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Kamen Rider Build Flash Belt 1.332 by CometComics Kamen Rider Build Flash Belt 1.332 :iconcometcomics:CometComics 2,412 7,109 Kamen Rider OOO Flash Belt 1.123 by CometComics Kamen Rider OOO Flash Belt 1.123 :iconcometcomics:CometComics 342 400 Tank by Nat10730 Tank :iconnat10730:Nat10730 7,641 202 Donkey Kong BADASS by Tohad Donkey Kong BADASS :icontohad:Tohad 1,006 107 Plastic Army by michaelkutsche Plastic Army :iconmichaelkutsche:michaelkutsche 4,611 262 Slow and cute by VanyCat Slow and cute :iconvanycat:VanyCat 283 36 If you're Leni, then who is that? by eagc7 If you're Leni, then who is that? :iconeagc7:eagc7 367 130 Primate Pokemon by DragonlordRynn Primate Pokemon :icondragonlordrynn:DragonlordRynn 428 197 Godzilla - Rampage [COMMISSION] by RoFlo-Felorez Godzilla - Rampage [COMMISSION] :iconroflo-felorez:RoFlo-Felorez 569 102
Sexy Love Handles And Booty (Reiner x Reader)
DISCLAIMER: This story is not an AU or remake. It’s going to flow with the original story but there will be some minor changes. It’s just a short.
Rating: Coarse Language. Sexual References. FLUFFY Themes.

       “No, it’s definitely Eren.”
       “Yeah right. Bertolt absolutely.”
       “What about Connie, or Jean? Marco?”
       “Ooh and let’s not forget Armin.”
       You sat on your bed in the girl’s dormitory reading your book in utmost solace. Licking your lips and turning the page you ignored the chatter of the girls. Mikasa and Annie were having a go at each other and all you heard were the names ‘Eren’ and ‘Bertolt’ repeated over endlessly with the other boys’ names on o
:iconreiner-x-atashi:Reiner-X-Atashi 630 116
Old Blank Journal by goRillA-iNK Old Blank Journal :icongorilla-ink:goRillA-iNK 372 44 DCU Vol.14: Secret Society by alexmax DCU Vol.14: Secret Society :iconalexmax:alexmax 630 64 The Legend of Tarzan by Fairloke The Legend of Tarzan :iconfairloke:Fairloke 237 55 Gorilla Tank by BenMauro Gorilla Tank :iconbenmauro:BenMauro 1,486 60 Requiem for Hope by AquaSixio Requiem for Hope :iconaquasixio:AquaSixio 1,690 210
Examining You (Reiner x Reader) [AU]
DISCLAIMER: This story is an AU or remake. It’s not going to flow with the original story and there will be major changes to the original storyline.
Rating: FLUFF. Mild Coarse Language. Sexual References.

Something in your pocket was constantly buzzing and vibrating and it irritated the crap out of you. After finishing your supplementary exam paper you let up and pulled your unyielding device out. Looking intently at it your inbox was flooded with messages that looked like spam. From who? Well,
‘Reiner Braun; 11 unread messages’
“What the hell?” You thought to yourself. Ignoring the stash of messages you sent him a fresh one.
‘(Name): (1:12PM) - “Stop spamming me with messages Reiner. I can’t be bothered reading them now. Just tell me straight what’s up.” - (11/04/2014)’
Setting your phone down you filed away your study notes. A minute later you got a reply.
‘Reiner: (1:13PM) - “I
:iconreiner-x-atashi:Reiner-X-Atashi 392 88
Gorilla Grodd (Earth-27) commission by phil-cho Gorilla Grodd (Earth-27) commission :iconphil-cho:phil-cho 328 55 TankHead Mk. II by emersontung TankHead Mk. II :iconemersontung:emersontung 1,326 39 Gutteral Response by BenWootten Gutteral Response :iconbenwootten:BenWootten 450 38 George by HZ-Designs George :iconhz-designs:HZ-Designs 95 4 Hyperendocryn Colossus by Rodrigo-Vega Hyperendocryn Colossus :iconrodrigo-vega:Rodrigo-Vega 507 28 Meanwhile at the zoo by Gamecreature Meanwhile at the zoo :icongamecreature:Gamecreature 499 58