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FFXV - Gladiolus by yuuike FFXV - Gladiolus :iconyuuike:yuuike 488 20 Triple Gladiolus by lgliang Triple Gladiolus :iconlgliang:lgliang 133 4 Gladiolus and Kasumi. by WOLFBLADE111 Gladiolus and Kasumi. :iconwolfblade111:WOLFBLADE111 37 33 Till death do us part by ciceon Till death do us part :iconciceon:ciceon 68 7 FFXV - Car Safety by AmayaMarieSuta FFXV - Car Safety :iconamayamariesuta:AmayaMarieSuta 80 16 Kingdom Hearts IV Crystal of Light - Logo by AsylusGoji91 Kingdom Hearts IV Crystal of Light - Logo :iconasylusgoji91:AsylusGoji91 71 96 Gladiolus Amicitia by xVladTepesx Gladiolus Amicitia :iconxvladtepesx:xVladTepesx 16 31 # Leiden Pepper Bae by FuturisticHedgie # Leiden Pepper Bae :iconfuturistichedgie:FuturisticHedgie 46 10 Z e r o by FuturisticHedgie Z e r o :iconfuturistichedgie:FuturisticHedgie 51 16
[FFXV] Camping Trip - Gladio x Reader
Gladio stretched himself, after you both arrived somewhere in a forest. It was not a dangerous place though, since the Daemon Hunters cleared the whole area from monsters. And even if there would be some lingering, Gladio was strong enough to keep you save. “Ah. What a wonderful place for our camping trip. Don’t you think so, [Y/n]-chan?” he asked and turned to you, his smile as wide as his broad shoulders. You gave him a mild smile, still feeling drained and a bit sad from your rough week at work. “Aw, don’t give me that forced smile. Just do it, when you feel like it, sweetheart.” Gladio sighed and hugged you from behind, making your head lean against his chest. You closed your eyes and enjoyed being near him. “I’m sorry. I’m just very tired.” you admitted and felt his arms tighten around you, though he still kept his strength back to not crush you. “I know. That’s why we take this trip so you can recover.”
:iconsekata:Sekata 33 0
Infiltrating Imperial Base! by CocoDeathMetaller Infiltrating Imperial Base! :iconcocodeathmetaller:CocoDeathMetaller 18 2 Reading a book in a peaceful place by KoriYL Reading a book in a peaceful place :iconkoriyl:KoriYL 23 2 So How Are You Taking It? by Erandiaaa So How Are You Taking It? :iconerandiaaa:Erandiaaa 10 8 Gladnis by Lindsay-N-Poulos Gladnis :iconlindsay-n-poulos:Lindsay-N-Poulos 20 2 Gladiolus Final Fantasy XV cosplay by CocoDeathMetaller Gladiolus Final Fantasy XV cosplay :iconcocodeathmetaller:CocoDeathMetaller 16 2 Gladio with a chocobo chick by CrowningCrow Gladio with a chocobo chick :iconcrowningcrow:CrowningCrow 23 3 Happy Birthday Noctis by Lindsay-N-Poulos Happy Birthday Noctis :iconlindsay-n-poulos:Lindsay-N-Poulos 17 0 Werewolf Gladio - Final Fantasy XV by Lindsay-N-Poulos Werewolf Gladio - Final Fantasy XV :iconlindsay-n-poulos:Lindsay-N-Poulos 12 0
Knuckles to Gladiolus Amicitia TF AP (Request)
Knuckles was on his own in a forest, looking for a Chaos Emerald.
"I just need one more and I'll have them all," said Knuckles.
Knuckles left the other Emeralds in a hole in the ground so no one could find them except for Knuckles. When he looked under every other rock, he couldn't find the last Emerald.
"I hope nobody took the last Emerald," said Knuckles. "It belongs in good hands, and never evil."
Knuckles looked straight and saw a woman with black clothes and hair.
"Who are you?" asked Knuckles.
"My name is Gentiana," said the woman. "I heard that you're looking for something."
"I'm Knuckles," said Knuckles. "I'm looking for the last Chaos Emerald. I also haven't seen my friends Sonic or Tails lately. I wonder where they are."
"I know where they are," said Gentiana. "Before I can take you to them, take this."
Gentiana gave Knuckles a large blade, which glowed in Knuckles' hands. His eyes shrunk and separated as his eye color became amber. He slowly grew taller until he was 6'6". Hi
:iconanimegamer30:AnimeGamer30 13 0
Mom and Dad power!! doodles by narumitsulawyer Mom and Dad power!! doodles :iconnarumitsulawyer:narumitsulawyer 9 2 gladiolus by amatoy gladiolus :iconamatoy:amatoy 12 0 Gladiolus Break Time by LadyEnnalissia Gladiolus Break Time :iconladyennalissia:LadyEnnalissia 17 14 Gladio's birthday by AkiraKuroki Gladio's birthday :iconakirakuroki:AkiraKuroki 13 0