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heroes and villains by Wasserspiegel heroes and villains :iconwasserspiegel:Wasserspiegel 348 22 Gellert and Albus. Chapter 2 by prince-kristian Gellert and Albus. Chapter 2 :iconprince-kristian:prince-kristian 17 0 Grindeldore by Domerk Grindeldore :icondomerk:Domerk 14 0 Gellert and Albus by Teatham Gellert and Albus :iconteatham:Teatham 5 0 for ShadowRobotnik31492 by mushratheenterran for ShadowRobotnik31492 :iconmushratheenterran:mushratheenterran 5 19 GGAD by EileenLyn GGAD :iconeileenlyn:EileenLyn 3 0 for Mega10 by mushratheenterran for Mega10 :iconmushratheenterran:mushratheenterran 2 7 for sagogirl12 by mushratheenterran for sagogirl12 :iconmushratheenterran:mushratheenterran 1 6
Letters chapter 1
"It's over.." Muttered the red-haired wizard, who was looking at unconscious man who was lying next to him.
Fortunately, only unconscious, because, for a short moment, it seemed that spell casted by the red-haired man was lethal.
But steady breathing assured Albus Dumbledore that his enemy had only lost consciousness.
Albus bent and looked at the face of the man whom he had evaded for years and with whom he was forced to fight in the last 10 hours.
Dumbledore have never seen Geller Grindelwald lying calmly like that. Never.
When he woke up from his thoughts he took the wand, which rightfully belonged to him now, from the blond's hand ,
Once upon a time he had wanted to claim it, but now he had a feeling that the price was too high...
In the area of rubble in which this fight took place, arrived the Aurors.
"Dumbledore...Is he....?" Shouted the commander, coming closer.
"He's alive..." Answered the wizard quietly and stood up.
"Are we supposed to end this quickly or painfully ?" as
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warna warni keripik by nonfa warna warni keripik :iconnonfa:nonfa 1 5 A fast drawing of me - Flash by Reggado A fast drawing of me - Flash :iconreggado:Reggado 0 1
Letters chapter 2
He was looking at the little boy, who was disappearing behind the door.
'Poor Harry...' He thought with compassion and,with hesitation,he turned to the mirror once again.
What he said to Harry  wasn't entirely a lie. He did see a pair of woolen socks, they were on Ariana's feet. This was how he remembered her, she wore them that day, when she died.
Now, she was looking at him from the mirror, but she looked slightly older. Behind her back stood Aberforth, who seemed to be in his mid-twenties, and was waving to him.
And there, behind the pair,he saw himself from the time when he fought with Grindelwald. In the mirror, he was in Gellert's arms and was smiling at him.
For a moment both men from the mirror stared at him,old Dumbledore, the Headmaster of Hogwarts, who was standing in front of the Mirror of Erised.
Albus sighed and left the chamber, lost in his thoughts. He knew that he never really wanted that duel and he never really wanted to win. But he had to, for
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Letters chapter 3
'...I'm not proud of the fact, that the grandfather of that boy was one of my victims, but he was a sacriface that I had to make, for the Greater Good.
I know what emotions my statement causes in you, but I'm not going to change my mind - I still believe that we should stop hiding and start ruling, for the better future of Muggles and wizards alike.
Although, I must agree, that some of my methods were not acceptable. But there's no innocent during the war. That Krum murdered my secretary and her family.Old times are gone, but the blame...
Back to the topic - I'm curious about that appearance of the Death Eaters during the Quidditch World Cup, and their sudden escape after seeing the Dark Mark.
I have a suspicion, that the Mark was made by someone who, according to their data, was dead - that's why it caused such a fear in them. But what was its purpose? I can only guess.
I'm looking forward to further information about Triwizard Tournament. My school is represented by the gran
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for Graciea-Gureishia by mushratheenterran for Graciea-Gureishia :iconmushratheenterran:mushratheenterran 3 4 egg adoptablesCLOSED by mushratheenterran egg adoptablesCLOSED :iconmushratheenterran:mushratheenterran 5 31 GGAD by apple1105titi GGAD :iconapple1105titi:apple1105titi 1 0 toxic green by ToxicCandyCain toxic green :icontoxiccandycain:ToxicCandyCain 1 1