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Just Chibi Monika [+Video] by Aizuumi Just Chibi Monika [+Video] :iconaizuumi:Aizuumi 482 51 Contemplation by DestinyBlue Contemplation :icondestinyblue:DestinyBlue 7,665 241
Spark Light - Loki x Reader

Tendrils of smoke rose from the lab room.
One would think Tony or Bruce caused this explosion. Nope. It was you.
“Holy sh*t!.... Awesome!” Tony exclaimed.
“Ahaha! Woo~! That was the biggest one yet! High five!” You agreed.
*A high five commences*
“I swear if you both do that again the other guy will not be as patient!” Bruce bellowed turning slightly green.
You giggled behind your hand. “Don’t get so worked up Bruce! Tony and I are only messing around”
Tony nodded and leisurely put an arm around Bruce. “Yeah try to live a little, science buddy”
Bruce shook Tony off of him. “Don’t science buddy me” He turned to you. “_____ remind me why you hang out with this guy?”
“Hey!” Tony said a bit hurt.
You replied, “Cause it’s fun to mess with you Bruce~” A spark of light (not like a star, just a ball of light) erupted
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