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Glory of Icarus by ReyeD33 Glory of Icarus :iconreyed33:ReyeD33 1,098 252 No guts... No gorey by AustenMengler No guts... No gorey :iconaustenmengler:AustenMengler 260 82 Sanatorium by JonasDeRo Sanatorium :iconjonasdero:JonasDeRo 6,564 284 Blackjack and Glory Huggles by Vector-Brony Blackjack and Glory Huggles :iconvector-brony:Vector-Brony 154 20 Naruto Rokudaime Hokage by DarkFlameDragon Naruto Rokudaime Hokage :icondarkflamedragon:DarkFlameDragon 459 51 Hapsburg Europe 1550 by Hillfighter Hapsburg Europe 1550 :iconhillfighter:Hillfighter 221 26 Knight of Glory by PeteMohrbacher Knight of Glory :iconpetemohrbacher:PeteMohrbacher 2,983 47 Justice Friends Avengers Poster (Original) by StevenRayBrown Justice Friends Avengers Poster (Original) :iconstevenraybrown:StevenRayBrown 1,581 234 Tanit-Isis Pink Glamour IV by tanit-isis-stock Tanit-Isis Pink Glamour IV :icontanit-isis-stock:tanit-isis-stock 493 81 Death is Nothing by ErikShoemaker Death is Nothing :iconerikshoemaker:ErikShoemaker 426 120 Eldar Howling Banshee Exarch by Sokil-Su Eldar Howling Banshee Exarch :iconsokil-su:Sokil-Su 1,017 191 Rainy Days by Frostar-of-IceClan Rainy Days :iconfrostar-of-iceclan:Frostar-of-IceClan 257 54 Wings of Fire -  Glory by AbelPhee Wings of Fire - Glory :iconabelphee:AbelPhee 479 18 NY by Nayshie NY :iconnayshie:Nayshie 1,285 48 Springsteen Day by Culpeo-Fox Springsteen Day :iconculpeo-fox:Culpeo-Fox 2,743 510 Born This Way by mibou Born This Way :iconmibou:mibou 3,263 161 Calamity and Glory playing Fallout 4 by Vector-Brony Calamity and Glory playing Fallout 4 :iconvector-brony:Vector-Brony 421 88 The Seven Year War: Year One by ukitakumuki The Seven Year War: Year One :iconukitakumuki:ukitakumuki 1,930 456 Tanit-Isis-Blood on Roses Stock I by tanit-isis-stock Tanit-Isis-Blood on Roses Stock I :icontanit-isis-stock:tanit-isis-stock 511 53 Wings of Fire by RhynoBullraq Wings of Fire :iconrhynobullraq:RhynoBullraq 566 252 October rust by PawelMatys October rust :iconpawelmatys:PawelMatys 3,042 335 The Dragonets Of Destiny by Blaze-TFD The Dragonets Of Destiny :iconblaze-tfd:Blaze-TFD 805 128 Glory by realityDream Glory :iconrealitydream:realityDream 7,552 663 Glory Winddancer by liiga Glory Winddancer :iconliiga:liiga 2,391 125 The Fallen by piepon The Fallen :iconpiepon:piepon 588 41
The Creator's Game
Rain splashed at the wide window. Lightning flashed, brightening up the office, showing the silhouette of a man. Footsteps soon followed, indicated only by the slight vibrations in the floor, since the raging storm drowned out all noise.
Another flash. This time, the man was much closer, and appeared to be heading toward the door. He may have seen me in the flash, though I doubt he could make out my features any more than I could see his, and instead he merely knew that the safest option was to escape from the mysterious intruder while he still had the chance.
The door opened, and light trickled into the room. I saw his face, old and wrinkled, carrying a look of surprise and anger. I rushed to the door, and chased my target down the hallway, holding the miniature bomb in my hand. He turned to look at his killer, eyes wide with the realization of my identity, before sprinting to the stairs and screaming for security.
If he hadn't looked back, he might have got away. I caught him opening
:icongoldshroom:goldshroom 240 33
Wings of Fire - Jambu, Glory and Silver by DMD-CT Wings of Fire - Jambu, Glory and Silver :icondmd-ct:DMD-CT 309 45 The Best Of The Wasteland by Vector-Brony The Best Of The Wasteland :iconvector-brony:Vector-Brony 646 97 skull by AndreySkull skull :iconandreyskull:AndreySkull 368 17 Arkona-Decade of Glory by anotherwanderer Arkona-Decade of Glory :iconanotherwanderer:anotherwanderer 476 64 Stories From The Nile by 3mmI Stories From The Nile :icon3mmi:3mmI 393 70 Fluttershy Relations by AquaticNeon Fluttershy Relations :iconaquaticneon:AquaticNeon 1,142 147 Transcendence by Julian-Faylona Transcendence :iconjulian-faylona:Julian-Faylona 1,579 171 Hometown Glory by krmenxa Hometown Glory :iconkrmenxa:krmenxa 608 68 Wings of Heaven by HannahDoma Wings of Heaven :iconhannahdoma:HannahDoma 624 127 Take My Wing by ukitakumuki Take My Wing :iconukitakumuki:ukitakumuki 3,146 1,046 Glory by JeanFan Glory :iconjeanfan:JeanFan 308 15 consenso al sogno by NatalieKelsey consenso al sogno :iconnataliekelsey:NatalieKelsey 224 202 One last goodbye by Vector-Brony One last goodbye :iconvector-brony:Vector-Brony 342 25 winter morning glory by utopic-man winter morning glory :iconutopic-man:utopic-man 3,011 138 Scent of the Rising Steel by MaiAnhTran Scent of the Rising Steel :iconmaianhtran:MaiAnhTran 229 29 L5R - Glory by reau L5R - Glory :iconreau:reau 586 12 Eye Of Ra by Nayshie Eye Of Ra :iconnayshie:Nayshie 495 39 Rarity Relations by AquaticNeon Rarity Relations :iconaquaticneon:AquaticNeon 986 131 Runescape Dragon Chainmaille by Kithplana Runescape Dragon Chainmaille :iconkithplana:Kithplana 496 472 .: Morning Glory :. by hellfirediva .: Morning Glory :. :iconhellfirediva:hellfirediva 1,397 245 Kings of the Sky by RakelClark Kings of the Sky :iconrakelclark:RakelClark 1,670 279