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APH: Cereal guy meme by MaraCroft3 APH: Cereal guy meme :iconmaracroft3:MaraCroft3 639 139 Countries: France by Sinto-risky Countries: France :iconsinto-risky:Sinto-risky 3,791 170 Random Fandom School by Kikaigaku Random Fandom School :iconkikaigaku:Kikaigaku 1,190 128 Austronesia Hetalia OCs : TATTOO by dinosaurusgede Austronesia Hetalia OCs : TATTOO :icondinosaurusgede:dinosaurusgede 612 143 10 MORE Art Styles Challenge! [SPEEDPAINT] by ABD-illustrates 10 MORE Art Styles Challenge! [SPEEDPAINT] :iconabd-illustrates:ABD-illustrates 1,023 52 APH - In Soviet Russia... by Chocoreaper APH - In Soviet Russia... :iconchocoreaper:Chocoreaper 3,133 421
Beyond the Looking Glass Intro ~ Hetalia x Reader
-this is a series that will involve many different situations involving many different countries who will eventually end up with you, the beloved reader. 
Please forgive the long description of your belongings, they all are important for the continuation of this story.  Thank you!
Read happily and read on my young padawon -//Star Wars reference = shot//-
It was a long day from work/school. You were both mentally and physically exhausted. The only thing that kept your body moving was the motivation that your bed was eagerly waiting for you with its soft covers and fluffy pillows. Oh! And don’t forget that poster with all your Hetalia characters on it! Yes, you were a megafan of Hetalia, almost to the point of obsession; but there was one character you greatly admired. Who am I kidding? You were absolutely IN LOVE with Mr. Sexy (fav Hetalia character)!!!
As you walked to the front door of your house, and took out your keys. But sadly as you took them out of your pa
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INTERACTIVE JAPAN FLASH GAME by NamiOki INTERACTIVE JAPAN FLASH GAME :iconnamioki:NamiOki 6,903 3,156 i swear i'm up to no good by kuroneko3132 i swear i'm up to no good :iconkuroneko3132:kuroneko3132 2,606 1,432 INTERACTIVE CANADA FLASH GAME by NamiOki INTERACTIVE CANADA FLASH GAME :iconnamioki:NamiOki 6,287 2,868 hetalia-china by NiwaRIKU89 hetalia-china :iconniwariku89:NiwaRIKU89 549 56
Just Shut Up and Sleep With Me - Romano x Reader
"LOVINO ANSWER YOUR PHONE!!" You groaned as you left the Italian another voicemail. You locked your cellphone and tossed yourself onto your bed. Grabbing the nearest plushie and hugging it towards your chest, you stared up at the ceiling and let out a long sigh.
You squinted your eyes against the sun's harsh ways peeking through your bedroom window. Stumbling out of bed, you tugged on the curtains, hoping that it would make your room a little cooler. Waving a hand to fan yourself, you let out another groan of despair. It was summer, your air conditioning wasn't working, you forgot to pay for your internet so your wi-fi wasn't running either, there weren't any food in the kitchen to snack on, your stubborn Italian boyfriend wasn't answering your calls, and more importantly…
You were just about to pull a prank on Gilbert until som
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Countries: Germany by Sinto-risky Countries: Germany :iconsinto-risky:Sinto-risky 1,622 88 Wut are u reading - Spamano vrs. by ChibiGaia Wut are u reading - Spamano vrs. :iconchibigaia:ChibiGaia 2,612 504 Greece - Heracles Karpusi by kirigi-risu Greece - Heracles Karpusi :iconkirigi-risu:kirigi-risu 918 123 INTERACTIVE GERMANY FLASH GAME! by NamiOki INTERACTIVE GERMANY FLASH GAME! :iconnamioki:NamiOki 4,707 2,744 hetalia funny faces by miimiiakatsuki hetalia funny faces :iconmiimiiakatsuki:miimiiakatsuki 1,938 253 Chibi Series - China by say0ran Chibi Series - China :iconsay0ran:say0ran 1,081 53 Countries: Poland by Sinto-risky Countries: Poland :iconsinto-risky:Sinto-risky 1,192 153 USUK - Ice Cream by TechnoRanma USUK - Ice Cream :icontechnoranma:TechnoRanma 687 61 World Academy Sim Date {Hetalia Sim Date} by SodaCat17 World Academy Sim Date {Hetalia Sim Date} :iconsodacat17:SodaCat17 2,276 2,378 the last war by Amapolchen the last war :iconamapolchen:Amapolchen 729 51 Dreamtalia v5.3 (Full Game) by KyoKyo866 Dreamtalia v5.3 (Full Game) :iconkyokyo866:KyoKyo866 974 554