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DIZZY by Mebon DIZZY :iconmebon:Mebon 151 3 I-no by Mebon I-no :iconmebon:Mebon 177 5 Sol Badguy + Dragon Install by na-insoo Sol Badguy + Dragon Install :iconna-insoo:na-insoo 108 5 VENOM by Mebon VENOM :iconmebon:Mebon 364 23 Baiken by Mebon Baiken :iconmebon:Mebon 193 2 Christmas Sol Badguy by na-insoo Christmas Sol Badguy :iconna-insoo:na-insoo 117 8 RAAGE by na-insoo RAAGE :iconna-insoo:na-insoo 82 2
Guilty! Sol Badguy Ignites Death Battle!

Sol Badguy
Real name: Frederick Bulsara
Aliases: Flame of Corruption, The Immoral Flame, The God of War, The Guilty Gear, Badguy, Monster, The Dragon, The Wheels that Turn the World
Age: Claims to have forgotten, but should at least be a little over 170
Height: 6’0
Weight: 163 lbs
Occupation: Scientist (formerly), Bounty Hunter, Gear Hunter
First Appearance: Guilty Gear (May 14, 1998)

-Majored in Magic Particle Physics
-Served as one of the lead scientists in the Gear Project, which was meant to advance evolution and make humanity stronger
-Was forcibly converted into the first Prototype Gear by his friend Asuka R. Kreutz, AKA That Man
-Crafted the Gear Cell Inhibitor Device to suppress his power
-Destroyed several Gear Plants, earning him the nickname “Badguy” due to the police being unable to identify him
-Created the Outrage, a series of tools that boost the user
:iconbr3ndan5:Br3ndan5 24 10
RAMLETHAL by Mebon RAMLETHAL :iconmebon:Mebon 118 2 Baiken Xrd Rev 2 (WIP) by Dejaguar Baiken Xrd Rev 2 (WIP) :icondejaguar:Dejaguar 77 9 Day 285 Baiken by TomatoStyles Day 285 Baiken :icontomatostyles:TomatoStyles 62 2 Happy Halloween by cva1046 Happy Halloween :iconcva1046:cva1046 72 1 Baiken Guilty Gear Cropped by ArtistNtraininG Baiken Guilty Gear Cropped :iconartistntraining:ArtistNtraininG 40 2 Baiken Walk 1.3 by MuayThaiBirne Baiken Walk 1.3 :iconmuaythaibirne:MuayThaiBirne 9 0 GUILTY GEAR XRD R2 Answer by kero22 GUILTY GEAR XRD R2 Answer :iconkero22:kero22 32 0 I-no by ArticDungeon I-no :iconarticdungeon:ArticDungeon 38 2 Axl Low and Benten COMMISSION by Mebon Axl Low and Benten COMMISSION :iconmebon:Mebon 50 4 Guilty gear: Baiken. by MidstOfSkyHaven Guilty gear: Baiken. :iconmidstofskyhaven:MidstOfSkyHaven 29 12 Baiken (Guilty Gear) by mrh4wk Baiken (Guilty Gear) :iconmrh4wk:mrh4wk 38 8 Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 - Baiken by pikapika212 Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 - Baiken :iconpikapika212:pikapika212 35 8 I still dont understand the plot  by snacknea I still dont understand the plot :iconsnacknea:snacknea 27 3 Guilty Gear Xrd Baiken by BNCD108 Guilty Gear Xrd Baiken :iconbncd108:BNCD108 16 2 Baiken by Kesshi011 Baiken :iconkesshi011:Kesshi011 25 0