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How to get noticed on deviantART
Hi there! 
People asked me several times when I've became 'popular' on this site and in which way. I must admit I smelled a bit of envy in their tones, but  the thing that troubled me more was that they didn't think that my work was worth all the pageviews I got over the years. 
Well, I wanted to explain this little thing right now... dA costed me a lot of work! It wasn't a 'BOOM! POPULAR!' thing at all for me.
I had to study other people's methods too and to work hard on improving my art, and it wasn't easy. At all!
So tonight I'm sharing with you some methods to get attention by dA community.
Don't take them as unquestionable laws, just take them for what they are... Hints. ;)
They worked for me but they may not work for you.
And now that you have a dA account...
What should you do?
Your first post should be a fi
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PE: Importance of Anatomy
The importance of anatomy.
Understanding anatomy is crucial to many aspects of your art.
You'll notice that anatomy is essential for drawing. It becomes difficult to accurately draw a complex pose, or even a simple one, if you don't understand what's under all that skin or fur, or even bark.  Knowing how everything fits together is important.
Once you notice where that certain muscle is, shading and form become much more accurate and more natural. Knowing why the nose and eyes fall where they do make it much easier to draw from memory, and nail that natural look you were going for.
Learning the anatomy of the subject you're going to draw is quite important, and will definitely help you on several levels.
It's also easier to drawing sequences of movement. One will know what connects to what, and how they move. What is possible, and what isn't. (Range of motion)
Drawing people and other animals can be intimidating. Once you have a solid foundation, it's much easier
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