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Nicole's Ascension (Story and drawing)
They say college has a way of changing a person. Heh, I guess they were right. If you told me when I started at UW-O this year, that by the end of October I would become a goddess I would have thought you were crazy! But… I guess you can’t argue with results. I mean, have you seen the headlines? “Freshman outgrows her college.”  Oh and, “Nicole Ange: Towers Above the Countryside.” And my personal favorite, “Freshman Ange Heads Home: A Giantess Tale.”

Now, how I got this big was a total accident, but one that I am not complaining about. It totally made college worth it. You see I was just your normal everyday freshman, though I am fucking hot as hell! Many of the guys on campus thought so too, in fact that is how I got into the science building on that fateful day.

You see I had to take this stupid human biology course, you know gen ed’s and all that
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SSBBW Date Part 1
Her name was Isabella, and he was having a date with her tonight. He had met her online, just seemingly randomly, but they hit it off quick. Although he didn’t really know much about her, he knew that she was a beautiful girl, with a great smile and a fun look to her eyes.  It would be his first proper relationship, and he had to make sure that he was as ready as possible. His hair was waxed just right, his face shaved of stubble, and his clothes clean and ironed. It would be a date at the local buffet, nothing too serious, just something casual to get used to her and learn more about her interests and likes. Plus with buffet, there’s enough choice that anyone could be happy. Moving towards the mirror, he looked at himself.
“Alright Alex, I got everything, I’ve texted her and I’m ready to go.” He said to himself in the mirror, quietly out of habit of others noticing. He wondered to himself what she would be like in person. It would be the first
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New York Giantess (story)
It was a just another typical day in New York City. Everyone was going about their daily business, rushing from one place to another, traffic clogging the streets, nothing out of the ordinary. In fact even the weather was very mild. It was very clear and a comfortable 70 degrees. Nothing about this day would be considered out of the ordinary, except perhaps just how ordinary it really was. A group of geologists at a power plant were monitoring the seismic activity in the Earth for earthquakes. Even though an earthquake almost never happens in New York it was still necessary for the plant to monitor it because in the case of an earthquake it would have to perform some safety procedures to keep it from being destroyed and causing a fire in the city.
At first nothing out of the ordinary was detected, it looked to be another very boring and uneventful day for the poor man who had to stare at it all day waiting for that earthquake warning that never would come. As he was almost falling asle
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Hannah's Kind of a Big Deal 2
Giants are supposed to be things of myth and legend. History is filled with tales of giants and their exploits. In America giants were not woven into the culture as much as in the old world instead there were tall-tales that told the stories of individuals who were larger than life and were metaphorical giants.
One thing was for certain for Hannah she was no tall-tale or storybook giant but she was now very much a giant among people. She had always been tall even really tall but now she had left that adjective far below.
She took up the better part of a room. Her wingspan could easily reach across her bedroom, which was a good-sized room. She couldn’t stand up straight anywhere in her home. Everything that she had and knew was too small and no longer worked for her. Her cell phone was useless. Her shoes, her pants and shirts everything was much too small for her. He only real option to be dressed was to wrap up in her bed sheets like some kind of toga.
She was frantic while she w
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Titanic in Titans Tower by Jackurai Titanic in Titans Tower :iconjackurai:Jackurai 1,081 576
Hannah's Kind of a Big Deal 3
Two days had passed since the growth spurt that left her standing over fifteen feet tall, and she had been moved from the doctors’ office under the cover of darkness and taken to the research hospital close to the CDC in Atlanta. She was in a much larger room now and she wore a gown that specially made for her. Eyes took their time when they looked her up and down now and she felt as uncomfortable as ever.
Hannah was hooked into multiple machines and monitors. The doctors had run test and poked and prodded her from head to toe for the better part of those two days and she was growing tired of the ordeal. No one seemed able to explain her rapid growth spurts that had almost doubled her in height, weight, and strength.
There were no deformities in her bones. Her heart seemed to be under no extra strain. Her blood work showed no real problems or issues. Her panels all seemed to be more or less normal. She was just thankful that there had been no more growth in the past two days.
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Mina's Big Adventure
Mina's Big Adventure
Written by Sanone
Composed by Luminar
It was a day just like any other, the sun shone brightly through the windows, casting a warm atmosphere through Mina Sagaia's bedroom. Yawning and rubbing her eyes, she climbed out of bed and immediately headed over to the wall over where her door was. She looked at the markings that were inked along it.
"Okay, let's see if I've gotten any taller!" she said with her cheerful smile.
Grabbing her pen, she positioned herself against the wall then drew a line where the top of her head was. Being only 4'4'', it was no suprise that she was a bit conscious about her size, and being 12 years old didn't make it any more relaxing.
Mina turned around and looked at where the mark had been left... she stared at it silenly.
"What? I'm still the same height?" she sighed. "I'm tired of being so small... I wish I was taller."
Thinking no more of it, she changed out of her pyjamas and into her usual big blue jumper, white socks and shoes. Brushi
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