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SAI Sketch Practice: Book by SarahsPlushNStuff SAI Sketch Practice: Book :iconsarahsplushnstuff:SarahsPlushNStuff 14 11 BlackLight - TIMM by Black-Lite BlackLight - TIMM :iconblack-lite:Black-Lite 22 26 Dragon Lady by GrandmasterGM Dragon Lady :icongrandmastergm:GrandmasterGM 32 3 United: Madison Square Garden Battle by Thrythlind United: Madison Square Garden Battle :iconthrythlind:Thrythlind 24 7 Psychic Scream by Jateshi Psychic Scream :iconjateshi:Jateshi 7 8 bianca by HarveyHarpy bianca :iconharveyharpy:HarveyHarpy 7 1 Psychic Scream -lines- by Jateshi Psychic Scream -lines- :iconjateshi:Jateshi 8 12
Touhou TTRPG- Rodie Clemens
HERO System 5th Edition Character Sheet
Val Char Cost Roll Notes
10 STR 0 11- Lift 100.0kg; 2d6 [2]
15 DEX 15 12- OCV:  5/DCV:  5
10 CON 0 11-
20 BODY 20 13-
18 INT 8 13- PER Roll 13-
22 EGO 24 13- ECV:  7
18 PRE 8 13- PRE Attack:  3 1/2d6
18 COM 4 13-
38/40 PD 0 Total:  38/40 PD (36/38 rPD)
39/49 ED 0 Total:  39/49 ED (37/47 rED)
2 SPD 0 Phases:  6, 12
5 REC 2
20 END 0
46 STUN 16 Total Characteristic Cost:  100
Running: 7"/14"
Leaping: 2"/4"
Swimming: 3"/6"
Cost Powers END
25 Winds of Fortune:  Luck 5d6
6 Patience of Stone:  Mental Defense (10 points total)
35 Mimic:  Multiform (650 Character Points in the most expensive form) (Instant Change, x2 Number Of Forms) (140 Active Points); Limited Power Power loses all of its effectiveness (Must have seen/used power, OR be present with/have shifted to form; -2), Limited Power Powers cannot excee
:iconrodie-the-nightblade:Rodie-the-Nightblade 4 18
OCQI High Tower by GrandmasterGM OCQI High Tower :icongrandmastergm:GrandmasterGM 10 0 why do they always run by zelgodis-graywords why do they always run :iconzelgodis-graywords:zelgodis-graywords 4 6 Lines: Psychic Scream by Jateshi Lines: Psychic Scream :iconjateshi:Jateshi 2 8 Even in the Apocalypse by ElsieStory Even in the Apocalypse :iconelsiestory:ElsieStory 2 2 HERO: Agent Red by NisseFrasse HERO: Agent Red :iconnissefrasse:NisseFrasse 3 3 Action Magus by Rungok Action Magus :iconrungok:Rungok 2 0 HERO: Comic 2 by NisseFrasse HERO: Comic 2 :iconnissefrasse:NisseFrasse 2 2
To Remember
The halfling used her quarterstaff to get a good footing before taking another couple of steps up the slope. Several small stones trickled down the incline past her like water droplets, bouncing and rolling down over the tops of their much larger fellows. Wren looked back, small wisps of black hair getting into her eyes as she took in the sight of what had felt like a gradual rise to actually be a dangerously sharp drop. Her cheeks shone red, burning from the cold wind that she had been walking into on the way up the mountainside. She smiled at her progress and turned her face back to the cold wind, taking the burning sensation in stride. Only a little farther and she'd be in the safety of the dark cave.
Wren had no doubts or fears about this pursuit. She had asked the village locals for well over two months about the dragon who was rumored to guard his hoard here. Though she'd never in her life encountered a dragon, she was certain of one thing: the bigger the creature, the duller the
:iconkabiebaby:KabieBaby 2 3
Character Balance Meme by HayleyKat Character Balance Meme :iconhayleykat:HayleyKat 2 0 Lines: Battle Mage Book by Jateshi Lines: Battle Mage Book :iconjateshi:Jateshi 3 4 Everyone in the Apocalypse by ElsieStory Everyone in the Apocalypse :iconelsiestory:ElsieStory 1 0 DC (Detective Comic) by Roque7w DC (Detective Comic) :iconroque7w:Roque7w 2 0 Lines: Jade 'Book' Smythe by Jateshi Lines: Jade 'Book' Smythe :iconjateshi:Jateshi 2 1 Ref: Jade Book Smythe by Jateshi Ref: Jade Book Smythe :iconjateshi:Jateshi 2 0