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Mona Lisa by TGA-Tsurugi Mona Lisa :icontga-tsurugi:TGA-Tsurugi 280 118 Welcome to the Light by BrownEyedWyldChyld Welcome to the Light :iconbrowneyedwyldchyld:BrownEyedWyldChyld 46 39 A Greater Being by ashsivils A Greater Being :iconashsivils:ashsivils 28 13 Aflight... by TexasPanda Aflight... :icontexaspanda:TexasPanda 73 17 Batman by TheArtofBlouh Batman :icontheartofblouh:TheArtofBlouh 75 15
Eternity, Now
Eternity, Now
"I am chromeantennae. I strive to be a brainfeeder and transmit my messages through my antennas. I want to be infinite."
I don't call myself religious because religion is a guide set by mortal men. They've written the book that you must know by heart according to most and rules to follow. However the path to total righteousness is not through the rules given to you in manuscripts and spoken by the tongues of mortal men. It is not through the heart of a pastor, or my mother or father, no one. It is through the heart of the Higher Power. And through Him, I shall prosper.
I try my very best to be spiritual, not religious, because being religious to me is going through the motions in hopes of ascension. Following orders given to you in a book and by the words of mortal men, going by their interpretation of what is good and true as opposed to what you feel in your heart of hearts, as right. I refuse to live that way. I will not live to die. I will not live for a
:iconchromeantennae:chromeantennae 22 44
Censorship - Protection from Innocence
It was a classic; a book that the student had read what felt like a thousand times before. He had become obsessed with it from the first time he read through its pages, seeing its story through from cover to cover. At every chance and opportunity, the student went to plays, saw movies, and studied it thoroughly – as could easily be seen from the several haggard copies displayed proudly in his room. Sure, some of them had worn out covers that would leave other book lovers appalled, and some even had a few pages missing – but that didn't matter to him. By now, he knew those long-lost pages by heart. Finding himself in High School, the student was finally given an opportunity to take a literature course that featured his favorite book of all time: Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. He was so excited to finally be able to share his knowledge and love for the book with all his classmates and friends! The student was a book nerd, and not particularly good at sports or math, however
:iconblackmanaburning:BlackManaBurning 14 7
Eye of the Beholder by TexasPanda Eye of the Beholder :icontexaspanda:TexasPanda 58 30 Abacist by LaurenNatvigGray Abacist :iconlaurennatviggray:LaurenNatvigGray 40 22 Higher power by tamaraR-stock Higher power :icontamarar-stock:tamaraR-stock 8 0
Have You Seen God?
I've seen God.
I saw him in the smile my cousin's little boy gave me yesterday.
How could such a beautiful creation be random,
Or have no purpose?
I saw him in the old lady who gave a homeless man a pound,
Even though she had to dig right to the bottom of her bag for her purse.
She had arthritis.
I saw him in my beautiful, brave auntie who gave her life to good.
She deserves her just reward for loving, no complaints, even though
She died from her illness.
I saw him in the children of Agape, so radiant and inspirational.
Through all the poverty life has thrown at them one after the other,
They never gave up hope.
I saw him in the stars, but I saw him in the wasps,
I glimpsed him in the waves, but they drowned a man soon after.
I glanced him in the elements, but one of them is fire.
I thought I saw God,
But maybe I've seen nothing yet.
:iconbaby-filly:baby-filly 8 37
Guiding Light by Sandvichguy1 Guiding Light :iconsandvichguy1:Sandvichguy1 10 3 Let You Talent Shine (without wings) by kitsunefire7 Let You Talent Shine (without wings) :iconkitsunefire7:kitsunefire7 17 18 higher.power by n0way higher.power :iconn0way:n0way 22 11 Batman 2nd shot by TheArtofBlouh Batman 2nd shot :icontheartofblouh:TheArtofBlouh 25 5 Heavenly Music by Zyryphocastria Heavenly Music :iconzyryphocastria:Zyryphocastria 18 15  OMmmm by oneofacard OMmmm :icononeofacard:oneofacard 39 29
Quickie prompt drabble - Angel
Never really did know what to believe in, 'sides family, and maybe my own stubborn force of will to keep goin'. Master Splinter never really taught us nothin' about God or anythin' like that. Little bit here and there about karma, chi, 'do unto others' and some other stuff always sounded like it came straight outta a fortune cookie. Stuff he believed in, though, and it got us by well enough, I'll give 'im that.
    Still, I tend to be one to believe only in what I can see with my own two eyes. Well, heh, 'm down to one, now. Times like these I think about some of the better times, when we was teenagers. Like that old lady I helped that one time, the blind one. What was I thinkin' when I gave her that money, and told 'er she had a guardian angel lookin' over 'er? Where'd I even come up with somethin' like that? I got no idea. I guess sometimes I get like that, just feel somethin' an' let it be said.
    Some of the scrapes us four got into
:iconteratophelia:Teratophelia 9 11
M.C - The end has begun by MoonyDash M.C - The end has begun :iconmoonydash:MoonyDash 35 21 Stratamosscircle by Xfreakdom Stratamosscircle :iconxfreakdom:Xfreakdom 5 0
Puppet Master
I lay here and wonder how He could cast,
Armies of puppets to spill so much blood.
Homes built on ashes from generations past,
And our children victims of His terrible flood.
I sit here and ponder why He exists,
And controls the fate of all.
Strings attached to all of our wrists,
And if they weren't there, would we fall?
I stand and declare His existence extinct,  
His holy wars valid no more.
And His' puppets never to be inked,
With questions of, "Whom are we fighting for?"
Lastly, I present You with a glimmer of hope,
Since He 's no longer above your head.
Seek You and Us when life forces you to cope,
For He has packed up His show and fled.
:iconinsanewalk:insanewalk 6 34
Highway to Heaven by HiroshimaPHOTOGRAPHY Highway to Heaven :iconhiroshimaphotography:HiroshimaPHOTOGRAPHY 10 17 meaning.of.control by n0way meaning.of.control :iconn0way:n0way 6 2