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Tokyo Ghoul - Anime Wallpaper 1 by ng9 Tokyo Ghoul - Anime Wallpaper 1 :iconng9:ng9 380 25 Skywind - Dagoth Gares' Ilunibi by CentificGrafics Skywind - Dagoth Gares' Ilunibi :iconcentificgrafics:CentificGrafics 226 20 [MMD+DL] Ghoul Miku and Len by 01mikuxlen02 [MMD+DL] Ghoul Miku and Len :icon01mikuxlen02:01mikuxlen02 438 208 Kaneki Ken (Tokyo Ghoul) - Render by azizkeybackspace Kaneki Ken (Tokyo Ghoul) - Render :iconazizkeybackspace:azizkeybackspace 468 25 GHOUL:LUKA HAKU by ThisisKENZ GHOUL:LUKA HAKU :iconthisiskenz:ThisisKENZ 666 101 Tokyo Ghoul Face And Eye Texture 12+ by UtauRueCross Tokyo Ghoul Face And Eye Texture 12+ :iconutauruecross:UtauRueCross 1,164 362 HP_A Ghoulish Mistake by mary-dreams HP_A Ghoulish Mistake :iconmary-dreams:mary-dreams 2,241 220 unravel by h-yde unravel :iconh-yde:h-yde 1,301 100 Mother by JMKilpatrick Mother :iconjmkilpatrick:JMKilpatrick 1,100 108 Till death do us part by dark-spider Till death do us part :icondark-spider:dark-spider 5,732 380
Differences. (Uta x Reader One-Shot)
He should be everything you despise. His appearance, his character, his very being. He was everything that screamed 'abnormal' and yet you couldn't help but feel attracted to this strange guy. You didn't mind the fact that he was a ghoul. In fact, you interacted more with ghouls than with humans. Ever since your parents died and you were taken in by Yoshimura. You never thought a ghoul could be so caring. He taught you everything you knew and now you were working at that small cafe, Anteiku, in the back of an alley. All the non-human customers knew you were not to be touched. You met him at his shop, when Yoshimura asked you to deliver a strange package there.
Your (e/c) hues lit up as they spotted a mask shop. You were intrigued by such things. Yoshimura warned you he had a habit of scaring newcomers, but you didn't take him seriously. That is, until he actually did it, a scream escaping your lips as you put your right hand on your chest, feeling your heart pound like it was about to
:iconxkiaraangelx:xKiaraAngelx 706 94
Behind The Mask [Koutarou Amon x Ghoul!Reader]
For about two months had Amon been watching her. He saw her walk into the coffee shop every morning and walk out with a coffee a few minutes later. Sometimes he would follow her to see where she was going, even if it was the same place each time. A kindergarten. Amon wouldn't call it stalking. Nono. He was simply observing. And it wasn't like he stood hidden in the bushes the whole day, it was only during the mornings. Alright, sometimes he would stay till lunch to see her play with the children and help them clean up after they stuffed their faces with dirt. But what could he say? She was beautiful and kind.
Not that Amon knew her personally. But from what he had observed -not stalked- the way she treated the children and the people around her during her mornings, he could tell she was kind hearted. He could bet that even killing a fly would crush her heart.
She looked so pure and elegant. So kind and loving. Her (h/l) (h/c) hair always looked like it was newly washed and her (e/c) ey
:iconnixdex:nixdex 613 89
death vigil pages1to6 by nebezial death vigil pages1to6 :iconnebezial:nebezial 3,066 453 Drawlloween 2017 - Ghoul by AbigailLarson Drawlloween 2017 - Ghoul :iconabigaillarson:AbigailLarson 1,880 22 Tokyo Ghoul by anikakinka Tokyo Ghoul :iconanikakinka:anikakinka 2,044 35 Tokyo Ghoul - Kaneki by DesignerRenan Tokyo Ghoul - Kaneki :icondesignerrenan:DesignerRenan 546 34 death vigil pages 7 to 10 by nebezial death vigil pages 7 to 10 :iconnebezial:nebezial 2,214 284 death vigil- bear....necessities XD by nebezial death vigil- bear....necessities XD :iconnebezial:nebezial 2,184 215 death vigil page 17 and 18 by nebezial death vigil page 17 and 18 :iconnebezial:nebezial 2,020 412 Ghoul by Disse86 Ghoul :icondisse86:Disse86 1,377 105 Wild Rose II by dark-spider Wild Rose II :icondark-spider:dark-spider 2,659 213 you shall not pass! XD by nebezial you shall not pass! XD :iconnebezial:nebezial 3,013 238