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Anime X MLP [SFM/Gmod DL] by Longsword97 Anime X MLP [SFM/Gmod DL] :iconlongsword97:Longsword97 220 69 Hellsing: Night by icequeenserenity Hellsing: Night :iconicequeenserenity:icequeenserenity 2,806 225 Hellsing ultimate alucard by dekdap Hellsing ultimate alucard :icondekdap:dekdap 620 60 Alucard: The Bird of Hermes by Maxieyi Alucard: The Bird of Hermes :iconmaxieyi:Maxieyi 911 114 Schrodinger - Hellsing Ultimate by Hanh-Chu Schrodinger - Hellsing Ultimate :iconhanh-chu:Hanh-Chu 496 21 Seras Victoria by einiv Seras Victoria :iconeiniv:einiv 388 16 Alucard + Hellsing + Level Two by JamieChenArt Alucard + Hellsing + Level Two :iconjamiechenart:JamieChenArt 1,116 76 I am the Bird of Hermes by NanFe I am the Bird of Hermes :iconnanfe:NanFe 1,318 48 Alucard | Hellsing by DivineImmortality Alucard | Hellsing :icondivineimmortality:DivineImmortality 728 33 Alucard {Hellsing} by greenmapple17 Alucard {Hellsing} :icongreenmapple17:greenmapple17 214 14 Wallpaper Alucard and Seras by AtlasMaximus Wallpaper Alucard and Seras :iconatlasmaximus:AtlasMaximus 515 52 Seras Victoria by ThyBlake Seras Victoria :iconthyblake:ThyBlake 198 5 Alucard by VermeilleRose Alucard :iconvermeillerose:VermeilleRose 518 18 Alucard and Seras: KISS ME by Redustrial-Ruin Alucard and Seras: KISS ME :iconredustrial-ruin:Redustrial-Ruin 701 152 seras cute motivational by alucardserasfangirl seras cute motivational :iconalucardserasfangirl:alucardserasfangirl 301 46
Hypnosis [Alucard x Vampire!Reader]
( Inspired by this song and video!)
You swore he had you under a spell.
Yes, you were absolutely positive the man in red had reached into the deepest cabinets of your mind, emptied out everyone of them and replaced them with the lewdest of thoughts, the darkest of desires, the secretest of passions.
And all were connected to him.
Every last one of them.
You expected that after accepting the powers of the night, after partaking of the blood of your victims, you abandoned all of those silly human notions, all those feelings that made you weak, with no other desire than to follow the bidding of your master.
But, this man, the creature that took your hand and lead you across the border into the realms of the darkness, somehow managed to reignite that little spark within you.
Was it possible for one of the undead to hide such thoughts for a monster?
No other explanation could exist for this phenomena other than sorcery.
Either way, you clung to it.
:iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 227 32
Hellsing: Seras Cosplay: Shh, Don't Tell by Redustrial-Ruin Hellsing: Seras Cosplay: Shh, Don't Tell :iconredustrial-ruin:Redustrial-Ruin 719 211 Hellsing Ultimate motivator by RayneWolfspeaker Hellsing Ultimate motivator :iconraynewolfspeaker:RayneWolfspeaker 264 74 Jan Valentine Hellsing Meme by thesalsaman Jan Valentine Hellsing Meme :iconthesalsaman:thesalsaman 173 37
Death Wish [Alucard x Sick!Reader]
( Please listen while you read!)
My beloved,
I am fully aware of what you are, and what you have become.
You belong to a world engulfed in darkness, while I dwell in the light. You hold strength that crush men’s bones into dust, that would leave an army of the most courageous cavalrymen quivering in fear, a strength so great even the Devil cowers in fear.
Yet, I tremble just from venturing out of my bed.
But, I care not.
My feelings for you remain as they always were, unwavering and true.
Despite its frailty, despite the meaningless impact my life possesses in this world,
I love you.
Pathetic, is it not? A feeble human doting on a feared demon?
I ask you not to reciprocate these foolish feelings.
I only inquire that you be the one to bid me farewell as I depart this world.
With a low sigh, vibrating the entirety of his chest, he carefully folded the note, slipp
:iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 219 77
alucard's sane face motivational by alucardserasfangirl alucard's sane face motivational :iconalucardserasfangirl:alucardserasfangirl 422 89