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The Four Themes of Hogwarts
The Four Founders:
Themes of Hogwarts
By: FoenFyre
Of the Eagle
Fly high and fast into the wide expanse of sky
Knowledge can't be reached or gained
Without strong, wide wings to make your way
Of the Lion
Continue to hold your head up proudly
Stand roaring in your foe's path
For only in bravery and defiance
Can your pride roam free
Of the Snake
A word of caution if you please
Heed the serpent's tongue
For in it leads
The path of greatness
To others despair
For in ambition
Only the snake doth tread
Of the Badger
To look through eyes free of hate
To look upon others
Not their mistakes
To work all day
For what is earned
Is exemplified by the badger
With whom lessons are often learned
:iconfoenfyre:FoenFyre 26 4
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