWN RIDER! by zipskyblue THE DAWN RIDER! :iconzipskyblue:zipskyblue 179 25 Battlecuts: Fire Emblem Fates by b0409d Battlecuts: Fire Emblem Fates :iconb0409d:b0409d 175 22 Fire Emblem Ftes - Hinoka by E-nosst Fire Emblem Ftes - Hinoka :icone-nosst:E-nosst 89 6 HinoCami by DragonsPurr HinoCami :icondragonspurr:DragonsPurr 125 5 Hinoka of Hoshido by Yashuntafun Hinoka of Hoshido :iconyashuntafun:Yashuntafun 84 12 easter hinocami by DragonsPurr easter hinocami :icondragonspurr:DragonsPurr 126 3 For Hoshido! by Yashuntafun For Hoshido! :iconyashuntafun:Yashuntafun 68 20 fe: hinoka by juurikun fe: hinoka :iconjuurikun:juurikun 135 3 Hinoka by Lustrous-Dreams Hinoka :iconlustrous-dreams:Lustrous-Dreams 115 8 Hinoka: Fire Emblem Fates by Estragon55 Hinoka: Fire Emblem Fates :iconestragon55:Estragon55 50 13 Hinoka by ninpeachlover Hinoka :iconninpeachlover:ninpeachlover 78 46 Fates Heroes by sofibeth Fates Heroes :iconsofibeth:sofibeth 47 2 Fire Emblem - Hinoka by GBeeee Fire Emblem - Hinoka :icongbeeee:GBeeee 1,154 77 FE14 - Hinoka by polarityplus FE14 - Hinoka :iconpolarityplus:polarityplus 871 52 Hinoka by GAIN-OVER Hinoka :icongain-over:GAIN-OVER 301 25 Big Sisters by ChampionAeleon Big Sisters :iconchampionaeleon:ChampionAeleon 187 8 Play with Little Sisters by notETZ Play with Little Sisters :iconnotetz:notETZ 185 7 Happy Birthday, Hinoka! by Hakuramen Happy Birthday, Hinoka! :iconhakuramen:Hakuramen 34 2 Of Birthrights and Love by Esclair-Studios Of Birthrights and Love :iconesclair-studios:Esclair-Studios 35 6 hgjgsjgsj by DragonsPurr hgjgsjgsj :icondragonspurr:DragonsPurr 135 5 Hinoka by Irsia Hinoka :iconirsia:Irsia 28 11 Hinoka by Layla-Chan96 Hinoka :iconlayla-chan96:Layla-Chan96 35 4 Hinoka by Hichiyan Hinoka :iconhichiyan:Hichiyan 32 3 .:Fire Emblem:. Team Hinoka by SkyWarriorKirby .:Fire Emblem:. Team Hinoka :iconskywarriorkirby:SkyWarriorKirby 50 2 Hinoka by Hernandeee Hinoka :iconhernandeee:Hernandeee 37 7 Fire Emblem Fates Girls by Widowmaker-Evan Fire Emblem Fates Girls :iconwidowmaker-evan:Widowmaker-Evan 44 8 Caminoka 6 by thegadgetfishes Caminoka 6 :iconthegadgetfishes:thegadgetfishes 29 3
A/n: Well First of all this is my first fanfic and i am eager to write,if you guys have anything to say in the comments below i be more than happy to reply when i have to the time,Also if you guys have any request Be sure to let me know i do my best to do them of course. Well unto te fic. **<--------that means what someone is thinking.And may be some spoilers mostly birthright.

Hinoka P.O.V.
*Me and (F/N) had a lot of fun today,we played hide and seek with takumi,and sakura tough our retainers did not let us go too far and ryoma was busy in sword pratice to even play with us,I manged to hide myself on the barn near the castle next to some pegasi that where there while i did tough i managed to hide very well no one was able to find me... i was starting to get scared...scared to be alone that's when it happen (F/N) founded me i had my eyes all full of tears but he holded my hand and pulled me closer to him smiling...that smile will some
:iconyoos2210:Yoos2210 16 3
Hinoka, Queen of Hearts by 100starryskies Hinoka, Queen of Hearts :icon100starryskies:100starryskies 23 1 Mime Sky Knight -Mime TF- by Mime-Control Mime Sky Knight -Mime TF- :iconmime-control:Mime-Control 32 184 Hinoka X KH crossover by ShorterthanU Hinoka X KH crossover :iconshorterthanu:ShorterthanU 40 1 Lunar empire Pegasus knights (commission) by UsagiForehead Lunar empire Pegasus knights (commission) :iconusagiforehead:UsagiForehead 36 3 Choose your Destiny by SnipSnipArt Choose your Destiny :iconsnipsnipart:SnipSnipArt 28 0 Hinoka  - Fire Emblem by CRAZZEFFECT Hinoka - Fire Emblem :iconcrazzeffect:CRAZZEFFECT 150 17 Fire Emblem Fates Demotivational Poster 2 by snowcloud8 Fire Emblem Fates Demotivational Poster 2 :iconsnowcloud8:snowcloud8 210 139 BIG SISTERS BEST SISTERS!! by pyurupretty BIG SISTERS BEST SISTERS!! :iconpyurupretty:pyurupretty 33 1 Hinoka 2 by thegadgetfishes Hinoka 2 :iconthegadgetfishes:thegadgetfishes 24 2