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The Aristocrats! by TheBombDiggity666 The Aristocrats! :iconthebombdiggity666:TheBombDiggity666 716 176 Anime Wolf Group Commission by WildSpiritWolf Anime Wolf Group Commission :iconwildspiritwolf:WildSpiritWolf 10,807 1,914 PM 454 Casull Auto by Hoborginc PM 454 Casull Auto :iconhoborginc:Hoborginc 308 83 PM Jackal by Hoborginc PM Jackal :iconhoborginc:Hoborginc 437 131 Hellsing Alucard Shimeji by UniGalvacron Hellsing Alucard Shimeji :iconunigalvacron:UniGalvacron 266 111
Bloody Tulips (Alucard x Reader) Chapter 1
"Okay, so you want me to believe that zombies-"
"Ghouls exist along side these things or...v-vampires?"
"...Haha, yeah right!" Why didn't you listen to your friend. You should have believed her. If you did, you wouldn't be staring Death right in the eye at this very moment.
"Welcome to Hell, my pretty little flower." Oh, welcome to Hell, indeed.
(An hour earlier)
You hummed a gentle and merry tune as you grabbed your belongings near your friends coat rack, a smile forming onto your face as you thought of the warm bath waiting for you at home. A hand gently placed itself onto your shoulder and you jumped in surprise. You turned around and instantly found your best friend Stacie giving you a look; a look that clearly said you were insane.
"You aren't seriously thinking of going out there, are you?" You merely blinked at her question.
"Yeah, I have to go home eventually, Stacie."
"I know, but it's almost midnight! You could get hurt or worse!" You rolled your eyes and rem
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Alucard by Alaiaorax Alucard :iconalaiaorax:Alaiaorax 334 28
Papa!Alucard x Child!reader
You nudged the slumbering man in the ribs with your elbow, and frowned when you received no response. Nothing in all the world would wake him now. Your father had the nasty habits of sleeping soundly though the night and going to bed early, he had little regard for your insomnia. A promise made more than thirty years ago was enough to keep you awake until all hours of the morning. You had to try and wake him. The sun would rise any time now and you didn't want to miss seeing the first rays of light warm the earth, a sight he had been promising to show you for many months now. How long had it been since you had been able to see the morning light? You had lost count of the days long ago.
"Papa." You said a little louder, and shook his body slightly.
Nothing. His grip tightened around your emaciated body and he burrowed his face deeper into your rather messy hair. He might have murmured something of an admonishment, commanding you to go back to sleep. Yet presently you did not c
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Dark Werewolf by WildSpiritWolf Dark Werewolf :iconwildspiritwolf:WildSpiritWolf 4,054 416 Tda Bella Haku append - DOWNLOAD by YamiSweet Tda Bella Haku append - DOWNLOAD :iconyamisweet:YamiSweet 560 54 Mozilla Hellhound Icon by mistressmariko Mozilla Hellhound Icon :iconmistressmariko:mistressmariko 315 59 The lights went down as she entered the room by Synthucard The lights went down as she entered the room :iconsynthucard:Synthucard 347 9 Drink hair and eat your teeth by Synthucard Drink hair and eat your teeth :iconsynthucard:Synthucard 607 73 Vampires 101 by Silverwingfox Vampires 101 :iconsilverwingfox:Silverwingfox 1,102 407 halloween cat FREELINE by arucarrd halloween cat FREELINE :iconarucarrd:arucarrd 339 63 Inktober - Alucard by Precia-T Inktober - Alucard :iconprecia-t:Precia-T 803 25 Tda Chibi Miku - DOWNLOAD by YamiSweet Tda Chibi Miku - DOWNLOAD :iconyamisweet:YamiSweet 511 79 Hexafusion - Integra, Yang, Rushuna by RobertFiddler Hexafusion - Integra, Yang, Rushuna :iconrobertfiddler:RobertFiddler 159 20
Bloody Tulips (Alucard x Reader) Chapter 10
(A motel in St. Rose)
"My love, wake up..." You groaned as you turned your head away from the sudden voice. You had heard it before. It was deep, powerful, sometimes husky when the mood called for it, and it was...annoyingly insistent for attention. Reason why, it loved to pester you. "Come on, flower, open your eyes so that I may look into those gorgeous (e/c) gems of yours."
"Nooo...I wanna sleep." The voice chuckled at your childish reply and kissed your temple.
"You have slept long enough. Now come on and get up. There is something I not only wish to show you, but I also need to discuss a few things with you as well."
Groaning once more, you begrudgingly nodded your head and sat up from...a couch? Wait, weren't you "tied up" before? You slowly opened your eyes, waiting for them to adjust to the light, and took in your surroundings. It looked as if you were in a hotel of sorts, or maybe a motel. You rose up to your feet to get a better look of things and noticed that Alucard was sit
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Alucard and Child!reader: The Tall Man
It was the year you turned twelve and the leaves were falling that the tall man came, as though a Godsend.
Everyone was talking witchcraft in the village. The Widow Ashe had been missing for almost a week now and though hunting parties were sent out many times to search for her nothing was ever found. The minister of your small village preached long, arduous sermons about the sins of the fathers and demons of hell coming in the rapture to collect the souls of the dammed. Of course your parents were convinced it was all because of your idle nature and lashed out at you so frequently that for a time you were afraid to even sleep for fear of being idle.
Then the children of the town began to complain that a tall man with eyes red as the Devil’s watched them from outside their windows as they lay to sleep. Though many tried to remedy this with blessings and heavy curtains, it did nothing to deter their nighttime visitor.
“Why must you sin so often?” your father would bell
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