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Harriet Potter by Glee-chan Harriet Potter :iconglee-chan:Glee-chan 271 33 The golden Trio genderbend by Isuani The golden Trio genderbend :iconisuani:Isuani 198 19 Harriet Lily Potter by MgcUsr Harriet Lily Potter :iconmgcusr:MgcUsr 295 31
The Adventures of Harriet Potter: Year One - Ch1*
Chapter 1
The Violinist
“Nothing is ever as it appears. Ever does both preconception and experience colour perception. We cannot avoid them, but we can all better serve ourselves by being aware of their influence.”
General (ret.) Jigme Dorji Wengshuk
The sound of voices filled the open area in front of the large building. The din was so loud almost nothing else could be heard but the sound of the cars that bustled by in the crowded streets and streamed in and out of the parking lot. Throughout Paddington Station, the guards grumbled to themselves at the absurd levels of people pouring into the station. The veteran guards, of course, were prepared for it, as it was always like this on the First of September, though none of them could think of why.
The station was packed with crowds of travellers and commuters, but there were others who were at best difficult to ignore. They were often
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Bitch Harriet by k2sh Bitch Harriet :iconk2sh:k2sh 76 0 The girl who lived by Ariada The girl who lived :iconariada:Ariada 111 14 Magic by Rinaca-Cosplay Magic :iconrinaca-cosplay:Rinaca-Cosplay 86 13 Hiding from Malfoy T by Epe Hiding from Malfoy T :iconepe:Epe 162 11 Drarry by Rinaca-Cosplay Drarry :iconrinaca-cosplay:Rinaca-Cosplay 216 9 Prom Begging by Epe Prom Begging :iconepe:Epe 441 58 Chibi Genderbend!Drarry by Cremebunny Chibi Genderbend!Drarry :iconcremebunny:Cremebunny 198 49 Wands at the ready by Rinaca-Cosplay Wands at the ready :iconrinaca-cosplay:Rinaca-Cosplay 62 6 Harriet Potter by SlyGoddess Harriet Potter :iconslygoddess:SlyGoddess 450 30 A Butterfly Effect by SlyGoddess A Butterfly Effect :iconslygoddess:SlyGoddess 128 3
TG - Harry Potter and the Descendent Covenant 2
The first thing that Harry noticed was that his head seemed to be being propped up by something. His body was lying on the cold, stone floor while it contorted and submitted to the transformation, but his head was being cushioned by something. Running his hands up, face startled and praying for help, he felt long, luscious, black locks were sprouting from his head and flowing out until they reached around two feet in length. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing.
Snape rushed to the back of the classroom, thrusting the crowding students out of the way, and kneeling next to Harry, wordlessly casting as many disarmament charms as he was able. They lit up Harry’s body in brilliant colours, but did nothing to abate the ongoing malady.
“Get back!” Snape roared as Dean Thomas and Seamus Finnegan attempted a closer look. The necklace which had wrapped itself around Harry was glowing gold, with pink tendrils, and demonstrating a rather considerable display of power for
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Fem Harry by SlyGoddess Fem Harry :iconslygoddess:SlyGoddess 135 6 Honeydukes goodies by Rinaca-Cosplay Honeydukes goodies :iconrinaca-cosplay:Rinaca-Cosplay 39 3 Copious Physical Exertion by SlyGoddess Copious Physical Exertion :iconslygoddess:SlyGoddess 208 14 The A.B.E. HP Gang by SlyGoddess The A.B.E. HP Gang :iconslygoddess:SlyGoddess 96 6 Harriet Potter- TomRubalcava by SlyGoddess Harriet Potter- TomRubalcava :iconslygoddess:SlyGoddess 124 16 Harriet Potter + Wand by SlyGoddess Harriet Potter + Wand :iconslygoddess:SlyGoddess 137 7 The Girl Who Lived by Rinaca-Cosplay The Girl Who Lived :iconrinaca-cosplay:Rinaca-Cosplay 51 15