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Please, Just Hold Me (Loki x Reader)
"Loki..." You murmured, hugging the pillow like a surrogate teddy bear. "Please."
The room changed. At least the air did. You could feel him now, his heavy presence permeating the darkness.  A warm hand pressed into your back, soothing your aching body for a moment. You laid still among your bedsheets, waiting for him to crawl in after you. Loki still hovered over your being, looking concerned under a thick mask of arrogance.
"You called?" He tilted his head, rounding the room so he could face your tear filled eyes. "My love, who has hurt you?"
You tried to answer before choking back a sob, dissolving into a deeper sadness. Trying to say it aloud made the pain sharper.
"Tell me his name. Tell me so I can cut his mortal string short. I'll make him feel a pain much worse than yours." Loki spoke through gritted teeth.
"Don't." You whispered with a crack in your voice. "Could you, I, I just need you to hold me."
He finally got into the bed, his armor disappearing out of necessity. He
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