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Ghost Stories Photoshop Action by elestrial Ghost Stories Photoshop Action :iconelestrial:elestrial 3,807 640 The red lady by Sanskarans The red lady :iconsanskarans:Sanskarans 773 58 Ghost Stories by TwiggyTeeluck Ghost Stories :icontwiggyteeluck:TwiggyTeeluck 502 33 The Bride. by SandraHultsved The Bride. :iconsandrahultsved:SandraHultsved 1,206 210 Ghost Stories by Akimiya Ghost Stories :iconakimiya:Akimiya 897 25
Night Rider
       Alex didn’t like riding the train home at night. It wasn’t so much a matter of safety as it was a matter of principle. It just never sat well with him, knowing that he was depriving people of sleep simply because he could not get home much earlier than his schedule allowed.
       As he hopped down into the inner bowels of the train station, he smiled at the sight of a gleaming, dingy train waiting to leave the platform. Walking up to the front of the train, he noticed there were very few people in the other cars. It was normal for this time of night, but it still unnerved him somewhat to see so few people on a train.
       Quietly, he slipped into a car close to the front of the train and took a seat by the middle door. Once on a whim fueled by boredom, he counted how many stops were between the stop he usually got on and the last stop, where he got off. He never
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Inktober day 13: Scared by drachenmagier Inktober day 13: Scared :icondrachenmagier:drachenmagier 433 63
The Wammy Boys Ghost Stories
"And then, the shadow crept up to the window… the little girl heard a tap-tap-tapping, and shivered. 'It's just a tree branch,' she told herself, and tried to go back to sleep. But the tap-tap-tapping continued. Finally, she got up and went to open the window. But there was no tree branch there. In fact, there wasn't anything there. A shiver ran up her spine, and she went to the door to look outside. And when she opened the door… a shape darted by, a shape running on two legs with a lopsided gate.
"She decided to investigate. Creeping outside, she closed the door to the cabin. It locked behind her with an ominous click, and she realized that she was locked outside. After trying the doorknob in a futile attempt, she turned to face the woods.
"Suddenly, a hook dragged across her throat. She screamed, but it was cut short. The creature stood, just behind her corpse, its hook bloody, and flesh dangling morbidly from the tip of it.
"Even now, if you listen closely, you can hear he
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Scaredy Cat TG
Scaredy Cat
I was very much almost drunk. Very nearly. I was sure I was pretty close to it but there was no way I was gonna pay for another drink. So I figured I'd ask my buddies for their best stories on the chance that might work at pushing me the rest of the way to drunk. It makes sense when you're very close to drunk.
Victor sat across from me. He was way over the drunk hump and to the point that every little sound was a work of absolute comedy. He'd chuckle through his stubble-speckled lips like an old smoker in a hacking fit. After he managed to drain his beer without giggling into it, I asked him for a story.
My question brought another round of laughs from him. He slapped the table once and said, "Clean out! Notta one. Howbout Roy?" His hand landed on Roy, who sat beside him, with all the subtly of a depth charge. "Got any funny shuff?"
Roy regarded Victor with a wobbling gaze. He was clearly just as drunk as Victor. But he was the quiet type when drunk. He cradled the h
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I always considered myself a person of reason, and of course, at the time I had reasoned that the boxed cat on the passenger's seat of my automobile couldn't possibly be the one I had run over.
It was a common breed, with a common coat. Statistically speaking, the identical hanger on the identical collar could have been a freak occurrence, though wholly explainable by chance, given enough cats with non-matching accessories being run over on a global scale on a daily basis.
Coming home, I had just enough time to unbox the animal and reach for the telephone, before I learned that my great-aunt had died in hospital, and I realised that my 'guest' was now promoted to heirloom and my official property.
-”Auntie's dead,” I told the scraggy thing. It blinked, once and slowly. 'I know' it seemed to imply, somehow smugly.
And that was that – for that day.
I woke up to the smell of coffee – an unfamiliar thing, given my bachelor's life. The brew sat
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Ghost Stories Stamp by Pockaru Ghost Stories Stamp :iconpockaru:Pockaru 708 97 Moth Spirit Board by AlizarinJen Moth Spirit Board :iconalizarinjen:AlizarinJen 167 11 Ghost Stories by seekfelicity Ghost Stories :iconseekfelicity:seekfelicity 217 54
The Bloodbath Before Christmas
“’Twas the night before Christmas.
And all through the house, not a creature was stirring..
...Not even a mouse...”

At least, that's how the rhyme usually goes. But this time things are a little different. It seemed like any other Christmas Eve, the two youngest children were excited, and boisterous as usual. Being giggly, dizzy, and generally filling the household with merriment, and not to mention a good old laugh. Mother and Father, they had both laughed along. Only one person wasn't laughing. Oh no, quite the opposite really. He was frowning. A deep, skulking frown. His mother had cooed, and tousled his hair, but he'd simply slunk off to his basement bedroom. His mother shook her head, chalking it down to teenage angst, and thinking nothing else of it. Had gathered her family to sleep.
It was around midnight when the basement door opened. With a squeaking of hinges, a disheveled shadow passed the living room door, a hood over his head, and his shoulders slou
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Every night
  there's a ghost
licking the floor boards
and you can't help
but love the sound
  of weird thoughts waking
   flowers rotting in their vase
completely forgotten
  that sickly sweet smell
is a whole new level of affection
Chatting with the cracks in the ceiling
  old stories gather at the bottom
of your glass
And there's still many more to share
The night is young
we have plenty of time
  Our taste on your lips
It's this kind of company
you enjoy the most
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Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.
Silence lay heavy in my grandparents’ house; it always had. In the dim and musty cavern of the den, a stray shaft of winter light speared the shadows, dust motes moving sluggishly in the colloidal suspension of time. Only the slowly-swinging pendulum of the grandfather clock marked Change’s wake, commemorated the fallen hours of afternoon.
Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.
I turned another page in my novel, the crisp sound of paper loud in the empty room. My family would be returning in another day, with all its tumbling rambunctious cacophony, like a circus let off-leash; as much as I missed them all, I was uncomfortable envisioning so much noise and color and motion invading the quiet, orderly stasis I had become accustomed to. Nothing had changed in this place for decades. The burn-scars on the carpet, the worn upholstery of the furniture, the cast copper horses on the clock — all was as it had been since long before I was born. A small creature gone
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Drawlloween 25- Entombed Tuesday by Darksilvania Drawlloween 25- Entombed Tuesday :icondarksilvania:Darksilvania 226 6 Ghost Stories by AnaKris Ghost Stories :iconanakris:AnaKris 622 70 Spiritcatcher by ED-Creations Spiritcatcher :iconed-creations:ED-Creations 110 30
Scary stories
Scary stories
~Note: I wrote these a long time ago and thought I should submit some of them. Sorry about the bad quality of the stories I believe I wrote them when I was 13. They get better towards the end. Trust me.~
Christen decided to move so she came to a new town. Everyone told her not to buy that home, the manor deep in the woods, for anyone else who lived there mysteriously disappeared.
Christen believed there to be some explanation and drove to it. She grabbed the key the realtor had given to her and unlocked the door. There was a slight squeak and the smell of dust as she opened it and entered.
It as hard to believe such a big place could have been this cheap.
Oddly when she entered the den a fire seemed to be going in the fireplace. Before it sat an old, Victorian chair covered in dust and seemed to have once been purple.
She carefully walked towards the chair. She saw the back was almost above her head but seemed to end just abov
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Fairy Tail Halloween after party by manu-chann Fairy Tail Halloween after party :iconmanu-chann:manu-chann 158 33 :: Ghost Stories :: by DragonwolfRooke :: Ghost Stories :: :icondragonwolfrooke:DragonwolfRooke 111 35 Crimson by Entenn Crimson :iconentenn:Entenn 143 27 Lantern Patch by Centchi Lantern Patch :iconcentchi:Centchi 486 81
Well I heard there was a secret chord, that David played and it pleased the Lord.. But you don't really care for music, do ya?
The sweet, soft melody of the music filled the bedroom,and I closed my eyes for a couple of moments as I listened. This had always been one of my favourite songs, ever since I was a child. was only fitting that I played it right now.. After all, it would be for the last time. At dinner that evening, I'd slipped the knife from the kitchen draw, no one had even seen me. What fools they were. But soon. Soon it wouldn't matter. Soon all this pain...This suffering. It would all end.
I'd locked my bedroom door, and was sat on the edge of my bed now, my elbows on my knee's, head hanging lazily in between them. The knife clutched in one hand. Silent... Listening..
Well it goes like this :
The fourth, the fifth, the minor fall and the major lift
The baffled king composing Hallelujah
Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah...

My lips moved, a
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S.O.L.E. Searching #1 The Blakely House by Bigfootfantasies S.O.L.E. Searching #1 The Blakely House :iconbigfootfantasies:Bigfootfantasies 107 11 A Sky Full of Stars by Sarah-BK A Sky Full of Stars :iconsarah-bk:Sarah-BK 104 4 Halloween Shenanigans: Contest Entry by Sirkus-Pandemonium Halloween Shenanigans: Contest Entry :iconsirkus-pandemonium:Sirkus-Pandemonium 187 73 OOoOOoooOh by Ilusien OOoOOoooOh :iconilusien:Ilusien 228 62 Ghost Stories: Cover by DisneyPhantomlover Ghost Stories: Cover :icondisneyphantomlover:DisneyPhantomlover 57 20 Alternate Ending by liea Alternate Ending :iconliea:liea 44 0 Loves Echo by JadeRunya Loves Echo :iconjaderunya:JadeRunya 52 11 Polterguys Vol. 2 Updates by laurbits Polterguys Vol. 2 Updates :iconlaurbits:laurbits 44 44
Chapter 17
Chapter 17: Ghost Stories
Danielle woke up the next morning finding herself under warm covers and staring at a ceiling of a bedroom.  The bed she was on was quite comfortable in comparison to the stone cave floor she had slept on a few nights ago.  It was dark, but it only took a minute after she woke up for her to realize that she must be in the Fenton’s guest bedroom.  However, it was different than the one in the Op Center she had once been in the night she had first met Danny.   
This must be in Danny’s new house.  Danielle didn’t quite remember entering it the night before, though.  She had been so fatigued from the full day of ghost fighting and the use of her awesome new speed power that she could only recall being guided from the Fenton RV to the spare room by…one of the Fentons.  She couldn’t remember which one.  
The female hybrid remained lying in the bed, observing
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The Last of Good Anime by fretless94 The Last of Good Anime :iconfretless94:fretless94 147 28
GS: Amber McLain
You’ve probably assumed I hate ghosts right? That they’re strange and completely not normal? Or maybe that I’m really conservative and don’t even believe they’re real?
Well, you’re wrong.
It’s not so much I hate ghosts; I believe in them and God knows living in Amity Park all my life makes me familiar with them.
I just… I just know that meeting ghosts gives me the possibility of meeting my sister. My twin: Amber. She died when we were 21. And if she comes back, I’m scared it’ll be hell on Earth.
I guess starting from the beginning is necessary. I was born on November 7, 1969 at 9:05 pm. Amber was born on November 7, 1969 at 9:10pm. My little twin sister. We weren’t identical twins, mind you; she had purple eyes and mine are blue. Plus, she was the more outspoken one while I tended to stay on the sidelines. Regardless, growing up was fun for us, and we were totally inseparable. Granted, living in a mansion with two troublesome twins
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.The Haunting of Dalton Manor.
Chapter one: Then and now. </B>
London. Friday, December 23rd. 1863.
The lights in the room's of Dalton Manor were dazzling, of all different colours. Some red, some blue, some bright yellow. They looked very festive. And all of the guests complimented one Sir James Bathurst on what a good idea it was to have an early Christmas party. Music was drifting softly from the main hall of the huge mansion. A few guests were already dancing away. Men and woman coupled on the dance floor, looking graceful as they spun their partners around and around to the music. Another few guests were at the dinning tables, where nibbles and refreshments were laid out. Sandwiches in places. Huge roasts with all the trimmings in another. The mood in the place was warm, and inviting, no one could suspect the terror and carnage that was to come.
Servants and staff were filtering about, offering guests drinks; wine, and ale and other such alcoholic drinks. Everyone who refused a dri
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Campfire Stories by vic2ria Campfire Stories :iconvic2ria:vic2ria 161 10
The Mysterious Mansion - Spooky TF TG MC (Request)
The day is Halloween, 2017.
Brodie and his friends Thomas and Dylan each received an invitation from a girl named Scarlett. The invitation reads:
"Hello, random receiver!
My name is Scarlett, and what you're holding right now is an invitation to my large and magnificent mansion for a Halloween party! I have chosen 5 lucky people to see my mansion, and you're one of them. That's right: YOU were chosen by myself as one of my guests for the night. You can come in normal clothes or a costume if you want. Hope to see you there!
"Wow, an invitation to a Halloween party? This is going to be awesome!" said Brodie. He picked up Thomas and Dylan and drove to the address on the invitation. A half hour later, Brodie, Thomas and Dylan arrived at the mansion. "Wow, I wasn't expecting the mansion to be this big," said Dylan. "I don't think Scarlett is home. Only one light is on in the entire mansion," said Thomas. "Relax, this might be a surprise party. It'll be fun," said Brodie. He rang
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Ghost Stories by Crowtesque Ghost Stories :iconcrowtesque:Crowtesque 66 5 Zombie Breach by Cyristal-Artist Zombie Breach :iconcyristal-artist:Cyristal-Artist 53 9 True Love by Ashwyerio True Love :iconashwyerio:Ashwyerio 61 19
Jet Set Radio-Ghost stories
There was a stingy miser who lived entirely by himself because he would not get married and feed a wife. But then he met a woman who ate nothing and married her. But his rice storage started decreasing. One day, the miser went to work but decided to go back to his house and spy on his wife. To his horror, he saw his wife's hair open up like Two black snakes, grabbing rice and shoving it into the second mouth on the back of her head.
the woman turned to him "Fu-ta-ku" she said studdering thourgh the two Gapping holes for mouths resting in her hair "AND THEN SHE ATE HIM"
"AIEEEEEE" all of the girls screamed almost simultaneously
the boys Coverd there ears trying to save what was left of there eardrums
all was quiet in the circle of the young Teens as the Screaming echoed through the Park untill nothing but Crickets could be heared
"Geez, its just a storie" a young man with bright red hair said getting up to his feet "Next time warn me so my Eardrums can be spared"
"Yeah its...J-Just a S-
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Another's Arms by ilker-yuksel Another's Arms :iconilker-yuksel:ilker-yuksel 33 16
.How Tobey met Rick.
I hadn't been here long. Just a couple of days, but already the Stanley Hotel seemed teething with paranormal activity. At least it did for me. But then again, that was what I was here. I am, after all, a Paranormal Investigator, well I like to call myself one anyway. But I'm getting off track here, my name, as you should already know, is Tobey Brooks, and I've come from a small place in England, to this hotel in America in search of ghosts.. I never expected to find him...
It was, if I recall my third day at this particular hotel, a Tuesday I think. And as always I'd passed the day by writing up notes of the study from the night before, as well as doing various other things. (Like checking out the hotel's swimming pools, and the sauna, and well, you get the idea)  As it was now, it was getting late, and about time for me to go down to dinner, and then start one of my nightly investigations. The hotel manager had agreed to let me poke around at night, for an extra 50 bucks. W
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Lake by msriotte Lake :iconmsriotte:msriotte 66 8 Ghost Stories by AestheticDevil Ghost Stories :iconaestheticdevil:AestheticDevil 60 17 Bloody Mary Tim Burton Style by icantstopdrawing Bloody Mary Tim Burton Style :iconicantstopdrawing:icantstopdrawing 75 45 May by Keed-Kat May :iconkeed-kat:Keed-Kat 35 14