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Hogwarts Castle by LeahRosslyn Hogwarts Castle :iconleahrosslyn:LeahRosslyn 192 86 Harry Potter - Deathmatch by sora-ko Harry Potter - Deathmatch :iconsora-ko:sora-ko 1,097 171 Hogwarts Professors by Belegilgalad Hogwarts Professors :iconbelegilgalad:Belegilgalad 847 197 Ch6 COS Gilderoy Lockhart by Ileranerak Ch6 COS Gilderoy Lockhart :iconileranerak:Ileranerak 551 50 Lockhart by uppuN Lockhart :iconuppun:uppuN 310 28 Tonks Kiss doll by martinacecilia Tonks Kiss doll :iconmartinacecilia:martinacecilia 79 34
Girl, Fifteen, To A Lover She'll Never Meet
Thursday nights are silver screened.
At nine, it's time once again to air
the prelude to a dream.
I wait, eyes square, for the immaculate
contours of your face to appear:
the features of a lover I'll never meet.
It seems strange to say
(a kind of admission of defeat),
but to be honest I'm OK
with the pause, rewind, replay
that makes up our relationship.
You have to admit,
knowing I'd never flip
channels or walk out when
you're in a scene
is a devotion, of sorts.
I expect nothing in return.
I know you know nothing of me.
But I can't help but love you;
your close-ups, your scripted smile,
the way you lean towards the screen
of your plastic box and speak
only and always to me.
How could I not - a lonely girl,
curled on the sofa - have eyes
only for you? Think of it
(as I do) as a healthy obsession.
Because it's true, I'll say it,
I think you're perfection.
But don't worry: I'm OK with only
watching from afar, only dreaming
of a touch or a kiss. It's enough
for me just to see you on screen
:iconangel-in-pieces:angel-in-pieces 264 50
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