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Naruto Seven Minutes In Heaven Gaara
         You are called to the center of the room to take your turn. You press your hand through the massive amount of items inside the bucket and start the search. Something with many different textures captures your attention. After picking it up, you identify it as a puppet made in the likeness of Gaara. "Is this yours Gaara?"
Gaara shook his head, but Kankuro answered. "Yeah, that's his. He wouldn't put anything in the bucket, so I put something in there for him." Gaara glared at Kankuro, but said nothing.
Jiraiya let out a loud laugh. "That was pretty smart. Nice job there Kankuro. Now come on Gaara, I know your a Kage, but you still have to play." Gaara didn't say anything. He just slowly stood up and walked to the closet. His face was covered in a deep red blush. You and Jiraiya followed close behind. Well I do hope you to have some fun in there. I'll see you both in seven minutes." Jiraiya shut and locked the door causing immediate darkness to fall over
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Norway x Reader: It's You
His locker nearly slammed into your face.
You caught yourself just in time, staring up at the blond. Lukas Bondevik just barely glanced at you before he returned those dull, blue eyes to the inside of his locker, pulling out his history textbook.
“Are you going to stand there all day?” he asked you, but he sounded very monotone, and he didn’t even look at you while he spoke. Lukas, instead, leafed through a notebook, trying to locate something. “Something might hit you in the head if you don’t move,” he continued, and you wondered if he only said that because he had nearly knocked you out with his locker door.
You turned away from him, quickly opening your own locker and taking out your English textbook. “Thanks for worrying about my wellbeing,” you murmured as you located your English binder.
“Please don’t confuse it with worry,” Lukas answered, and he continued to keep his tone as blasé as possible. It was as if
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