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So, you've played through all of  the original pokemon games huh? You beat the Elite Four, trounced your rival, and even ventured into that mysterious cave and took on Mewtwo. You've raised a party of Level 100s, have every pokemon in the game, hell, you even did the Mew glitch as well didn't ya? You've got em all, probably caught a MissingNo or two just to tempt fate and came out on top, without even your Hall of Fame scratched.
But there is something you've probably not seen. We all have our theories what lies in that tall grass beyond the impassible walls to the west of Pallet Town. Sure, you can glitch over it with a game shark and wander the vast expanse of the field for fun, but game sharks have a nasty habit of messing things up, in this case, using one deletes the final secret held within the Pokemon Red version. If you want to see the secret the game shark shields you from, it is not hard.
Upon your complete conquest of the Elite Four and completing your Pokedex, ret
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Undertale: Determination Error by kiyasuriin Undertale: Determination Error :iconkiyasuriin:kiyasuriin 1,097 93